AEW Dynamite : February 2nd

Here we are, in sweet home Chicago! I caught Adam Cole, Britt Baker, Jade, Shawn Dean and Tony Khan taking in the Bulls game yesterday. Better yet, it was a Bulls win!

As for the wrestling, opening duties fell to Jon Moxley. Wheeler Yuta drew the short straw and had to face Mox. Wheeler had Cassidy and Danhausen in his corner, for whatever good that did. Does Danhausen really have to join Best Friends? There are far too many people in that stable. It’s the new Dark Order.

They went about 10 minutes, but Mox picked up the victory after a Paradigm Shift.

Danielson met Moxley in the ring after his victory, and the two stared at one another for a while. Eventually, Danielson broke the silence.

However, instead of suggesting a fight as many predicted, Danielson offered the hand of friendship and suggested an alliance. Danielson criticised all the Champions in the company and proposed that the two of them take all of the belts.

In addition to that, Danielson wants them to bring some of the young talent under their wings and train them for the future. Mox didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no.

Brandi Rhodes came out to talk the audience and they weren’t having it at all. To be fair, she was acting a heel. Lambert came out and the crowd erupted in cheers. He trashed on Brandi for a while and the audience loved it.

Eventually Brandi started speaking again, and the crowd started chanting “shut the fuck up”. She continued to talk and went on to slap Dan Lambert. Paige came to his aid, and then the AEW locker room broke it up.

Damn. Take notes, Cody. That was fantastic. It’s no secret that I’ve never really liked Brandi, but that was incredibly entertaining. If she keeps this up, she’ll be in my top 5 in no time. Embrace the dark side!

Matt Hardy is disappointed in Private Party for their performance last week. Matt chewed Private Party out for a while, before announcing that Cassidy will face Guevara for the TNT title at Rampage.

The House of Black are in tag team action next, taking on Pac and Penta El Zero Miedo. Pac was still blindfolded and had to be lead to the ring by Alex Abrahantes. Man, I really hope Pac wrestles blindfolded. That would be so dope.

OMG! He’s doing it! He’s wrestling blindfolded! It was awesome, at least for the 60 seconds it lasted. Pac removed his blindfold after that. Apparently he isn’t blind anymore. Damn.

With a little assistance from the black mist, the House of Black picked up another victory. Will Penta wrestle blindfolded now?

Adam Cole reminded us that he is still technically undefeated, which is reflected in his record. He wants some recognition, dammit!

Nyla has her grudge match booked next, against Ruby Soho. I hope Nyla breaks her half. The match went on without much to report, until Soho botched the ending. At least I assume it was a botch. If not, I don’t know what the hell it was. The important thing is, Nyla won.

Backstage, the Gunn Club jumped Jungle Boy. The brawl moved to the very cold streets of Chicago. Christian and Lucha came to his rescue and chased the deviants away.

Hangman came out to address the audience ahead of his Deathmatch with Archer next week. Hangman suggested that they move the fight to right now.

Roberts and Lambert came out instead. Then Archer came out and a brawl broke out. Not official, just for a bit of fun. Except it didn’t look much fun for Hangman. He just had the snot kicked out of him.

Jericho is embarrassed and disappointed with Santana and Ortiz for their behaviour last week. He wants them to meet him face to face, so they can explain their actions. Jericho went on to demand an Inner Circle meeting for next week. Attendance is mandatory.

Main event time! That rolled around quick. MJF will be taking on the hometown “hero”, CM Punk. I’m seriously going to be so angry if Punk wins. Although, I assumed the ending will be controversial, so we can get a rematch at Revolution. I guess we will find out.

MJF! MJF! MJF! He won via stoppage. At least until Remsburg changed his mind and declared the match continue. Can’t have the golden child losing.

No matter. Max beat him again! Twice in one night, baby! We going all the way! Bing Bong! Absolutely fantastic.

It was a really good match. It had a little bit of everything. It definitely lived up to the hype. And it managed to have it’s controversial ending as well.

MJF used wrist tape to choke Punk out for the first stoppage. And he knocked Punk out with the Dynamite Diamond Ring for the second victory. Courtesy of Wardlow, who apparently is still a diligent employee. Fantastic. I can go to sleep happy. Goodnight everyone!

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