AEW Rampage : December 3rd

It’s Championship Friday! Apparently both the TNT title and the Tag Team titles will be on the line tonight! How can the Tag Titles be on the line if one of the Champions is out injured? Anyway, it better be a good episode, I’m missing the Suns and Warriors game for this! (I’m not really, I’m watching it on my phone).

The TNT Championship is up first. Our Champion, Sammy Guevara will be defending against the “Premier Athlete”, Tony Nese.

A taped up Guevara wasted no time in getting this bout under way. He earned an early advantage, but it wasn’t long before Nese managed to gain the momentum in the fight. The tape is a target as they always say!

It was a pretty fast paced match up! Sammy was flipping all over the place. It was an excellent showing from both, and it honestly felt that Nese had a decent chance of winning this one.

Guevara ended up retaining in a tough fought fight, breaking Nese’s undefeated streak in AEW in the process.

Jurassic Express are backstage with Christian Cage and they have mentioned that they will be closely scouting the tag team match tonight, as Jurassic Express are the current number one contenders. Cage has guaranteed that they will win the titles. We’ve heard that guarantee a million times before. Not necessarily about JE, but from every manager about every number one contender.

Thunder Rosa has joined the commentary desk for the match between Jade and Janai Kai. Guess who won? This one lasted all of 10 seconds before it was done.

Jade continued to beat down Kai after the match, so Rosa left the booth to take care of business. You could tell she was serious because she took her earrings out first. It didn’t take long for the refs to break it up. We will get to see these two go at it in the semi final match of the TBS tournament. Go Rosa!

Adam Cole isn’t happy that Orange Cassidy ruined his commentary the other night. The Young Bucks issued a challenge to the Best Friends for a tag match on Wednesday night.

Eddie Kingston doesn’t care that 2point0 beat down on Jericho, but he is coming to get them regardless. Kingston is mad and he wants revenge.

Main Event time already! Mark Henry wants to know how Pac is going to wrestle with one eye. Pac has said that he will get revenge on Malakai Black in due time, but first he will deal with FTR. Henry made no mention of it being for the titles, it is a 2 of 3 falls match though. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of them. What’s the bet that it goes 1-1 and comes down to the final fall??

The first fall should have gone to Pac, he had Harwood down for about a 10 count. But, the referee wasn’t paying attention so it didn’t count! FTR stretched the rules a little bit to take advantage in the match from here.

It’s been about 15 minutes and nobody has scored a single point yet. I’m starting to think that this isn’t a 2 of 3 falls match and everyone has just got confused again. This is always happens! There have been so many nearfalls, surely some of them would have stuck in a 2 of 3.

Malakai made an appearance and blinded Pac completely, by spraying him in the other eye. At least his eyesight is even now! FTR picked up the win from here and the match was declared over.

FTR went on to remove Penta’s mask and the crowd did not like that at all. Malakai continued to beat on Pac for a while. Alex yelled at him to stop but seemed more concerned with covering Penta’s massless face.

It was a pretty enjoyable match, but because I was under the impression it was a 2 of 3 falls, the pacing was really off for me. Otherwise I enjoyed it though. I wonder if we will see the 2 of 3 when Fenix returns? Anyway, I’m going to go watch the second half of Suns/Warriors.

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