AEW Rampage : December 10th

4 matches on the card tonight, so hopefully it’s an action packed card!

Is my feed weird or has Excalibur swallowed a frog? Never mind, it’s just my feed. I think it’s fixed now.

Typical AEW, kicking things off with the best bout. The Lucha Bros are defending their tag team titles against FTR. We didn’t even get to see the entrances!

There isn’t much to complain about with this one! The two teams continued to build upon their amazing chemistry to put on a very enjoyable match.

It was another interesting clash of styles, which featured a little bit of everything. The impressive high flying abilities of the Lucha Bros was a nice contrast to the hard hitting, technical style of FTR.

Both teams played their roles well and worked the crowd perfectly. FTR continued to play the role of the perfect villains and the crowd ate it up. I really hope we get to see the 2 out of 3 falls match between them.

Tully tried to get involved and Fenix clocked him on the jaw to take him out. Fenix built some momentum from here, even after FTR tried some underhanded 2 on 1 tactics. Both Dax and Rey ended up eating a belt, so it balanced out in the end.

After this, another very impressive sequence followed. The athleticism of Rey Fenix never ceases to amaze me. The Lucha Bros went on to successfully defend their titles against FTR. Spectacular match to start!

Time for a commercial break and to check in on the NBA. Hopefully the Rockets hold on against the Bucks. They are chasing a potential 8th straight victory, after a 15 game losing streak. Just madness. Anyway back to ring.

Gross. It’s Ruby Soho. At least she is teamed up with Anna Jay and Tay Conti. They’ll be taking on the threesome of Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford and The Bunny.

It was a solid enough match, except for Ruby Soho. I really don’t like her. Nyla picked up the win by pinning Anna Jay. It helped that the Bunny knocked her out with the knuckles before hand.

Tony had Sting and Darby backstage. Again, no words were said before FTR jumped the duo. It was a pretty decent backstage brawl. FTR won.

Another commercial break. Houston lost. So did OKC and Atlanta. That’s a couple of my least favourite teams getting up (I’m not talking about the Bucks, they are fine). Wow, these commercial breaks are long when you can’t fast forward them.

And we are finally back. 20 minutes to go, and 2 matches left on the card.

We go over to Hook, making his long anticipated debut. He will be in action against Fuego Del Sol. I am really, really excited to see what Hook can do. I hope I’m not disappointed.

Hook looked like he was ready for a boxing match, but his wrestling skills did not disappoint. It was a relatively short match and it left me wanting more. Hook won via submission in a very, very solid debut. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

You know, I think Excalibur is actually sick. His voice gave out again. Not that it matters, I don’t know why I’m covering Excalibur’s voice.

Mark Henry wants to know what Adam Cole thinks of the Best Friends being united. Cole said that Yuta has a lot of potential. Is a swerve on the cards? I hope so, but I doubt it. I just want the old Best Friends back.

One more commercial break and we can start the fight. I swear these things are getting longer. By the time we get back and do the entrances, we won’t have any time left.

Well, Yuta mounted a little bit of offense, but got his ass kicked pretty badly. The match felt like it was more of a side attraction. Most of the emphasis was on Orange Cassidy and his feud with Adam Cole. I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s always about Cassidy these days.

Did I tell you guys they played Adam Cole’s song at the NHL game the other day? Weird.

Post match, everyone got into a brawl. The Elite won that pretty quickly too. And that’s a wrap, see you next week for Winter is Coming!

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