AEW Dynamite : December 15th

Winter is Coming! Winter is here. And we are kicking things off with the world title match. Yeah, seriously. The art of booking is lost on them.

I’m curious to see how this plays out. It should be an excellent match, no doubt. But I really don’t know who will win. Is Hangman just a transition Champion? My head says yes, but I really have no clue. I guess I’ll just shut up and enjoy the show.

Well, it wasn’t so much a match as it was an ass-kicking. Hangman was on the wrong end of a beating for basically the entire match. That’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable. At least some of it. Danielson’s execution of all of his submission moves were a joy to witness. Overall, the match was just very one-sided and got boring after a while. Every time Hangman attempted to mount some offense, he was swiftly shut down by Danielson.

I don’t know if this match was supposed to make Hangman look tough and resilient, but I think it missed the mark. He just came across as lucky (at best), or weak (at worst). With this match, and his dependence on the Dark Order, Hangman just keeps coming across as a weak Champion. Which isn’t at all the case, he is just being utilised incorrectly.

The bout got really boring after Hangman got busted open (about halfway through). I don’t know why they milked the “injury” as long as they did. Although it was entertaining to watch Danielson upset the live audience. Being a heel is just infinitely more fun.

The fans seemed to enjoy it, but in my opinion, 60 minutes is way too long to watch a wrestler get his ass whooped. The longer the bout went on, the more obvious the draw became. I think I called it at about the 25 minute mark. At least now I know why it was booked first. Hangman retains in a time limit draw.

Alright, now that that is over, we have about 50 minutes left for the rest of the episode.

The Young Bucks and Co. are still mad at the Best Friends. They challenged them to an 8 man tag this week on Rampage. Then they issued a challenge to Trent’s mom. That’s cold. Cole continued to say that next week on Dynamite, he will give the Bucks the best Christmas present ever.

Wardlow is in action next against Matt Sydal. It was another ass whooping. At least this one was quick. Wardlow wins in a landslide. Shawn Spears wasn’t impressed with how long it took and let Wardlow know about it.

Spears beat Sydal with a chair after the match, before instructing Wardlow to go buy MJF some champagne. Once again. AEW are hinting at a break up of MJF and Wardlow, but they’ve done it many times before. Is this finally it?

Tay Conti has challenged Ford to a submission only match, this week on Rampage. No pinfalls allowed!

Malakai Black cut a promo, but I could only understand about half of it. And what I did understand, I didn’t get. You know what I mean?

Time for a rubber match/grudge match. Serena Deeb. Hikaru Shida. The score is currently tied 1-1.

Is it hypocritical to complain about this one being rushed after complaining about the opener going on for too long? It had some good spots, but the pacing just felt off. I guess that’s what happens when an hour goes to the first bout. Shida wins. Woo!

Tony is backstage with the Varsity Blondes and wants to know how Julia Hart is. Griff had some harsh words for Tony, Malakai and Brian. Brian ended up walking out on Griff as the later challenged Malakai to a match.

A quick video recap of Hook’s impressive debut was aired next. No need to remind us, it was very memorable!

Kingston is still mad at 2point0 and Garcia, so he challenged them to a 10 man tag at Rampage. It will be Kingston, the Lucha Bros and Proud and Powerful taking on Garcia, 2point0 and 2 more competitors of their choosing.

Main Event time! MJF will be hoping to win the Dynamite Diamond Ring for the third straight year. This time, it’s Dante Martin standing in his way. But first, he wanted to trash on Texas and CM Punk for a while. I’ll allow it.

Dante almost got the win, but Ricky Starks rocked up and helped MJF kick out of the pin. I’m sure he would have kicked out at 2 anyway. MJF won by submission shortly after that.

FTR came out to congratulate him on his third straight victory. However, the lights went out and Sting and Darby appeared in the ring. Almost like magic. The lights were only out for 4 hours! Where did they come from?

The attack backfired though. FTR and MJF kicked the crap out of the dynamic duo. At least until CM Punk rocked up. He was wearing an excessive amount of blue and was wielding a baseball bat. MJF and FTR split.

CM Punk challenged them to a 6 man tag for next week. There are far too many multi man tag matches booked for next week. Ugh.

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