AEW Dynamite : December 29th

Sorry everyone! I didn’t recap the Christmas Day episode of Rampage. I did watch it, just not until the next morning. And I was in bed when I did, without my laptop. Oops! So Cody is the new TNT Champion. Interesting. Let’s see what ramifications await tonight on New Year’s Smash!

Good news, JR is back! Welcome back, Champ. And we are back in the unofficial home of AEW, Jacksonville, Florida.

We are going to kick things off with a 10 man tag match with the group of Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, Christian Cage and the Lucha Bros taking on FTR, Matt Hardy and Private Party. I’m sure this is going to be a chaotic mess, for better or worse.

I don’t know if I’m just in a good mood because I’ve been on holidays, but it was actually a cleaner match then most multi man tag matches. It featured a lot of good tag team wrestling. And the rules were followed.

Just as I type that, it falls apart and the rule book goes out the window. Here comes the usual chaos. Bodies are everywhere. We had a little interference from the HFO. FTR picked up the win, pinning Christian Cage. Not a bad opening bout to warm up the crowd.

Time for a Street Fight, says JR. Except it’s not really a street fight, he was just using it as a figure of speech. It’s a trios tag match with Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz taking on Daniel Garcia and 2point0. I’m with team New York on this one.

Kingston had a wardrobe malfunction pretty early in this match. I definitely saw some nipple. Not that we can judge him for it, aside from Ortiz, he was the only person wearing a shirt.

Matt picked up the victory for his team, after using an illegal pin on Santana. The fighting continued after the bell rang. It wasn’t pretty for the New Yorkers. The fighting stopped when the bell rang again, unfortunately it was Santana’s head that was used to ring the bell.

Jericho came to save his friends and chased away Garcia and the gang. Kingston took his shirt off to reveal the other nipple and then he got into it (verbally) with Jericho. Ortiz had to play peacemaker to prevent the two from coming to blows.

MJF called out Punk for being gutless last week and continuing to run away from him. MJF also had some harsh words for Sting. Then some more for Wardlow. And Mark Sterling. No one is safe.

Tony is backstage with the Lucha Bros, who were confronted by Christian Cage. Cage felt it was the fault of the Lucha Bros that they lost the opening bout tonight. Some arguing followed and a challenge was thrown down. Jurassic Express vs the Lucha Bros, presumably for the belts.

Wardlow murdered Colin Delaney in singles competition, picking up his 17th straight victory. Shawn Spears dropped Delaney with a chair shot after the match. Just the usual drill.

Adam Cole is backstage with the Young Bucks, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. An argument started, and Cole dismissed the Bucks and Bobby. When he was alone with O’Reilly, Kyle proposed they are a better faction without the Bucks. He didn’t use those words exactly, but it was implied.

Dan Lambert came out to the ring to talk some more smack about Cody Rhodes. He’s actually very funny now that he’s going at Cody and Brandi. I was having a good laugh, until Brandi turned up anyway. It looked like Dan and Brandi were going to fight, but Dustin turned up. The Men of the Year dropped him with a single blow. And that was the end of that.

We heard from Tony and Excalibur, getting their thoughts on the upcoming title match between Hangman and Bryan Danielson. Remember, it’s got that weird stipulation of having judges.

It’s time for the final semi-final match of the TBS tournament, Jade v Thunder Rosa. Ruby Soho awaits the winner, which will hopefully be Thunder.

Thunder Rosa is attempting to become my dream women, first by quoting Home Alone on twitter, and now by cosplaying as Wolverine. Nice try, Rosa, but I’m a Cyclops guy. Still, cool costume though.

BOO! Jade wins, after an unknown party interfered with the match. Mark distracted the referee and then someone dressed as a crew member came in and took out Rosa. 1,2,3 and Jade wins.

After the match, Rosa jumped Jade, but was attacked by the masked assailant again. The assailant was revealed to be Mercedes. Ruby Soho came out to save the day. Boo! We’ll find out next week if Jade or Ruby will be the first TBS Champion. It better be Jade. Ruby Soho is not championship material.

For some reason we had to watch highlights of a Dark match from last month, that featured Statlander and Hirsch. Apparently the beef between them has been months in the making.

Over to another recap, this time between the ongoing feud featuring our Champion, Britt Baker and Riho. They will face off for the belt next weekend, in Charlotte.

CM Punk came out to address the fans, but before that he welcomed back JR. Then he spoke on Brodie Lee. Finally, he moved on to MJF. As he was speaking, the camera moved to the audience and briefly zeroed in on someone wearing a red hat and texting. This has no relevance to anything, I just enjoyed it more than listening to Punk kiss ass again.

Ricky Starks also welcomed back JR, stating that it would be good for Taz to have more time to work with the gang again. He commented on how impressive Hook has been so far, and then mentioned that they are all coming for Dante Martin.

Sammy Guevara came out with his cue cards for the commercial break. They read that he had 5 matches as a champion in his 3 month title reign, only to have it all end at the hands of Cody Rhodes. The crowd booed pretty heavily at this. Sammy continued to state that his New Years resolution is to beat Cody and win his title back. The crowd loved that.

Shida is ready and willing to have another match with Serena Deeb, all she has to do is ask.

Tony wants to know what Brian Pillman Jr. thinks of Malakai Black. I’m pretty sure he already did this interview last week or the week before. Pillman issued the challenge to Malakai for next week. Then the lights went out to reveal Black standing on the entrance ramp.

The lights flicked out again. Then back on again. Malakai had mysteriously vanished. Except, he didn’t. He was too slow and you could clearly see him walking backstage still.

Anthony Bowens wants to fight Darby Allin and get the Acclaimed the respect they deserve. Darby obviously accepted. We’ll find out the winner this week on Rampage.

We will also have a Street Fight this week on Rampage, between the team of Tay Conti and Anna Jay, and Penelope Ford and the Bunny. Wowee! That should be fun.

Main Event time! We’ll finish the episode off with another 6 man tag. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly taking on the Best Friends. The real Best Friends! Trent, Chucky T and Orange Cassidy. The way the wrestling Gods intended. All that was missing was the original Best Friends music. And Trent’s hair.

Everything was going well for the Best Friends, until the Young Bucks came in and kicked their heads in. This left O’Reilly free to pick up the victory for his team. It was a pretty entertaining match to end the TNT era of Dynamite.

Adam Cole left the ring with the Young Bucks, this time leaving O’Reilly and Fish alone in the ring.

And that was the season finale of Dynamite! The new season will kick off in a couple of days, the only difference being that it will air on TBS! Happy New Year everyone!

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