AEW Rampage : December 31st

Happy New Year everyone! Are you all ready for the final wrestling episode of the year? Technically, where I am, it’s already 2022. I win.

Is there any better way to start an episode than with The Acclaimed? Max Caster may have won the rap battle, but I’m certain that Bowens will pay the price. It’s a singles competition to start, with Anthony Bowens taking on Darby Allin.

Yeah, Allin made short work of Bowens. It was enjoyable enough though, despite the outcome.

After the match, Andrade El Idolo came down the entrance ramp. It was seemingly just a distraction though. Bowens blindsided Sting with the boom box and Andrade disappeared again. Caster and Bowens proceeded to take out Allin. The victors are those who are still standing!

On this weeks episode of Technique by Taz, we watched Taz wax lyrical on his son, Hook. To be fair, he is pretty darn good.

Time for a Street Fight! Penelope Ford and the Bunny join forces once more to take on Anna Jay and Tay Conti. No disqualifications, no count-outs, it’s all legal! Even the knuckles.

Penelope tried her damndest to put Tay through a table with a moonsault, but they just don’t weigh enough to break the tables! Honestly though, it looked like it hurt Tay even more. Penelope landed right on her face and that table had no give.

After this, Ford busted Conti open with a wine bottle. Glass and blood went everywhere. The Bunny was also busted open at this point, presumably a blade job. There was a lot of blood on her face.

Once again, the alleged Picture in Picture break was not Picture in Picture and we missed a bit of the action again. We came back just in time to see a very bloody Bunny put Anna Jay through a table. They did it! It broke! Woo!

Here come the thumbtacks. Like they aren’t bleeding enough already. The Bunny copped the worst of it again, after a suplex from the top rope. Anna Jay got her fair share as well.

Another broken table! This time by Ford and Conti. Anna Jay won the match for her team from here, by wrapping her arm in barbed wire and choking out the Bunny, in a pool of blood and thumbtacks. What an awesome bout. Cody and Page have no hope of topping this.

Before that though, we need to recap the Danielson and Page feud. Yes, yes, we’ve all seen it. The rematch better not go for an hour.

Mark Henry is backstage once more, talking about how this fight is personal. I swear that’s the question he goes with every single week. Just fight already!

Our main event features the 3 time TNT Champion and Fan Favourite (lol) Cody Rhodes defending his belt against Ethan Page. It just feels like Page has approximately no chance of winning this title. I’ve been wrong before though.

Dustin and Scorpio got into it on the outside. Lambert and Anderson stayed out of it. Cody and Page kept it all inside. Mostly anyway.

This bout had a few near falls, but I had trouble buying any of them. Not because they were poorly sold or anything, I just didn’t think AEW had the balls to have the championship exchange hands for the second time in a week. And, I was right.

Cody retained his title, much to the delight of Dan Lambert and the audience. It wasn’t a bad fight, but the ladies stole the show tonight!

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