AEW Dynamite : March 2nd

Wowee. We kick things off with a massive announcement from Tony Khan, the new owner of Ring of Honour!

To celebrate the new acquisition, we kick off with a ROH throwback to their debut episode, Christopher Daniels vs Bryan Danielson. That’s right, the Fallen Angel is back! His eye is still looking nasty! It’s been well over 6 months since we last seen him!

Obviously, an excellent match followed. We saw more counters than we did nearfalls, which there was no shortage of. Danielson won via referee stoppage, but it was a hard fought victory. We’ll see what toll it takes on Danielson for his upcoming match at the PPV.

Danielson shook Daniel’s hand after the match, and then stomped on his unconscious head some more. Brutal. He promised to do the same to Moxley this weekend.

Mox made his way to the ring, too late to do anything for Daniels, but in just enough time to save his reputation.

Darby is excited for a triple threat match this week at Rampage. Apparently if anyone interferes they will be fined and suspended. I can’t remember who is in it, but I know it’s for the TNT Title and I know that Sammy G is one of the competitors. Is Scorpio the other? Regardless, Sammy and Darby need to team up at the PPV this weekend.

Battle Royale time! Time to find out who will be the final team in the tag title match at Revolution. Oh shit, Top Flight are back! Yeah! I assume the Young Bucks will when this one, but I’m still going for The Acclaimed. Or P’n’P. Or the OG Best Friends.

Holy Crap! It’s Pretty Peter Avalon! I haven’t seen him for yonks. Tonight’s episode has been full of returns and surprises!

Dammit, there goes The Acclaimed! They’ve been the number one ranked team for ages! I demand a title shot. Danhausen made another appearance to come to the aid of the Best Friends, not that it ultimately did them any good. The crowd were furious when P’n’P were eliminated.

Red Dragon rocked up to make sure that the Young Bucks were the team to advance. Still, that was one of the most entertaining battle Royale I’ve seen for a long time!

Jericho talked some smack about Eddie Kingston, before being approached by Santana and Ortiz. They didn’t say anything, but Jericho asked if they were good. Jericho gave them each a fist bump and they left just as silently as they arrived. Interesting.

CM Punk came out to address the crowd ahead of his dog collar match against MJF this weekend. Punk was stealing Bryan Danielson’s look. Punk wondered if he was being gaslighted by MJF, but also said he doesn’t believe that.

Punk listed off some of MJF’s ‘greatest hits’, including the time he made fun of Darby’s dead uncle, Pillman’s dead father and knocked out Dean Malenko, an elderly gentleman with Parkinson’s. I remembered all of those and had a good laugh.

Eventually, Punk requested MJF come down to the ring for a chat. MJF obliged and Punk offered a (kind of) apology and extended the hand of friendship/respect. MJF declined and moved in for a hug instead.

This is a bizarrely interesting concept. Are they really going to remove all the hatred between these two before the dog collar match? No. There it is! The kick to the groin and the beat down. MJF! MJF! MJF!

The other members of The Pinnacle came out to make sure that Max wasn’t interrupted as he continued to beat down a bloodied CM Punk. Yeah, baby. Spears literally hung Punk from his neck and was choking him out, until Darby, Sammy and Sting managed to break through and save him. What a segment. MJF, man. He just knows how to work an audience.

Keith Lee and Ricky Starks had some heated words backstage, and Starks warned Lee to stay out of his way or else.

Mercedes Martinez and Thunder Rosa teamed up to take on Jamie Hayter and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. Thunder Rosa picked up another victory over Baker, pinning the champ clean for the win.

Jade and Tay had a minor argument backstage, ahead of their meeting at Revolution.

Andrade! Andrade is the third competitor in the TNT Triple Threat this week. Not Scorpio.

Kris and Leyla still hate one another. I hope they fight soon. It’ll probably be the buy-in for the PPV.

Wardlow crushed Cesar Bononi, picking up another victory on his way to Revolution this weekend. Will this finally be Wardlow’s big break?

Once again, Spears was disappointed in Wardlow’s decision to do a symphony of powerbombs, instead of just one. Spears tried to beat Bononi with a chair after the match, but Wardlow stopped him from doing so. The two came face to face and Spears backed down pretty quickly.

The House of Black cut another promo. I’m not sure if it was directed at anyone, but they are confident that the house always wins.

Backstage, MJF slapped Wardlow and it was a pretty good one. Wardlow didn’t hit back, but surely it’s only a matter of time.

Boom! Our Main Event is a trios match, featuring Adam Cole and reDRagon taking on Hangman, John Silver and Alex Reynolds. Cole and Page will, of course, meet in the ring this weekend in a title match.

Cole picked up the win, pinning Reynolds. Hangman and Cole exchanged blows after the match, until reDRagon saved him. With the odds turned to a 3 on 1, they taped Hangman to the ring ropes. With Hangman unable to defend himself, Cole made short work of the Cowboy. Boom!

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