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Far Cry 6 (PS5)

I finally managed to finish the main quest of Far Cry, and I’ve done most of the side quests and trophies. Time for my review!

If you’ve played Far Cry 3, 4 or 5, then 6 will be very familiar to you in almost every way. They haven’t deviated from the script at all, and that applies to both gameplay and the actual storyline. It’s not necessarily bad, but it does get a bit stale.

I feel like Ubisoft are focussed on quantity over quality. Instead of making their games better, they just keep them the same and continue to make them bigger. At least finishing Far Cry 6 actually felt achievable, unlike a certain other Ubisoft Franchise in which the games go on and on, repetitively, for 200 hours or more.

Let’s start with the story. You play as Dani Rojas. Not the enthusiastic soccer player from Ted Lasso. Dani Rojas the guerrilla. Dani can be either male or female, the choice is yours. I tried a bit of both and neither voice actor stood out to me as better than the other, so I played the game through as a male. Primarily to remind me of the other Dani Rojas as often as possible.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about – nananananananananana, Dani Rojas, Rojas! Dani Rojas! I cannot tell you how many times I sung that throughout Far Cry 6. It was a lot though.

Anyway. The story. You play as Dani Rojas, the guerrilla. It’s pretty similar to recent titles. You reluctantly join the revolution, become the strongest and most valuable asset to the underground resistance and eventually overthrow the evil overlord who has taken over a country. Sound familiar?

The evil overlord this time is El Presidente, Anton Castillo, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito. He was great (as is to be expected from a professional), but he wasn’t in as large a role as he should have been.

The last few missions were particularly interesting, but I felt some of the characters didn’t make sense – in terms of their motivations or their relationships with one another.


Why was Juan so obsessed with killing Diego? I get that he hates the Castillo family, having killed Gabriel back in the revolution of ‘67 and is now embroiled in war with Anton. I get that he is trying to be proactive about keeping future generations safe.

But rescuing Clara was his idea and he blew the entire operation just to take a shot at Diego. Clare died because of his stupidity and recklessness.

Furthermore, why did Dani continue to work with, and seemingly admire Juan from that point? He is the reason that Clara is dead! He didn’t follow the mission parameters that they previously set. I don’t understand why the two remained friends after that.

Why did Anton kill Diego? I understand why he killed himself, he was a dead man anyway, but surely he would have some form of trust towards Dani? Dani had already spared Diego’s life when he had a chance to kill him. Then he was willing to take a bullet to save Diego, effectively sacrificing the life of Clara as a result. Why would Anton not trust him? If he truly meant what he said about caring about his son, I don’t understand why he didn’t leave him with Dani.

I also feel that Paolo being a trans character was tacked on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% in for inclusion in video games and movies and everything else. But I would prefer it to be done properly, not just through some random lines of dialogue. To me, Paolo felt like it was just Ubisoft “ticking the boxes” instead of making Paolo a genuine, trans character.

His entire backstory and his experience with being transgender was crammed into about 3-4 lines of dialogue. I don’t think that counts as true representation, and therefore the character being trans seemed unnecessary. I think it would have been much better if we could actually do a few missions with Paolo and learn of his story, and of his history naturally, instead of him just announcing it for no real reason whatsoever.

On a similar note, the only NPC couple I found in the entire game was a gay couple. Again, I’m all for inclusion, but if you are going to do it, do it properly. It hardly seems realistic that the only couple in all of Yara is gay. It’s hardly realistic that their is only one couple! Which again, makes me feel like Ubisoft is just ticking a box.

The next one is a two parter. Firstly, when we found out that Bembe (AKA The Real Slim Shady) betrayed us, why didn’t we kill him? We have killed every man, woman, dog, alligator and everything else under the sun, but for some reason we can’t kill Bembe.

Secondly, how come Bicho immediately turned to suicide when Bembe mocked him a little bit? Dude talks a little smack and you straight up point a gun to your own head? Sheesh.


