AEW Rampage : November 26th

I’m a day late! Sorry folks, I was at a wedding.

The Black Friday special of Rampage kicks off with a tag team bout. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are taking on the “Best Friends”, Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta. That’s not the Best Friends at all.

Watching Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy repeatedly exchange gimmicks was yuck. I hate how childish it is. Wrong company for that! I’m so over the Cassidy bit. I used to love it, but it just isn’t done properly anymore.

Aside from all the Cassidy rubbish, the match wasn’t too bad. Fish and Yuta were impressive once again. Fish’s Avalanche Falcon Arrow to end the bout looked awesome. Somewhat surprisingly, Cassidy’s losing streak continues. Even if he wasn’t in the ring at the time.

Tony is backstage with Tony (Nese) and wants to know why he has been scouting the AEW roster. Nese stated that he is planning on making his debut with AEW in a TNT Title match with Sammy Guevara.

Guevara accepted the challenge and a date was set for next week. Sammy and Nese shook hands. And then Nese sucker punched Sammy. That’s not how you show gratitude.

FTR are convinced that they are still the best in the business, and the Lucha Bros just got lucky. FTR issued the challenge for a 2 out of 3 falls match. Interesting.

Riho is up next, hoping to earn a title match against Britt Baker. First, she has to beat her opponent tonight, who is none other than Dr. Britt Baker. Baker will be eager to defeat her opponent, not just to avoid the title match, but also to avenge her previous losses against Riho here in AEW.

Once again, we lost a decent chunk of this match to a commercial break. Why is it always the best match on the card that isn’t Picture in Picture? It’s so frustrating! It really breaks your immersion in it.

Anyway, the match itself was fantastic and the result was never obvious. Riho managed to sneak this win out, improving to 3-0 against Britt Baker and earning herself a title match in the process.

Mark Henry accuses Danny Garcia and 2point0 of being out of control. They didn’t deny it. Kingston didn’t have much to say. Talk is cheap, after all. We’ll find out who comes out on top in tonight’s main event.

There was a lot of eye poking, throat punching and straight up biting in this one. Mainly from Kingston. He was probably lucky not to be disqualified. I don’t mind, I like violence. I’m sure there would have been some hair pulling if either man had hair to pull.

It was a pretty hard hitting bout from start to finish. I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch between these two, preferably in a no rules environment. Kingston really seems to shine in those.

Kingston won the match, but 2point0 jumped him afterwards. Kingston was at their mercy until Jericho left the commentary booth to make the save.

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