AEW Dynamite : November 17th

It’s the fallout from Full Gear! That doesn’t work as well as the fallout from All Out. I’ll try and think of something clever for next year. It looks like a pretty stacked card, hopefully it lives up to what’s on paper.

Omega announced that his mind is not on a rematch, but rather that he has other matters to attend to. He asked the Young Bucks to hold down the fort in his absence.

The party started next in Virginia. Literally. Hangman and the Dark Order took to the ring to celebrate his recent title win, and in his hometown (or state) nonetheless.

Is it just me or did it seem weird that he was celebrating with a bunch of midcarders? I still find that Hangman is a weird fit with the Dark Order. I was kind of hoping that the championship would have him cut ties with them for good. No matter.

Danielson made his way out to congratulate Hangman. Danielson will be Hangman’s first challenger for the belt, after he defeated Miro at Full Gear.

The two shook hands, but Danielson expressed his sorrow that his opponent would be Hangman, not Kenny Omega. The two argued a little bit, and once again I felt that the Dark Order made Hangman look weak. I wish it was just Danielson and Page in the ring.

After the commercial break, Danielson was in action against Evil Uno. Since they were both already in the ring, there was no need to wait for their entrances!

It was a very enjoyable match. It didn’t look like either man pulled a lot of punches. I like it when they go hard. It makes the sport so much more enjoyable. Obviously Danielson made short work of Uno, but it was still a great match.

Tony appeared from thin air to interview Danielson after the victory. Immediately after. It was like he popped up out of nowhere. Danielson promised to kick the heads in of every member of Dark Order until he gets his hands on Hangman. Next week is Colt Cabana. Boom Boom! I already liked Danielson, but I really like this heel version of him. Heels just do it better.

We go back in time to the weekend to hear from MJF after his match against Darby Allin. He was showing off some impressive battle scars and cut another excellent promo. It looks like he is setting his eyes on a title run. A long overdue title run, I might add.

Over to Tony again. He was attempting to interview Kingston, but they were interrupted by Garcia and 2point0. Things got physical pretty quick. Garcia and the gang split, and then Kingston left to go get some food. Kingston joked that just once he’d like a promo without an interruption. Yeah, right! That’ll be the day.

Time for a tag team bout. The Butcher and The Blade taking on Tomohiro Ishii and Orange Cassidy. The Butcher is looking really good. You guys know that I’ve always loved him, no matter what. But hot damn, he has really gotten into shape.

Unfortunately, B&B basically got their asses handed to them. They got to work Cassidy over for a little bit, but that was only because of some cheap tactics and interference. This match felt like it was just for Ishii to come away looking like a tank.

I didn’t really enjoy this one. It went on for too long for one thing. The most egregious fault being that the Butcher and the Blade just came away looking weak at best, and glorified jobbers at worst. Still, I’m still reeling that Cassidy lost last week. No way he’d lose two weeks in a row.

Stop! Tony Time! He wants to know if Andrade and FTR are upset with their losses at Full Gear. No, Tony. That was the plan going in. They wanted to lose. A challenge for an 8 man tag match was thrown down – Andrade/Black/FTR vs Cody/Pac/Lucha Bros. More interesting than that challenge though, was Tully challenging Arn to a fight! What??

Tay Conti has vowed that in her next title match, she will walk away victorious.

Over to Schiavone, again to get Britt Baker’s thoughts on her victory. Baker decided to use the time to hype up Jamie Hayter instead. Hayter and Rosa will meet in the quarter-finals of the TBS tournament next week.

Speaking of the TBS tournament, Shida and Rose took to the ring to see which one of them would advance to the next round of the bracket.

Vickie used the Kendo Stick to choke Shida out behind the referee’s match. She tried to use it again later, but Shida caught her in the act and turned the tables on her attacker. Vickie tried to run but her heels gave out underneath her. She was on the wrong end of a couple of hits after that.

Shida set up her chair to get the running knee strike on Nyla, but was countered and put on the chair herself. Nyla tried to jump on to Shida, but she rolled off the chair and Nyla literally destroyed the chair. That must have been hell on her back.

I thought that was the end of the interference and dirty tactics, but there was still more to come. Deeb came in from the crowd and took out Shida’s knees. Nyla’s victory via submission wasn’t far off after that.

It was a pretty enjoyable match, with only one botched bit. I’m not sure what happened with Nyla, but it looked like she was trying to do a senton from the top rope (obviously) and slipped? She landed pretty hard on her back. I think she was supposed to miss, but surely she wasn’t meant to land like that? She seemed ok though which is good.

Malakai Black gave us the definition of a “nightmare” and promised to “haunt” the floor in Chicago. Apparently oxygen will also turn it’s back on Cody and Friends. Ok.

Shawn Spears attempted to quite the crowd so MJF could speak. It went about as well as you think. MJF stated that he could take a “cowboy shit” on Hangman’s title reign. I swear, he manages to make me genuinely laugh almost every single time he speaks.

Unfortunately, the good times came to end after that. CM Punk wanted to join the party and get some things off of his chest. To make matters worse, I think he was wearing a Rancid shirt. Gross. Never mind, it was a Rancid Wolves shirt.

Anyway, after all of that, Punk literally said nothing. He took his sweet time to get to the ring. Then slowly walked into the ring. Then turned his back on MJF and walked out again.

Guess who? It’s Tony. With Darby. Darby looks as excited to talk to Tony as I am to hear from Tony. Darby has vowed that he and MJF will meet again, but in the meantime he will be taking no time off and wants to take on the biggest, baddest dudes AEW has on offer. Apparently that is Bully Gunn.

Adam Cole is pissed off with JB, Lucha and Christian. Same with the Young Bucks. It looks like this feud isn’t over yet. Rampage will see Jurassic Express taking on Cole and Bobby Fish.

Lio Rush and Dante Martin are hoping to get another victory as a tag team, but The Acclaimed are standing in their way. Their rap game was strong. So was their wrestling, but not strong enough. Dante and Lio got the win. I’m still just happy that The Acclaimed are back on TV.

It was a very entertaining tag team bout. Rush got the victory via pinfall after a Frog Splash on Bowens. Shortly after their victory, Team Taz came out to address the victors.

Taz offered his condolences to Lio Rush on the loss of his grandmother. Taz apologised for offering Martin a contract behind Rush’s back, but promised it was just business. They said they are still willing to wait for an answer.

Christian Cage says that he thoroughly enjoyed the win at Full Gear. He also said that you should never bring a fish to a fist fight. I don’t think that’s how the saying goes. The challenge has been accepted for Rampage though.

Rampage will also feature Darby Allin v Billy Gunn and the quarter final match between Red Velvet and Jade. Wow, I can’t wait for that one (read that with heavy sarcasm).

Dynamite next week will have Danielson face off with Cabana, Rosa and Hayter in the quarter finals, and the 8 man tag between Cody’s Chums and Andrade’s Amigos.

Penta says “FTR, stop your crying” and a so forth. Fenix has promised that they will have something special for FTR next week in Chicago. Zero Miedo.

Main Event! The TNT Championship is on the line and Jay Lethal is hoping to be the first open challenger to win the belt. Good luck.

Well, it was an excellent main event to top off a very good episode of Dynamite. I really enjoyed the show put on by Sammy and Jay, although I could have done without the fake broken ribs bit.

The Inner Circle came out to celebrate with Sammy. Guevara offered the hand of friendship to Jay Lethal. Lethal accepted and Jericho raised both of their hands in the air.

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