AEW Dynamite : February 24th

It looks like we are starting with a Tag Team Battle Royale! This is gonna be a mess. The winner will get to be one of the two teams to take on Jurassic Express at Revolution in a couple of weeks. Again, I question the point of having a number one contender.

Billy Gunn expressed displeasure at the Gunn Club for being eliminated. Matt Hardy was even angrier at Private Party, once again walking out on the duo after they were eliminated. I suspect that Andrade will be taking over the AHFO before long.

The Young Bucks came to the aid of Kyle O’Reilly, which was interesting. O’Reilly didn’t return the favour, but the opportunity didn’t arise either. (More on that later)

Santana and Trent met in the middle of the ring, which instantly brought back memories of the amazing parking lot brawl the two teams had, however long ago that was. The two traded jabs in the ring, and surprisingly the crowd was booing Trent. Both men got simultaneously eliminated. The crowd was not happy.

Kyle O’Reilly played possum to get the final elimination, which was Matt Jackson. The Young Bucks were pretty angry. The two teams argued for a bit, until Hangman came out to the ring.

Hangman took out Red Dragon and the Young Bucks took their leave. Adam Cole came down to try and save Red Dragon, but he just got his ass kicked. Silver then joined in the beat down of O’Reilly. Hangman talked a bit of shit after this.

Danielson is excited for his match against Daniel Garcia tonight. He suggested once more, that Garcia join up with Moxley and Danielson.

A teary eyed MJF cut a lengthy promo, addressing his past and issues with CM Punk. It almost felt like he was turning face. It was a very strong promo and delivered very well. Even Tony was sympathetic.

CM Punk came down to the ring and asked MJF if what he just said was true. MJF said yes and then walked out of the ring.

The House of Black are taking on Pac and Penta in a Tag Team Match. I’m still sad that Pac isn’t doing the blindfold bit. Penta came out to a new entrance and a new name, Penta Oscuro. Alex was sporting a new look too.

Penta got the win for his team, in a solid but uneventful match. The House of Black attacked the winning duo after the bout. Malakai was about to take a shovel to the throat of Penta, until Buddy Matthews showed up to save the day. I don’t know who that is.

And he didn’t save the day. He beat the crap out of Penta and Pac some more. Is he joining forces with the House of Black? The lights went out (for ages) and when they came back on, the House of Black had “mysteriously” vanished.

It looks like Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker will square off at Revolution.

Eddie Kingston and Jericho met in the ring for a heated exchange of words. Jericho arranged for 4 security cards to be there, because he wanted them to solve things with words, not violence.

They argued a lot, before Kingston suggested a match at Revolution. Jericho accepted. Then they argued some more.

Matt Hardy suggested a Tornado Trios match at Revolution. Matt, Andrade and Isaiah vs Sting, Darby and Sammy.

Another qualifying match for the ladder match at Revolution. This time between Ricky Starks and 10. Starks won and we have our first little guy joining the ladder match. I don’t like his odds.

The Young Bucks confronted Red Dragon backstage to argue about their double cross. Adam Cole wasn’t happy with all the arguing, insisting they all need to get along.

Jade Cargill out her TBS Championship on the line against the Bunny. Matt Hardy and Mark Sterling were both ejected from the match. Jade retained her title and her record improved to 28-0.

Tay Conti made it known that she was coming for the TBS Title, presumably at Revolution.

Starks let Keith Lee know that Team Taz runs the show around here, and warned him to stay out of their way.

Main event time! Daniel Garcia is taking on Bryan Danielson. Well, we know how this one is going to end. I’m interested to see what happens after the match!

Danielson won via submission, but was impressed with what he saw in Garcia. He didn’t get to elaborate though, because 2point0 jumped him. Mox came to the rescue.

Danielson and Moxley agreed to have a match against one another at Revolution. In order to fight together, first they must bleed together.

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