AEW Dynamite : February 16th

We couldn’t even get through the introductions without being stuck with CM Punk. Punk wanted to brag about being an icon for a while, before congratulating MJF on beating him. Kind of.

Punk announced that he wanted his rematch against MJF to take place at Revolution. Obviously. The stipulation is a dog collar match. Get him, Max.

Tony announced that at Revolution, we will have a three-way tag match for the Tag Team Championships. The competing teams have yet to be announced, but we will have some tournaments over the next couple weeks to decide.

15 minutes in and it’s finally time for our opening contest. Not that I’m expecting it to be much of a contest. Lee Moriarty is taking on Bryan Danielson.

Ok, it wasn’t as much of a squash match as I thought. Moriarty is racking up the list of high profile losses. Great match though. Danielson won via referee stoppage.

After the match, Danielson demanded that Mox come out and give him an answer to his offer. Mox obliged, it just wasn’t the answer that Bryan (or myself) wanted.

It wasn’t an exact no though. It looks like it will be decided in the ring at some point. This could be cool. Revolution? Danielson wins and Mox joins?

Keith Lee has also set his sights on the TNT Championship. A lot of guys want that belt. More so than the World Championship, I think.

Max Caster had some sweet lines for Wardlow, but Wardlow kicked his ass in the ring after. It was a moral victory for Max. Anthony tried to get some revenge for his pal after the match. It went about as well as you think it did.

Britt Baker reminded Mercedes that she needed to beat Thunder Rosa tonight, or else. Britt also had a special guest, her sensei. Sensei Kreese from Cobra Kai. Cool.

Adam Cole interrupted Hangman’s interview. Heh. It’s Adam vs Adam. They argued for a little bit and then shook hands.

Then Cole, Fish and O’Reilly kicked the crap out of him for a bit. Eventually security came out to stop them. The Dark Order came to help. For some reason, 10 decided to kick the shit out of the security.

Inner Circle grudge match! Hager and Jericho vs Santana and Ortiz. I’m with PNP on this one. Eddie Kingston came out to be in the corner of Santana and Ortiz.

Whew. What an awesome bout. Santana got the victory for his squad, after pinning El Capitan. An enraged Jericho rushed Kingston after the match, but the referees prevented anything from happening.

We didn’t let the drama breathe at all, before we cut backstage to Adam Cole and his pals. The Young Bucks and Red Dragon were arguing a lot.

No DQ time! Mercedes and Thunder Rosa. The last no rules match with Thunder Rosa was pretty damn awesome. I hopefully this one is too.

It was kinda cool. A little sloppy. Both girls slipped off of different platforms at different times. They also failed to break a table, which is standard for hardcore women’s wrestling matches. They just don’t weigh enough. Solid match overall.

Mercedes and Rosa exchanged signs of respect, before being surrounded by Dr. Baker and her friends. Kreese gave Baker the orders to finish them and the girls obliged.

The House of Black cut another promo, and once again I could barely understand it. Something about violence and a mystery. I think Mox was there? I dunno.

Main event time! The TNT Title(s) is on the line, with Sammy Guevara taking on Darby Allin.

As to be expected, it was a friggin awesome match. They are both phenomenal talents.

The ending wasn’t exactly clean though. Andrade took out Allin, who looked poised to claim victory. Guevara capitalised and won the match, unaware of the interference by Andrade.

Matt Hardy ran down to the ring to beat up Darby for a little while. Guevara attempted to stop him, but was also taken out by Andrade. Andrade grabbed both TNT belts, before he and Hardy were chased away by the Stinger.

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