The game looked really pretty, but it felt like the PS5 wasn’t able to keep the frame rate up (during the cutscenes). It was often stuttering or jumping between frames, instead of smoothly transitioning between them. Sometimes it was like flipping through pages of a book, rather than watching a movie. When it was working though, it looked incredible. Sure, there were probably settings I could have changed, but that leads me to my next point.

The settings were absolutely overwhelming. I spent far too long trying to set everything up. I think the accessibility options for the visually impaired was a nice touch, but did everything have to be so difficult to navigate? Also, the menu narration was a hot mess. I don’t know how people are expected to understand that. Listen to this – I can barely understand it!

I had to disable so many settings, unless I wanted the game to feel like it was a Las Vegas billboard. It was so distracting to have such an intense HUD. You could turn a lot of things off, but surprisingly, it wasn’t customisable enough. You’d think with the millions of settings, it would be perfectly customisable but I didn’t find that was the case at all. I easily spent my first 15 hours or so constantly tweaking things in the settings. It was genuinely exhausting.

Once I got underway though, gameplay was basically the same. It was welcoming at first, sometimes the random chaos of a Far Cry title is just what you need. I had some genuine laughs at the craziness of it all. After a while though, it quickly staled. I think this was in large part to the lack of difficulty provided. There was a “normal mode” or a “story mode”. Obviously, I played on normal mode (I think they called it action mode), but I soon felt overpowered.

Again, I was overwhelmed, this time by the choices of armour and guns. There was so many weapons and armours to try, there is no way I could realistically try them all. Usually I find a build I enjoy, but for the most part every single weapon in Far Cry felt off. I couldn’t find a way that I enjoyed to play for more than a day or two.

However, I was equally infuriated by the lack of a TEC-9 in the game. Literally hundreds of guns to choose from, but no TEC-9’s. What made me angrier was the fact that you could see NPC’s using TEC-9’s, but we couldn’t.


Tapia Benavidez literally turned Maria Marquessa into a slice of Swiss cheese using a TEC-9. I want a TEC-9! There’s an idea for my KK this year.


The melee attack (using a machete) was insanely overpowered, particularly if combined with the prisoner outfit. You could literally one hit every single enemy in the game, armoured or not. The same applied for throwing axes and knives. Although I found the throwing axes to be my favourite way of playing. It was immensely satisfying.

The guns and grenades felt really underpowered, especially by comparison. To make matters worse, you often needed to change your ammo type or to equip a scope/silencer etc etc. This would be fine if you could do it from the quick select menu, like you could in previous titles. Every time you needed to change something, you had to find a workbench and do it there. That was too much of a hassle, so I ended up using my melee excessively.

Without the joy of firing guns, and the strange lack of a skill tree (you level up but don’t gain anything other than access to new weapons), or a difficulty level the combat quickly staled. Zaniness can only get you so far.

Also, what was with the respawn rate of enemies? There were times that I would climb the sniper’s nest, kill the sniper, climb back down and the Sniper had respawned in the nest! It was so strange, surely it will be patched soon. It literally made clearing area’s impossible. Fortunately, all of the A.I. in the game was incredibly dumb, so it was easy enough to overcome this unfair advantage.

I don’t want to sound like I’m crapping on the game. I definitely had fun, and will likely keep playing for a while yet. I think I will try and finish the achievement list.

It just feels like Ubisoft have settled (once again) for releasing a “new” game that is exactly the same as one of their old ones, just bigger. They have definitely taken a quantity over quality approach with this title, just like they have with many others. For Far Cry 7, I really hope they freshen things up a little bit.

To their credit, they at least managed to keep the loot crates out of sight and out of mind in this game. They were still there, but they weren’t shoved down your throat this time.

Although with that being said, the Danny Trejo stuff was accidentally released and then removed from the game. Will that come back as paid DLC later? That’s the only reason I can think of for it being removed. Fortunately, I already played it. I love Danny Trejo, but his involvement wasn’t anything spectacular.

Thanks for reading my review. If you are hungry for some more Far Cry 6, check out my YouTube for a bunch of random gameplay videos/glitches/walkthroughs. I’ve gotten a bit carried away with clips. I guess that’s what happens with buggy/zany titles. Here is a really cool combat sequence with one of my amigos’ – Adios!

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