AEW Rampage : October 28th

Let’s waste no time in getting started, I’m a solid 3 days behind. The world title eliminator tournament is set to continue right now!

The semi final match up features Bryan Danielson taking on Eddie Kingston, with the winner advancing to the final match at Full Gear.

A determined Eddie Kingston made his way to the ring, and I was (pleasantly) surprised with the amount of love he got from the crowd. It was split about 50/50. I’m firmly in his corner, but incredibly doubtful of his chances.

I tell you what, Ric Flair was always considered to be the king of chops, but Eddie Kingston is taking that crown. He smacks his opponents chests so hard it always looks like they’ve been hit by a truck. He literally leaves their pectorals purple. The blood vessels look like they are about to burst. It’s an absolute masterclass.

Unfortunately, Danielson still won, which was surprising to no one. It was a fantastic match, I just wish this company hadn’t become so predictable. I would have loved to have been surprised with a Kingston victory. Nonethless, Danielson wins via referee stoppage.

After the victory, Danielson extended the hand of friendship to Kingston, but the latter just walked out of the ring.

Tony is backstage with CM Punk, basically just to stroke to his ego for a while. They were interrupted by an angry Eddie Kingston, who had to be escorted out by security.

Time for the third match up between Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. The two shook hands and things got underway. It was another excellent display of athleticism and technical wrestling by these two.

Lio Rush wasn’t involved in the match, which was a welcome change to a manager in AEW. Dante got the win and best of all, he got it clean.

I can’t believe Mark Henry tried to interview Abadon before the match. She spat blood out of her mouth and that was about that. To his credit, he took it in his stride and moved on to the next competitor, Dr. Britt Baker. Baker vowed to send Abadon back to hell.

It’s time for the Main-Event! Trick or Treat. Britt Baker. Abadon. If Abdadon wins, she gets a title match. Best of all, this is a no rules match!

How come the women’s matches are never Picture in Picture? This was the match I was most excited for and it starts with a several minute commercial break. I have to waste 10 minutes an episode listening to Tony, but I always miss the important matches.

When we came back, Baker was down on the mat and there were a few chairs scattered around the ring. Ugh. I hate missing violence.

Baker tried to put Abadon through a table with a swinging neck breaker. They just bounced off. I reckon that hurts more. Baker tried to put Abadon through the table again, and it didn’t break again. Yikes! Kudos to them for trying to actually break it though, instead of just ignoring it.

And here come the thumbtacks! Baker was the unfortunate victim of the tacks, but managed to kick out and keep the match alive. Baker had her revenge when she made Abadon eat the thumbtacks.

With a handy distraction from her friends, Baker managed to get the victory via a rollup.

I really enjoyed this episode, right up until the poorly placed commercial. It was stupid and frustrating to miss so much of the match.

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