AEW : Battle of the Belts (2022)

Bonus episode! It’s time for Battle of the Belts! JR made note that it is the first ever Battle of the Belts, so I guess that means this will become a yearly event.

Excalibur also felt it was important to note that the event was starting with the first ever Interim TNT Title match. I can only hope that it is the first and only Interim match we have. What a ludicrous idea.

Anyway. Former Champion Sammy Guevara is hoping to defeat Cody’s brother and get his title belt back. At least temporarily. Dustin is hoping to defeat Guevara and win his first title in AEW. David Crockett will present the Interim title to the winner.

Dustin stopped the match pretty early on, the old timer needed to catch his breath. He is on the wrong side of 50 after all. I’m certain he would have been dead in the water had Guevara not faked a knee injury for the entire match.

Fuego emerged from under the ring to aid his best friend. As he was setting up the table, Arn Anderson chased him away, using the pretend finger guns. It looked as lame as it sounds.

Unfortunately for Guevara, the table backfired on him and he was the one who went through it. No matter, he went on to win via pinfall.

Full credit to Dustin, it was actually a pretty solid wrestling match. The belt is back around the waist of Sammy Guevara, but for how long?

Daniel Garcia appeared in the ring and he seems to have his sights set on the Interim Championship. He came in and attacked Guevara. They had a decent scuffle before the Weiner patrol broke it up.

Tony has now grabbed Sammy Guevara backstage and wants to know what he thinks about Garcia attacking him. Guevara has offered Garcia a title match, this week on Dynamite. We can only assume that he will accept.

The next belt on the line is the highly coveted FTW Championship. Matt Sydal will be challenging Ricky Starks for the belt.

It wasn’t a bad match by any means, but it was hard to get into it. I love Ricky. I got no beef with Sydal. But I give absolutely zero shits about the FTW championship. We see it defended once a year, if even. It’s a pointless title, a pointless feud and a pointless match.

Ricky Starks retained and the feud between Team Taz and Dante Martin continues. I cannot wait for Team Taz to dissolve. It’s way overdue. So much talent is wasted in that stable.

After the match, Hobbs and Starks continued to wail on Sydal. Lee Moriarty came out to save the day, but failed miserably. Martin was the next to try. He had a bit more life and managed to fight off Team Taz. Hobbs and Martin will meet in the ring on Dynamite.

Main Event time! I can’t help but notice that we only defended half of the championships at Battle of the Belts. What a gyp.

Our reigning and defending Champion, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. is hoping to defeat Riho for the first time in her career, and retain her title in the process. Riho is looking to keep her undefeated streak against Baker alive and win back the title she once wore around her waist. This should be a good one.

Riho seemed to be sporting a hip injury from the start of the match, but it didn’t seem to slow her any. The numbers game did though! Not only did Riho have to contend with Baker, she had to contend with Hayter and Rebel.

It didn’t take long for Riho to take out Rebel. Things between Baker and Hayter deteriorated again and the two started arguing again. Riho used this to her advantage, but it was only monetarily. Neither competitor good gain much ground on the other.

The match had a couple of nearfalls that were sold really well, none more convincingly then the last. Hayter came up on the ring with the belt in her hand, presumably to pass it to Baker. However, Hayter dropped it on the mat instead. Baker yelled at her, and Rebel picked the belt up.

As Rebel handed the belt to Baker, the referee started to yell at her. Rebel got ejected from ringside. Baker started to argue with the ref. Then Hayter. As the two girls exchanged words, Riho attacked them both from behind, leading to a very long 2 count! It was very convincingly sold.

Baker went on to retain via submission, but it was an awesome roller coaster of a match. Hayter gave Baker the belt after the match and the two shared a cuddle. I guess they will fight another time!

And that’s a wrap. It’s a shame that we saw the FTW Championship defended, but not the AEW, TBS or Tag Team Titles. Maybe next year.

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