AEW Dynamite : November 10th

Full Gear is just days away! Let’s see what surprise lie ahead tonight.

We kick things off with a singles bout between Bryan Danielson and Rocky Romero. I’m not familiar with him, but he is apparently an 8 time champion with IWGP.

Romero was also accompanied to the ring by the Best Friends, which seems to be stock standard for every newcomer these days. Remember when the Best Friends was literally just 2 guys. Now it’s 5 guys and a girl/alien. Sheesh.

I guess Danielson thought that Romero would be a good warm up for Miro this weekend. Obviously Danielson won, but it was still a decent showing. His victory was via submission, after Danielson softened Romero up with a series of brutal stomps to the face.

Tony Schiavone takes to the ring to have a chat with the Inner Circle, ahead of their Street Fight at Full Gear. At least that was the plan. The Inner Circle were jumped by Dan Lambert and his cronies before they made it to the ring.

Things spewed into the ring and ended with Lambert putting Jericho through a table. That was a generous way to put it. He kind of just fell with Jericho, and they landed on the table. His fall was heavily guided by Page and Sky. Remember when you used to have talent to step in the ring? After that, Lambert put Jericho in a Boston Crab until he “tapped out” – Page moved his hand on his behalf.

The ladies had the floor next with a 6 man (woman?) tag. Dr Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter and Rebel taking on the trio of Tay Conti, Anna Jay and Thunder Rosa. Tay and Anna came out together under the name of “Tay Jay”. They also had matching pink outfits. Sweet.

Conti pinned Rebel to get the victory, as Baker fled the arena. It makes sense from a storyline standpoint, to build hype for Conti’s title match this weekend.

Soho and Statlander once again spoke about their match against one another. I feel that this has been scheduled for weeks now.

Jungle Boy is in action next, taking on my boy Anthony Bowens. Yo! It’s so good to see these two delinquents on television again.

Bowens was surprisingly dominant. Admittedly he had a tiny bit of help from Platinum, but he also had a fan get right up in his grill, so let’s say that it balanced out in the end.

In the end, it didn’t matter. Bowens tapped to the Snare Trap. Jungle Boy picks up a bit of momentum for the FCA match at the PPV.

However, any momentum he gained was quickly lost. Fish jumped JB after the match and gave him a pretty good beating. CC and Lucha made the save, but it was too little too late. The damage was already done.

Sad Hangman reflected how last year he had to watch all of his friends win a title, whilst he sat alone with nothing. Omega has promised he won’t lose the big match, which he claims is Hangman’s speciality.

Adam Cole and The Bucks are backstage, having a good laugh at the beating JB just got. Bobby Fish joined them for a little chat. It was announced that Fish will face Jungle Boy at Rampage this week.

For some reason, we had to listen to Taz and Excalibur share their thoughts on Eddie Kingston. I hope Kingston slaughters Punk this weekend.

Wheeler Yuta, another recent recruit of the Best Friends is up next, taking on Wardlow. Wardlow made short work of Yuta.

The HFO came out afterwards and threw their weight around a little bit. Cassidy was on the wrong end of a couple of chair shots. We’ll be right back after this short commercial break.

And we come back to a pretty massive argument in the parking lot. It looks like the main culprits are Eddie Kingston and CM Punk, but I also see a lot of other wrestlers in the scuffle.

Lio Rush makes his Dynamite Debut, teaming up with Dante Martin to take on Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty. It was an enjoyable enough tag match. It had lots of fast paced, high flying moves. That never upsets anybody. Martin picked up the win for his team, pinning Moriarty.

Miro doesn’t just want to win the eliminator tournament, he needs to win it. Danielson is the last obstacle between him and the victory.

Dax Harwood is having a rare singles appearance, taking on Pac. All active wrestlers have been barred from ringside, so only Tully is out at the ring. Pac is all on his lonesome.

I’m not sure what happened, but somehow Dax had his chest cut open. There was a decent amount of blood!

Towards the end of the match, Dax had a really awesome string of moves. First he hit a brutal lariat on Pac, turning him inside out. After that, he rebounded Pac from the top rope into a powerbomb, getting a near fall.

After that though, Pac turned things around and eventually won via submission. Pac wouldn’t relinquish the hold, so Cash came to his partners aid. Then the lights turned out. About 40 years later, they came back on and Andrade and Malakai were in the ring.

The 4 of them beat on Pac for a while, until Cody and the Lucha Bros came to the rescue. I guess it’s the only way Cody can get cheers anymore.

Over to a promo to build hype for the upcoming match between Darby ad MJF. Like it needs anymore hype! It’s going to be phenomenal.

Oh! We just had another match added for Full Gear. Pac and Cody Rhodes teaming up to take on Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo.

Time for our main event, which isn’t a match at all. It’s a contract signing. I don’t think that counts as a main event. All members of the Dark Order and the Elite have been banned from attending the contract signing. It’s just going to be Kenny Omega, Hangman and Tony Schiavone.

There was a little bit of trash talking, mainly from Omega, but you didn’t miss much. Actually, it was a tad boring. The two shook hands and then parted ways.

Callis then jumped Hangman. He was disguised as a cameraman. He used the camera as a weapon and busted Hangman’s head open. Omega signed the contract with Hangman’s blood.

My favourite part was Callis wearing a fake moustache and goatee, even though he had a face mask on. That’s commitment to the disguise. 10/10.

And that’s a wrap! It was actually a pretty solid episode. I thought it would be a bit of a downer with the PPV so close. I’ll see you soon for Rampage, and then again for Full Gear. It should be a good weekend of wrestling!

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