AEW Dynamite : December 8th

Jim Ross and Justin Roberts are out of action tonight. It’s not a good night to be a JR. Rest up guys!

The episode started with CM Punk coming out to MJF’s theme music. Boo! It’s only cool when MJF does it. Much to my pleasure, he got booed a fair bit. It is MJF’s hometown after all.

Punk trashed on New York for a while, which enraged the fans some more. I gotta side with Punk on this, the Blackhawks crap all over the Islanders.

The crowd broke out into a “shut the fuck up” chant at around the 7 minute point. I was inclined to agree. Once again, he got some good zingers in but he had far too much mic time. He isn’t charismatic enough to talk for 10 minutes and continue to be interesting.

After all of that, he issued a challenge to MJF for a match. Punk insisted that he wanted all of the Pinnacle to stay out of it though.

A short commercial break and we come back to MJF entering the arena in his Lambo. The crowd loved it. MJF! MJF! MJF! The Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale was the first match on the cards, with MJF hoping to make it 3 straight years of winning.

Jay Lethal, Wardlow, Matt Hardy, Frankie Kazarian, Matt Sydal, Dante Martin, Will Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Lee Moriarty and Lee Johnson were the other competitors.

MJF and Dante Martin were the two men who were left standing, and will face off next week for the Ring. The only eliminations of note were MJF eliminating Wardlow, and Dante Martin betraying Ricky Starks and eliminating him.

After the match, Ricky Starks kicked the crap out of Dante Martin for a while. MJF watched and debated for a while, but eventually decided to head back to the ring to kick the crap out of Martin as well. Punk eventually made the rescue.

An 8 man tag team match followed the Royale. Maybe this episode we will just slowly whittle down competitor numbers until we get to a singles match.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus teamed up with the Varsity Blondes to take on the combination of The Acclaimed and 2point0. Seriously, why aren’t The Acclaimed on television every single week?

Eddie Kingston came out to prevent Daniel Garcia from getting involved and Jungle Boy won pretty quickly after that. He forced Caster to submit to the Snare Trap.

Kingston invited Garcia and 2 point0 backstage for a fight. Ortiz joined in, but the numbers overwhelmed the two New Yorkers in the end.

Tully has said that FTR will be the first ever 2 time Tag Team Champions in AEW. The rematch with the Lucha Bros will be this Friday on Rampage. Not a 2 out of 3 falls though. What happened with that idea?

From a Royale, to an 8 man, to a 4 man. My theory is holding out. The Young Bucks are in action against the Best Friends, who apparently now go by “Chaos”, Rocky Romero and Chucky T.

The wrestling was ok, but the match was too gimmicky for my liking. The Young Bucks picked up the win and then all hell broke lose. Everyone was fighting everyone. Adam Cole and his friends came out on top.


Trent took out everyone by himself and saved his friends. Finally, the real Best Friends are back. His mom came to the ring to celebrate as well.

Alex Marves is backstage with Ruby Soho and wants to know her thoughts on being attacked last week. Who comes up with these questions? “Well, Alex I really enjoyed being attacked last week”. Dickhead.

Penelope and the Bunny interrupted and stated that they would team up with Nyla Rose next week to take on Ruby Soho and 2 of her friends. Things turned to fisticuffs and Tay and Anna Jay came to save Ruby. I guess we know who she is teaming up with next week.

Tony was talking to Sammy about the TNT Championship open challenge, and then Cody came out to talk to him. Cody will be taking on Sammy for the belt on Christmas Day apparently.

Ethan Page wasn’t happy that Cody has skipped ahead to get another title match. Apparently Dan Lambert is coming back. Yay. Guevara looks like he is willing to defend against any of them.

Another promo to build hype for Jade’s match against Rosa. It has a lot of potential, but Jade has been flat lately. Hopefully this match lives up to the hype and she bounces back.

A singles match! The cycle is complete. That’s amazing. From 12, to 8, to 4, to 2. Just amazing. Riho is up and she’s taking on Jamie Hayter. I suspect the motivation for Hayter is just to hurt Riho ahead of the title match against Baker.

Well, mission accomplished. It was a hard hitting bout, featuring lots and lots of near falls. Riho won, but at what cost? Of course, after the bell rang, the fight continued. Baker put Riho in the mandible and left her unconscious in the ring.

Hook will have his first match in AEW this week on Rampage. I thought this day would never come. Hook v Fuego, this week!

Revolution has been set for March 8th and will be live in Orlando, Florida.

Deeb and Shida are still angry at one another and are both seeking revenge. We will find out who gets it next week on Dynamite.

Schiavone has grabbed the Varsity Blondes and congratulated them on their latest win. The lights went off and when they came back on again, Malakai Black stood across from them. Julia got sprayed with the black mist and Malakai disappeared again.

Main event time! Bryan Danielson v John Silver. Silver put up a good fight, but as if Danielson was going to lose a week before his title match. Danielson won via referee stoppage. He didn’t stop there.

As Danielson kicked Silver’s head in, Hangman ran out to save his friend. Danielson got a good 6 or 7 kicks in first. Hangman vowed to “kick the cowboy shit” out of Danielson next week. So much kicking, so little time.

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