AEW Rampage : February 11th

We waste no time in starting the episode, coming in right at the beginning of a Tag Team match between Roppongi Vice and the Young Bucks.

Danhausen made another appearance to come to the aid of the Best Friends, before he made his exit. Cassidy hid under the ring for a little while. I think they are in cahoots.

Aside from a sloppy Meltzer Driver by Nick Jackson, it was a very solid and enjoyable match to kick things off. Lots of great spots and fast-paced wrestling.

The Bucks picked up the win after a BTE Trigger on Rocky Romero.

After the bout, Cassidy took out Brandon Cutler. The Bucks took out Cassidy. Trent chased away the Bucks. Jay White took out Trent.

Ricky Starks let us all know that Hobbs and Martin would meet in a qualifier match for Face of the Revolution next week.

Tony wanted to know how Danielson felt about Moxley teaming up with Punk last week. Danielson said he didn’t care and his offer still stands.

Matt Sydal interrupted to let Danielson know that he was upset with him for suggesting that Moriarty should join up with him. Moriarty challenged Danielson to a match.

Robyn Renegade was in action next, in a singles match against Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. Surprisingly, this one lasted long enough to have a commercial break in the middle of it.

Renegade put up a pretty decent fight and it was an enjoyable performance all round. Obviously, Baker picked up the win. And then made Renegade submit to the Lockjaw, just for good measure.

Thunder Rosa came out to rescue Robyn, taking out both Rebel and Britt Baker. Jamie Hayter came to the aid of Baker. Mercedes came to join in the beat down of Rosa. It ended with Mercedes and Hayter arguing with one another. So much for the enemy of my enemy philosophy.

Another recap of the ongoing feud between Leyla and Kris. Kris got a good dig in at Leyla for being an orphan. Harsh, but amusing.

HOOK! Coming in off the back of his recent 73 second victory against Serpentico and looking to keep his streak going against Blake Li. This is our first look at QT’s best student, Li.

Have I mentioned how much I love Hook? He is so entertaining to watch. His skill in the ring, his persona out of it…he really is the hottest thing in wrestling right now. He won via submission and left without a word to the crowd, his opponent or QT.

Mark Henry is interviewing the Gunn Club ahead of their title match against Jurassic Express. It ended up just being an argument between Billy Gunn and Christian. You pesky ol’ timers and your beef.

Excalibur went to state what was on next weeks episode, but I really needed to pee and I’m watching live. I guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see what’s on the card.

During the match, Jungle Boy made a crude gesture that is often associated with D-Generation X. Billy didn’t appreciate it.

I haven’t watched Dark or Elevation for ages, so I was a little surprised at how over the Gunn Club are as heels. They had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. Well done!

It was a great match as well. Jurassic Express retained their titles, but there were a few close calls for the champs. I am looking forward to seeing more of the Gunn Club. They are much better as heels.

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