AEW Rampage : February 18th

It’s all about tha boom! Adam Cole has the honours of opening the show, sharing the ring with Dark Order’s, Evil Uno 10. I thought it was supposed to be Evil Uno. Maybe I’m just high.

I like 10. I wish he’d leave the Dark Order and start his own thing. I’d love a good football gimmick. All he’d have to do is basically the exact opposite of what Rob Gronkowski’s wrestling career did. Ew. I wish I could forget that. I haven’t been able to look at Gronk the same way ever since.

I don’t like Aubrey Edwards. Why does she over react to every single move? It looks really unprofessional.

Well, Adam Cole won. He had to bend the rules a a little bit, but no matter. It was a great match. I love 10. Adam Cole celebrated his victory with Fish and O’Reilly. No Young Bucks in sight.

Powerhouse Hobbs is up next, taking on Dante Martin in a Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match. What a mouthful. Keith Lee and Wardlow were the first two men to qualify, and we are about to find out who the third is. If it’s Wardlow, that’s a lot of size in one match. If it’s Dante, I don’t envy him.

Poor Dante. He tried, but he barely stood a chance. Hobbs almost broke him in half, punching his ticket to the ladder match.

Jade Cargill is dressed like the Riddler. It was disturbing. Matt Hardy arrived and suggested Jade take on The Bunny for her next match. It’s booked for Rampage.

Serena Deeb’s 5 minute challenge was booked next. The lucky rookie was Angelica Risk. The last rookie lasted a minute. Let’s see how Risk goes.

A submission victory at around 2:15. She could have ended it earlier, but elected not to.

Mark Henry has Jay White and Trent Beretta. He wants to know why White attacked Beretta. Basically because he felt like it. He dribbled on a while longer, but you didn’t miss anything.

Poor Trent got his ass kicked. He mounted a late comeback, but to no avail. It was a hard hitting affair, and the crowd loved it. I enjoyed it to. Except the result. Lots of near falls and counters.

I’m off to watch the Rising Stars game.

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