AEW Rampage : November 5th

Your opening contest is set for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit. Or approximately half of the episode.

It’s Bryan Danielson taking on my boy, or one of my many, Anthony Bowens. It was fantastic to see Anthony and Max back on TV. Caster was quick witted as ever with his rhymes. AEW is better with them.

Apparently this match was booked by Tony Khan as a means of revenge. I guess he is sick of The Acclaimed talking smack about him. Is this match the Wrath of Khan? I make myself laugh. The joke will be on Khan with Bowens wipes the floor with BD. I can dream.

Well, dreams don’t come true. Danielson won via submission. It was a good match though. And, best of all, The Acclaimed were back on television.

Tony is backstage with FTR, MJF and Andrade, and wants to know why they beat down on Cody Rhodes. The general consensus was because he sucks.

“I came too see CM Punk” reads one of the fan signs. Well, no one ever accused anyone from St. Louis of being intelligent. I’m kidding, I love Missouri. I hate these CM Punk segments though. Just as much as I hate poor grammar and/or spelling.

Punk talked trash about Kingston for a while. Kingston’s music hit and then almost immediately cut out. I assume that was due to technical difficulties, because Kingston eventually came out.

Punk continued to demand an apology for being interrupted last week. It came across just as pathetically as it sounds. Kingston talked some smack for a while, the highlight being when he called Punk a narcissistic bitch. The best segments always have a little bit of truth to them. Or a lot in this case.

Eventually Eddie threw the gauntlet down and challenged Punk to a match at Full Gear. As it tends to to, things turned into a fist fight. Don’t worry, the Weiner patrol broke it up pretty quickly.

Back to Tony, he has taken Christian Cage, Luchasaurus and JB aside to get their thoughts on Adam Cole and the Young Bucks. I thought we had already established their thoughts. JB threw down a challenge for a 6 man tag match at Full Gear, with the stipulation of a Falls Count Anywhere match.

After a commercial break, we came back to the final first round match of the TBS tournament. The Bunny (yay!) taking on Brandi Rhodes Red Velvet (boo!). The winner of this match will go on to face Jade, who is watching from ringside.

Sadly, The Bunny got destroyed by the talentless hack that is Red Velvet. It should surprise no one, but is still upsetting that the worst wrestler advanced purely because management love her.

Mark Henry is hosting is pre-match interviews. You didn’t really miss much. Silver got some good zingers in though.

John Silver v Adam Cole, Bay-Bay. Or “Budge” if you watch BTE. I do not.

It was an entertaining bout and kept a pretty good pace throughout. The Young Bucks got into it with the Dark Order at ringside. Cole tried to use the distraction to his advantage, but it backfired on him.

Silver mounted some decent offense from that point, but ultimately fell short. Adam Cole picked up the victory via pinfall.

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