AEW Dynamite : January 5th

The TBS era of Dynamite begins and once again, the episode kicks off with the AEW Championship on the line.

Bryan Danielson and Adam Page will square off once more for the belt. Remember, this match has the stipulation of ringside judges, who will decide the winner in the event of a time limit draw.

I can’t imagine the match being a draw again, because it would seem very forced, therefore the stipulation seems completely pointless. I’ll just try and ignore the judges, just like I try to ignore Excalibur.

For the sake of being thorough, the ringside judges are Mark Henry, Jerry Lynn and Paul Wight. They didn’t even get their own table, they were just thrown in at ringside with the fans. Was any thought put into this stipulation?

Hangman took to the offensive from the get go and as a result the match was much more enjoyable from the outset. Danielson managed to take advantage after Hangman was busted open. Danielson used this as an opportunity to show off for the judges. I guess we had to include them at some point.

It wasn’t long after that Danielson was bloodied up as well. The two continued to exchange blood, sweat and manoeuvres for the remainder of the match. Hangman eventually went on to retain via pinfall, but for a while there I thought the belt was changing hands!

That match was infinitely better than their first bout. The outcome wasn’t obvious and the match was closely contested throughout. For the first time, I feel like Hangman is a capable champion and he came across as such.

The Acclaimed are annoyed that Sting got involved in Bowens’ match last week. They promised to take care of their business, as only The Acclaimed can…with a music video. That’ll drop next week and I cannot wait. Mic Drop.

From one of my favourite tag teams, to one of my favourite singles wrestlers, MJF. MJF is in action against Shawn Dean. At least, he is supposed to be. Punk interrupted before the match started. Aubrey did a horrible job of getting rid of Punk.

Eventually, Punk attacked Dean in a somewhat surprising move. MJF was then disqualified from the match, picking up his first loss of the year. That was actually a genius move from Punk.

Punk promised to do this for every single match MJF has from now on, at least until he is brave enough to face him. MJF declined, but decided to book Punk in a match with Wardlow for next week.

Chris Jericho is back and he is still angry at 2point0. The duo came out to greet Jericho and welcome him back. Daniel Garcia joined his friends and the 3 of them beat on Jericho for a while, until Santana, Ortiz and Kingston came to the rescue.

Jake Atlas is apparently a roster member of AEW now. I don’t know who that is.

Adam Cole is trying to convince Kyle and Bobby that the Young Bucks should join forces with them, and the 5 of them should be a super group. In the meantime though, Adam Cole wants to fight Jake Atlas.

Wardlow was set to crush another jobber, Antonio Zambrano., but Spears took Zambrano out first. The referee decided not to disqualify Wardlow and to start the match, even though Antonio was unconscious. Wardlow continued to beat on the unconscious Zambrano for a while before eventually pinning him. It took 5 powerbombs to keep him down for the count. I’m sure all 5 were necessary.

Apparently the drama between Kris Statlander and Leyla Hirsch continued on Elevation last night. I guess we will see the two of them in the ring again sometime soon.

It’s time to crown the new TBS Champion. It will be either Jade Cargill or Ruby Soho. Hopefully Jade, but either way I have very low expectations of this match. At least Jade can hold her own in the ring.

Mercedes and Thunder Rosa made an appearance in the match, but just fought each other and made no impact on the result whatsoever. Mark Sterling also tried to get involved, but had no impact on the result. He did get tossed though.

The match wasn’t as sloppy as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t very clean either. Thankfully, Jade won and became the first ever TBS Champion. I really don’t want Ruby’s name stinking up the record books.

JR wants to know why Deeb is still mad at Shida. Deeb said the only thing she cares about is hurting Shida and claiming her spot atop the women’s division. The two will meet again in the ring on Dynamite next week. Deeb promised that Shida will be unable to walk out of the ring by herself afterwards.

Malakai Black is up next, taking on Brian Pillman JR., whom is seeking revenge for his friends in the Varsity Blonds. I don’t think it will go well for him. Surprisingly, Julia Hart was in Pillman’s corner.

It was an enjoyable enough match, even if the result was obvious. Pillman looked to have slipped off the top rope just prior to the finish. He seems to be ok though. Despite the loss.

After the match, the Lucha Bros came to confront Malakai Black, which is pretty silly considering they have a title match coming up shortly. The lights went out, and eventually, when they came back on the Lucha Bros were in the ring and Malakai was on the entrance ramp. Trading places. No punches were thrown.

Tony is backstage with Ruby Soho, but Baker fortunately interrupted the interview before Soho could get a word in. Baker then beat down on Soho for a while, until Riho ruined the party. Baker and Riho will face off this weekend at Battle of the Belts.

QT Marshall and Aaron Solow are backstage, talking smack about Hook. Hook and Solo will face off on Rampage this week.

It’s main event time and it should be a great one! Jurassic Express are getting a well deserved title match against the Lucha Bros. I got no beef with the Lucha Bros, but I am cheering for JE in this one.

The match was very enjoyable and no one had a clear advantage. Penta had a near pinfall on JB after a very crisp Made in Japan. Then the lights went out. And nothing happened. They came on again. The Lucha Bros looked around for someone, but no one appeared.

The fight continued. Alex set up a table on the outside. Christian chased him away. Penta got chokeslammed through the table. It was lethal.

New Champions! New Champions! Jungle Boy got the victory via pinfall. Woohoo! Congratulations on a well deserved title run. I hope it’s a long one.

A lot of teams made their way out to the entrance ramp to set their eyes on the belts. It looks like 2022 will have a lot of title defences for the new champs.

So, what was with the lights going out? Just a technical difficulty? I guess so. I’ll see you all at Rampage!

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