AEW Dynamite : December 22nd

Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for sticking with me for an entire year of AEW coverage. Much love to you all! It looks like a pretty decent card for the Holiday Bash, so let’s dive into it.

You know it’s all about the boom! Adam Cole, Bay-Bay. What a song, what an entrance. Adam Cole is up first tonight, taking on Orange Cassidy.

Of course, we had to start with the cringeworthy gimmick exchange. It is an Orange Cassidy match after all. Once we got that out of the way, it was a relatively decent match up.

It benefited from the element of surprise, considering I wasn’t sure who was going to come out on top! Just as Cassidy took advantage, the Young Bucks made their way out to the ring. Obviously, the Best Friends weren’t too far behind. Advantage Cole.

Now that everyone else had cleared out, things got good in the ring. Both Cassidy and Cole continued to exchange advantage in the match up, right until Bobby Fish decided this match needed more interference. Then Kyle O’Reilly attacked Cassidy from behind. 1,2,3! Adam Cole wins. I guess this is the surprise that Cole was talking about last week.

Guess what happened after the match? Yup, they jumped Cassidy. Until the Best Friends came out to rescue him. Or at least they tried to make the save. They just got the snot kicked out of them too.

It looks like the Bucks had no idea that O’Reilly was going to debut, and they seemed annoyed at Cole for not keeping them in the loop. Are the Bucks coming back to the good side? Cole left with Fish and O’Reilly, leaving the Bucks alone in the ring.

(And time for a commercial break. I hate these things when I’m watching live. Did you see the Bulls had their game postponed again? I think it was because Toronto didn’t have enough players this time. What a wild few weeks it’s been in the NBA. The Christmas Day games won’t be as exciting this year, everyone is out!)

Quick recap of the title match between Hangman and Danielson from last week’s episode. It ended in a time limit draw, in case you forgot. The rematch will be in two weeks on Dynamite!

Tony is in the ring, and brings out Hangman. HAHA! His little graphic during his entrance read “doesn’t normally last an hour”. Genius. I think that actually made the match worth it. Page is disappointed with how last week turned out.

Before he could elaborate, Danielson interrupted. Danielson said that the fans are the only ones who should be disappointed, because Page had his ass kicked for 60 minutes and still has the belt. It’s hard to argue with that.

I loved how the entire time that Danielson was ripping on Page, Tony just stood in the background looking uncomfortable. Like some poor child who is stuck watching his parents argue.

Anyway, Danielson suggested a stipulation for the next match. I assumed it would be an iron match or a no time limit match, something like that. Nope. Danielson suggested we just have judges for the match. I have no idea how that is going to work, but it sounds like a terrible idea.

MJF is backstage with the Pinnacle, and MJF is ripping on Wardlow again. Wardlow sat quietly and took it. Eventually, MJF turned his attentions to Punk, Allin and Sting. When he was finished, FTR had a turn at trashing CM Punk as well.

Speaking of Wardlow, he will be in action, when we return from this short commercial break.

Wardlow was taking on Chicago’s own, Shawn Dean. Yeah, it went about as well for Dean as you’d think. He lasted maybe 30 seconds. That’s 15 straight wins for Wardlow.

Spears continued to crush what was left of Dean after that. Dean copped a bunch of chair shots. Wardlow walked away, seemingly in disgust.

Just a reminder, this week on Rampage (the Christmas Day episode!) Guevara will defend his TNT title against Cody Rhodes.

Ugh, it’s Dan Lambert. He just continued to talk about how the Men of the Year are overlooked etc etc. Although the crowd got into it when he started trashing Cody Rhodes. It looks like one of the Men of the Year will get the next TNT title match.

It’s time for Britt Baker’s Christmas Party! Tony Schiavone continued to bring up Riho and how Baker has never managed to defeat her. Baker ridiculed Riho for a bit and then wished us all a Merry Christmas. You too, Britt.

We watched a video about Owen Hart, and a few of the AEW stars paid tribute to him. It was very touching. We all miss you, Owen. At Double or Nothing next year, the Owen Hart Foundation will be hosting a tournament in his honour.

Speaking of tournaments, it’s time for one of the semi-final matches of the TBS tournament. Nyla Rose and Ruby Soho are facing off to see who will advance to the final match.

Friggin hell, talk about an awkward start. Nyla jumped Soho to kick things off. Nyla tried to rip Ruby’s jacket off but couldn’t get it over her hands. She tried and tried and tried again, but that thing was stuck. Eventually, Nyla walked away to let Ruby undress. It still took forever to get the jacket off. Soho just continues to find ways to make me shake my head in disbelief. I don’t mean that in a good way.

Nyla tried to get a chair involved, but that backfired on her and Rose ended up eating the chair shot. Vicki wasn’t deterred though, and used the distraction to take out Soho herself. Nyla maintained a steady advantage from here, with some more assistance from Vicki.

Then, in a stupid turn of events, Ruby picked up the victory. Ugh. We had to watch her bawl he eyes out in the ring afterwards. Which may have been from am injury concern? I know Aubrey seemed over eager to get her backstage, so maybe something happened? Hopefully she isn’t hurt.

We took a quick look back at the ongoing feud between Serena Deeb and Hikaru Shida. It looks like this is far from over.

Here comes Malakai Black. That’s right! He has the feud match against Garrison! This should actually be awesome!

Maybe not. Garrison was dropped with a single kick. I thought it was about to be over pretty quickly, but Brian Pillman provided a distraction. Just enough for Garrison to get back into the fight.

At least for a moment. It didn’t take long for Black to completely dismantle Griff Garrison, winning via submission. He knocked out Pillman to, just for good measure.

Matt Hardy congratulated Jurassic Express on being the number one contenders for the tag belts, but has expressed interest in making Private Party the number one contenders. So, on Rampage, Isaiah Cassidy and Jungle Boy will square off. The winner will earn number one contender-ship for their respective team.

Main event time! MJFTR (I’ll give you credit for that, Excalibur, assuming you came up with it yourself) are taking on the trio of CM Punk, Sting and Darby Allin. I know who I’m cheering for.

The crowd really, really wanted to see MJF and Punk face-off. MJF did his damndest to avoid him. At one point he literally run all the way out of the arena and back again, just to tag out and not have to go near Punk. Kudos to him, it was a big run and he did it in pretty good time.

Eventually MJF left for good, leaving FTR in a 2 on 3 match. MJF made his triumphant return to try and take down Sting, but the attack backfired on him. He was at the mercy of CM Punk, but Dax sacrificed himself to save the boss. Respect.

CM Punk and Pals won the match, but FTR won our hearts. Merry Christmas everyone! Travel safe and I’ll talk to you all on Christmas Night for Rampage.

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