AEW Rampage : January 7th

Adam Cole, Bay-Bay! He is the current number 1 contender for Adam Page’s title. Adam v Adam. The world needs more of that. Before we get ahead of ourselves, Cole has a match against the new signee, Jake Atlas.

Well, that was a solid 10 minutes of wrestling. You’re alright by me, Atlas. Cole picked up the win via submission, but it was a solid showing by Atlas. Hopefully he doesn’t rot away in Dark like so much of the talent here.

After the match, Bobby and Kyle joined the party and the trio planned to beat down on Atlas for a while. Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends came out to his rescue. No punches were thrown. No words were exchanged.

So apparently Cody Rhodes is injured and unable to defend his title against Sammy Guevara tomorrow night. Dustin Rhodes will take the place of his injured brother, and the winner will be crowned interim TNT Champion. Does that mean when Cody is back, either Sammy or Dustin will just have to relinquish the belt? Weird.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Andrade, and he wants to know why Andrade attacked Sting and Darby. I’m surprised that Tony isn’t yelling at Andrade, we all know how Tony feels about Sting. Andrade offered to buy Darby Allin from Sting. I hope Sting sells. That would be hysterical.

Fan favourite Hook is in action next, taking on Aaron Solo. Apparently it’s not “Solow” anymore. I wish people would stop changing their name. It’s going to take me months to learn that.

Solow probably gave Hook more of a challenge than anyone else has so far, although that isn’t saying a lot. Solo managed to mount some offense, mainly because of QT Marshall interfering with the match.

It didn’t matter though. Another win for Hook, via submission. It was another very impressive showing for Hook and I can’t wait to see his first feud. Why couldn’t he get a shot at the interim title instead of Dustin?

Marshall got into Hook’s face after the match and had his ass handed to him as a result. Hook! Hook! Hook! His song is awesome as well.

Ricky Starks announced that he will defend the FTW title against Matt Sydal. Thank goodness. We couldn’t have Battle of the Belts without the most important belt in the world.

We watched a quick recap of the awesome, awesome match between Anna Jay/Tay Conti and Penelope/The Bunny. If you didn’t watch it, go back and check it out. Just awesome.

From awesome to…the opposite of awesome, Ruby Soho. She is teaming up with Riho to take on the Doctor, Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. Riho and Baker will face off for the Women’s Championship tomorrow night, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Baker and Hayter didn’t waste anytime in going to work on Riho, taking her out before the match had even started. Eventually the bell rang and Soho started the bout against Hayter.

A commercial break interrupted this match, but I really didn’t care. Soho was legal at the time, so I’m sure we didn’t miss anything good. We came back just in time to see Riho tag in. I’d say it was an almost perfectly timed commercial break.

Baker and Hayter beat on Riho for a while, but the latter managed to steal the win after rolling up Hayter. Hayter and Baker exchanged heated words after the match, but Rebel split the duo up.

Dan Lambert questioned what the point of the rankings are if Rhodes gets to jump ahead of all of them for the interim title match. It’s a fair question and one I’ve asked myself many times.

Garcia told Henry to shut up as the interview started, and Kingston just straight up walked out. That was probably Mark Henry’s best interview yet. Turns out Kingston and the gang hadn’t just walked out, they had walked over to start the fight early. “Well, it looks like the fight has already started” says Mark Henry, “it’s time for the main event”. He actually stood there and said that as the fight was happening. Comic gold.

And then we get a horrifically placed commercial break. Boo! We came back to the competitors making their way to the ring, fighting down the entrance ramp. It’s a no rules trios match, by the way. Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz are taking on Daniel Garcia and 2point0.

It wasn’t as violent as I was expecting, but it was a pretty damn good match. It looks like they only had access to one trash can, because they used it a lot. The thing was flatter than a pancake by the time the match was over.

Santana picked up the victory for his trio, but that wasn’t the end of it. 2point0 taped Kingston to the ring, and he was at their mercy. Jericho left the announce table to come to the rescue of Kingston.

I’ll see you all tomorrow at Battle of the Belts!

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