AEW Dynamite : February 9th

The episode starts with Wardlow bringing out some cardboard cut-outs of MJF. He hands a note to Justin Roberts, who introduces FTR and Tully Blanchard. Then Shawn Spears, and finally, MJF.

MJF celebrated his victory for a while, and then set his sights on the AEW World Championship. However, CM Punk had something to say about it first. Darby and Sting came to have Punk’s back.

Punk is to have a tag team match against FTR, with a partner of his choice. The condition is, that his partner can’t be Sting or Darby. If Punk and his partner win, MJF will grant him a rematch. Will Wardlow team with Punk?

Darby told Andrade that he will never work for him, as he is focused on winning the TNT title back. Andrade let it be known that he was also after the TNT belt.

The first match of the evening is a singles bout between Wardlow and the Blade. I hope the Blade doesn’t get crushed like everyone else who has gotten in Wardlow’s path.

Well, Blade put up a bit of a fight. That’s all we can really ask for. Wardlow obviously won. Spears took to Blade with a chair after the match was over.

We saw a weird promo from Penta. It was set in a cemetery. I think the main takeaway is that he wants revenge on Malakai Black.

The Inner Circle made their way to the ring for their discussion. Santana and Ortiz elected to come out to the ring by themselves and to their own music. They also weren’t wearing their Inner Circle jackets.

To cut a long story short, Santana and Jericho had a pretty massive argument. Santana and Ortiz said they quit, Jericho told them they were fired. Sammy tried to keep the peace, but ended up quitting the group as well. He said he would only come back if the other 4 sorted out their shit.

Ortiz and Santana challenged Jericho and Hager to a tag match for next week. Jericho accepted. It was interesting to note that the crowd were actively booing Jericho. Heel turn?

Backstage, Adam Cole and the Young Bucks jumped Trent and Rocky. Jay White joined in.

Up next is a “Face of the Revolution” qualifying match between Isaiah Kassidy and Keith Lee.

Well, poor little Kassidy got creamed. He tried. Keith Lee was incredibly impressive in his debut. Matt Hardy walked out during the match, I think he may be done with Private Party.

Private Party tried to beat Keith Lee up after his victory, but he kicked their skinny asses. My poor babies.

Mercedes and Thunder Rosa will meet in the ring again, only this time it will be a No DQ match. That has been booked for next week.

During the commercial break, Sammy told everyone that he doesn’t care who comes for the belt, he will be ready. Andrade, Keith Lee, Darby Allin…it doesn’t matter.

CM Punk has made his way to the ring and it looks like he has a found partner for the match. It’s Jeeeeeoooooon Moxley! Wardlow would have been cooler.

Still, it was a really good match. I enjoyed the momentum and pace of the fight. The ending really pissed me off. So much so that I audibly swore. How many dirty tricks could Punk survive? Apparently all of them. He picked up the victory.

I feel like FTR should have one, but because they cheated Tony Khan should have just booked the MJF rematch anyway.

Jade is defending the TBS Championship against another newcomer, AQA. You already know who won. AQA was cool though.

Matt Jackson wants to know why Adam Cole didn’t give them the heads up about White joining the crew. They are worried that Omega won’t be happy with it. Cole told them not to stress.

Deeb issued a 5 minute challenge to Katie Arquette. If Katie survives 5 minutes in the ring with Deeb, she wins. It took Deeb just over a minute to win via submission.

The main event Texas Death match between Hangman and Archer was pretty damn cool. Hangman bleeds so well. They both actually did a fair bit of cool shit in this one. Hangman took most of the bumps.

Page retained his belt, but Adam Cole made his way to the ring to let it be known that he wants the title.

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