AEW Rampage : November 12th

Rampage tonight, Full Gear tomorrow. We only have one hour of (presumably) sub-par wrestling entertainment to get through, then it will get good.

Jungle Boy is up first, taking on Bobby Fish. JB will seeking revenge after Fish’s attack last week on Dynamite.

It was a pretty violent opener, featuring lots of hard hitting moves. Particularly suplexes. Some of them looked lethal. Jungle Boy was on the worst end of most of them. He got his ass kicked in this one.

Not badly enough to stop him getting the win though! After he put Fish in the Snare Trap, Aubrey stopped the match and awarded JB the victory.

Fish was not to be deterred though. With some help from Adam Cole, they beat down on JB for a while. At least until Cage and Luchasaurus came to save the day. Cole got outta dodge. Fish wasn’t so lucky.

Backstage, Hangman and Adam Cole met face to face. At least before the Young Bucks “dismissed” him. Hangman apologised to the Young Bucks, but said they are on even footing now and expects the Bucks to stay out of his match at the PPV.

Apparently it is the one year anniversary of Jade signing with AEW. Her reward was a squash match with Santana Garrett. Red Velvet watched from the sidelines. At least until she jumped Jade after she picked up the victory. The two went at it a while. Yawn.

Back to singles wrestling for the hometown kid, Dante Martin. He is in action against Arita Daivari. What is this, an episode of dark?

Dante picked up the win and was then confronted by Team Taz. Starks, Hobbs and Hook offered him a contract to join them.

Mark Henry is conducting his main event interview, between Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy. They both stated that they are over this feud and that after tonight’s Lumberjack match, it will be settled for good. That’s what they said anyway. We’ll find out after this short commercial break.

For some reason all of the Lumberjacks got into a fight before the match started. There were maybe only 3 or 4 left after that. At least for a while. They trickled back in after that.

From the point on though, every single Lumberjack was on Matt Hardy’s side. Cassidy got a good ol’ beating from everyone. I’m not complaining. He needed it.

Surprisingly, Hardy actually won this one! It only took every single Lumberjack fighting Cassidy to bring him down. And a few illegal shots with a weapon to finally put him down. I’m glad Hardy won, but it was a pretty boring match.

I’m convinced that Cassidy would defeat Super Saipan Goku in a one on one fight. I’m outta here. See you all tomorrow for Full Gear.

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