AEW Dynamite : November 3rd

Full Gear is getting closer and closer!

Our reigning champion, Kenny Omega is in action first. He is taking on Alan Angels. This should have been a squash match, but for some reason every time Angels takes on Omega he turns into Superman.

Obviously, Omega still picked up the victory, but he did come away looking vulnerable ahead of his title defence next weekend.

After his victory, a very exhausted Omega thanked Angels for embarrassing him. He got a chair ready to finish off Angels, but Hangman came to the rescue. Omega managed to escape unscathed, but Nakazawa wasn’t so lucky.

Hangman was left alone in the ring, with the championship belt. He offered to give it back to Omega, claiming he only had 10 days left with it anyway.

Malakai Black is annoyed at Tony Khan for banning him from ringside in Cody’s match later, but has also stated that it doesn’t matter at all.

After the commercial break, we were treated to an appearance from CM Punk. Yay. In case you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.

Punk had the crowd chant for Moxley, who entered into rehab this week and will be away from the company for an undisclosed amount of time. I’m sure he meant well, but I felt like he made more about himself than Moxley. Good luck to Mox in rehab, hopefully it goes well for him.

Punk then turned his attention to Eddie Kingston. He challenged him to a match at Full Gear, and then blamed Kingston for him not being in the Eliminator tournament.

Miro was the man selected to take Moxley’s place in the tournament. Miro is still angry at God, but he has vowed to crush Orange Cassidy tonight, on his way to the AEW Championship. Only then will he forgive God.

Backstage, Alex Marves wants to know what the SuperKliq’s plan is for Full Gear. They were interrupted by Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. The brawl spread out to the arena. Jungle Boy eventually entered the fray. The dinosaur and his friends won this one. Cage finished Cole off with a one man conchairto.

Statlander and Soho are both excited for their upcoming match against one another. They both want to win to get the TBS title. Statlander better win.

Samuray Del Sol and Aero Star are making their AEW debuts, challenging FTR for the AAA Tag Team Championships. FTR came out to a new song, which was really darn cool.

It was a pretty good match, but it also had it’s fair share of awkwardly forced moments. For the most part though, it was solid. Cash used the ropes on a pinfall to guarantee a 3 count, retaining the belts for his team.

For some reason, they made it important to notice that Darby Allin was watching from the sidelines. Are they hinting at a Darby/Sting title run?

Tony presented Shida with a trophy for her 50th victory, but they were interrupted by Nyla and Vicki. Nyla is confident that she will destroy Shida in the next round of the tournament.

The Inner Circle made their way to the ring, presumably to announce who they have picked to fight at Full Gear. Just as Jericho was announcing the opponents, Dan Lambert interrupted to ask them to hurry up with the announcement. Seems counterproductive, especially when you consider how long he spoke for.

Anyway, eventually he shut up and we got on with the segment. Their 5 opponents will be Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, Junior dos Santos, Andrew Arlovski and Dan Lambert.

Tony is backstage with Matt Sydal, who wanted to congratulate Dante Martin. Sydal also announced that he will be working with Lee Moriarty in the future, and challenged Dante to wrestle Lee.

Time for another match in the TBS Title tournament, Jamie Hayter taking on Anna Jay. It was a good match, but the numbers game caught up to Anna Jay in the end. Hayter got the victory, and they celebrated by beating down Anna for a while.

Conti came to make the save and took out Rebel, Hayter and Baker, but eventually they turned it around. Rosa came to rescue Conti. Conti and Baker will fight for the title at Full Gear. Hayter and Rosa will meet in the next round of the tournament.

Jade Cargill is backstage with Mark Sterling. I didn’t take in what they were saying, because I was distracted by her outfit. It looked like she killed Big Bird and turned him into a bra. I assume she was just talking about the TBS tournament.

MJF made his way down to the ring, once again reiterating that MJF and Darby are the two best of the four pillars of the company. MJF wanted to know why the fans love Darby and hate him, but he figured it out. They hate MJF because he is perfect, and they love Darby because he is a loser, like the fans. The two will face off at Full Gear, in what could be one of the greatest wrestling matches in the history of professional wrestling.

We got a little sneak peek of their upcoming match, with the two of them trading blows in the audience. Darby won this one, but MJF escaped before too much damage was done.

Andrade El Idolo and Cody Rhodes stepped into the squared circle next, for a singles bout. The audience rained “boos” down on Cody Rhodes again. Cody had a few cheers, but most of the crowd was firmly against him. Arn got a lot of love though.

It was a solid match, but it felt a bit flat. I’m not sure why. It felt like it took ages for the crowd to warm up to this one.

Arn got involved with the action on the outside, much to the love of the fans. Then, out of nowhere, FTR appeared and knocked Cody out cold with their title belts. They were hiding under the ring the whole time. Last time someone interfered (Chavo), Andrade was furious. He seemed pretty happy this time.

The gang did a bit of a beat down on Cody afterwards, before Arn stepped into the ring to put a stop to it. He and Tully faced off, before the Lucha Bros came to the ring to fight FTR. Everyone else split. FTR weren’t too far behind.

Maybe I’m doing to much of a deep dive on this, but it felt like the audience were very quiet in this match. Was it disinterest from the crowd or have the production crew reduced the volume of the crowd on TV, in order to hide the boos for Cody? Typing that sounds crazy. Surely that didn’t happen.

Tony is in the ring with John Silver and announced that he will face Adam Cole this week on Rampage.

Just before the main event, we had a promo from Red Velvet stating that she hates the Bunny. Couldn’t be as much as I hate Red Velvet.

Bryan Danielson joined the commentary team for the main event match, he will be taking on the winner of this bout between Orange Cassidy and Miro. Cassidy was still taped up from the ladder match a month ago, which was presumably worsened in his match with Hobbs 2 weeks ago.

To start this one off, Miro kicked the absolute crap out of Cassidy. It was awesome to see Cassidy taken down a level. I think I love Miro more and more every passing week.

Some of the crowd tried to rally behind Cassidy (it was split 50/50 which I found interesting), which helped him gain some momentum. Cassidy a managed to put Miro through a table. A livid Matt Hardy watched on from ringside.

Cassidy’s offensive surge was short lived though. He went on to submit to Miro. Yeah, baby!

The episode ended with Danielson and Miro staring one another down in the ring.

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