AEW Rampage : February 4th

It’s one of those rare occasions when I can watch Rampage live! It’s good for my coverage, but it also means I need to entertain myself during the commercial breaks.

I’m also 10 minutes early, which means even more time to fill in. Tonight’s card will feature Adam Cole “Bay-Bay” taking on Evil Uno, Sammy Guevara defending the TNT Title against Isiah Kassidy and Jay Lethal challenging Ricky Starks for the FTW Championship. Mercedes Martinez will also be in action against Thunder Rosa. No doubt, we will also see Tony Schiavone more times than I care for.

Showtime! Adam Cole and Uno have the opening duties. BOOM! An angry Adam Cole made pretty short work of Uno. This match wasn’t even 5 minutes. Surely it won’t be long until Cole finds himself in the number one contenders spot.

Before that though, Adam Cole wanted to list off all the wrestlers that he has beaten in his recent undefeated streak. As we all know, last week was unsanctioned. Therefore, he technically never lost. Cole let us all know that it is a certainty that he will be the AEW Champion one day.

Jade is on the lookout for a new challenger for her TBS title. No one has come forward yet.

Sammy Guevara is up next. He is still wearing the two TNT title belts. I assumed he was just going to wear one of them and the other one would go in the trash can. If Kassidy wins, will he wear two belts? Probably. Those Private Party boys love to show off.

This match was very enjoyable, right from the get go. Both Kassidy and Guevara have excellent athleticism and it transferred nicely into a decent bout. Neither man could gain an advantage in the early stages, until Matt Hardy hit Guevara with a side effect. Kassidy took control after this.

Just as Sammy managed to gain some momentum back, Andrade made his way to the ring. This distraction enabled Kassidy to take control again. Not only that, but it provided some doubt that Sammy was a lock to retain.

The fantasy didn’t last long though. Guevara retained after a very impressive cutter. Andrade and Matt quickly entered the ring to surround Guevara. Darby ran to his aid to even the odds. No blows were traded, as the AHFO made their exit.

Darby made it no secret that he wanted another shot at the TNT Titles.

QT Marshall has had enough of hearing about Hook. QT Marshall will be sending someone to beat Hook next week, and apparently it will be a surprise for all of us. I doubt the surprise will be that good, but at least we get to see Hook in action.

Here’s Tony. He wants to know what is happening between Statlander and Hirsch. Kris talked a bit of smack and then Leyla rocked up and annihilated her with a chair. It was pretty brutal.

It’s time for the ladies for Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez to face off. Rosa is hoping to get revenge after Martinez cost her her spot in the TBS tournament.

They promised it would remain Picture in Picture, but they lied. I missed a good chunk of this one as well, which was unfortunate because it was very enjoyable. A lot of talent and experience was in the ring!

We came back just in time to witness a near fall, with Martinez almost taking the victory.

Ok, I didn’t see that ending coming! Martinez was disqualified after she clocked Rosa with a steel pipe. Ouch! Rosa picked up the win, but she didn’t look like she’d won the fight.

The good news is, it means we will see them square off again. Awesome! LET THE GRUDGE MATCHES CONTINUE!

Tony wants to know why she used a lead pipe to win. Martinez said the plan was to hurt Rosa, not win. It turns out that Mercedes is on Baker’s payroll and the attack was Baker’s plan. Baker wants the job finished, and next time she wants Martinez to win the match as well.

Main event time! But first, Mark Henry would like to ask some generic questions and smile at us. Nothing worth reporting. Let’s fight. The crowd seemed split 50/50, which makes for some extra excitement.

Starks had the man advantage, thanks to having Hobbs in his corner. Dante Martin made an appearance to even the odds up, taking Hobbs out of the match. No matter though, Starks still maintained his title and picked up the victory.

It was a pretty solid match and Starks looked a bit worse for wear afterwards. Ouch!

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