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It’s Father’s Day

And I want my cake Here in Australia, it’s Father’s Day. I’ve decided to take a day off from writing (mostly) and spend it with my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be watching basketball and wrestling and all the other good stuff. I’m just taking a day off the analytics and spending the […]

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NBA 2K21 Demo Review

Part 1 of 2 : The Quick Games TLDR : I went on forever with this review. I had a great time writing it, so it turned more into an epic ballad than a review. If you want the quick run down, the game is basically the same. The passing feels better and the shooting […]


Stand Up.

This was a really hard article to write. The issues in the world today affect all of us. It’s easy to ignore it or act like it doesn’t affect us. But it does. This isn’t comfortable to talk about. It wasn’t easy for me to articulate my thoughts and feelings. It wasn’t easy to find […]