AEW Dynamite : March 9th

How good was Revolution? I’m still shitty that Punk beat MJF, but that can’t be helped. Let’s check in on the ramifications to come.

The show opens with Chris Jericho, coming to address the audience after his loss to Eddie Kingston. Jericho apologised for not keeping his word by failing to shake Kingston’s hand after his victory. Jericho asked Kingston to come out to the ring so he could make amends. Eddie obliged.

They argued for a while, put eventually shook hands and agreed to put it all behind them. Enter Daniel Garcia and 2point0. The trio jumped the new pals.

Santana and Ortiz came to make the save. Then tragedy struck. Jericho turned on his friends, new and old. He joined 2point0 as they beat down Santana and Ortiz.

Jake Hager came out, seemingly to argue with Jericho, but then joined in the beat down and turned on his old friends, Santana and Ortiz. The Jericho Appreciation Society has been formed.

Recap of CM Punk beating MJF. Ugh.

Fuck the number one contender spot, we are giving Dante Martin a World Title shot and we are giving it to him right now! This company is so weird sometimes.

Does anyone else really hate how much Aubrey Edwards’ oversells everything? It looks really unprofessional and I think I hate her.

No matter. Solid match. Hangman obviously retained his title. He congratulated Dante for the great match afterwards. Adam Cole came out and told him to stop kissing ass.

Adam Cole issued a challenge for a 6 man tag team match next week on Dynamite. Hangman can pick anybody he wants to team up with. Cole will presumably pick the Young Bucks. Cole is coming for the Title, Bay-Bay! Boom!

Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley made their Tag Team debut (with William Regal in their corner), taking on The Workhorsemen, Anthony Henry and JD Drake. I thought Drake was with the Wingmen?

It was an easy win for Mox and Danielson. Now they just need a name. Something with ‘Violence’ in the name. American Violence? Violent Dragons?

Afterwards, Regal had some kind words for Tony Schiavone, Bryan Danielson and Moxley.

Marves is backstage with the Dark Order, and wanting to know about their relationship with Hangman. Hangman told them that he would be teaming with Jurassic Express, not them for next week’s match. Awkward.

Pac destroyed Wheeler Yuta in an impromptu singles match. reDRagon and the Young Bucks were arguing backstage about the match over the weekend. Adam Cole pleaded with them to stop, and decided to select reDRagon to team up with him next week.

FTR want to settle some business with reDRagon and the Young Bucks, but Tully wants them to focus on the Tag Team titles instead. It ended in an argument and FTR fired Tully.

Words fail me for the next part. The AHFO turned on Matthew, kicking him out of his group and then attacking him. Sting and Darby came to save the day, and they were joined by none other than Jeffrey Nero Hardy! We’re back, baby!

Swerve will have his first match against Tony Nese, next week.

Wardlow made his resignation from the Pinnacle official. He will no longer serve MJF. His only intention is to win the TNT Championship. I’m sure he will.

QT Marshall welcomed Keith Lee to AEW, and proposed a team up against Team Taz. Lee declined the offer.

Jurassic Express are defending the Tag Team Championship against The Acclaimed. It was a great match, but the Acclaimed fell short. Mainly because Christian Cage is a big, ugly, cheater head.

Jade is looking for her next challenger for the TBS Title.

Thunder Rosa defeated Leyla Hirsch, earning another title shot against Dr. Britt Baker. One more match. Hopefully it’s a steel cage or something.

I’m a genius. Tony just announced it’ll be a steel cage match! Baker is ready for it. St Patricks Day slam is looking to be a good night.

Main event time! Sammy Guevara is defending his title against Scorpio Sky, whom we haven’t seen wrestle in a fairly long time.

Well, he didn’t miss a beat. Sky defeated Sammy, after a hard fought bout. Sammy looked to have broken some ribs, but fought through it. The era of Sky begins now.

It will likely end next week when he meets Wardlow. Unless MJF has something to say about it…

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