AEW Dynamite – October 27th

Back on Wednesday night! I forgot about it, hence the delay. This is what happens when you flip flop between Wednesday and Saturdays! This card doesn’t look very good. I’m expecting some poor TV shows between now and Full Gear.

The birthday boys kick off the show in a singles match. Bobby Fish and CM Punk. I don’t care if Punk is from my city, I’m going for Fish.

This match wasn’t bad. Admittedly I got a bit distracted. A lot distracted. I was thinking about Chicago Basketball for a while. Then a friend messaged me. Check this out – He just got that today. TODAY. In 2021. Words fail me. All I know is I need it.

Anyway, Fish kicked the crap out of Punk for a good long while, which means that CM Punk pulled this one out in the bottom of the 9th. Punk moves to a perfect 5-0 in AEW.

Malakai Black cut an interesting promo addressing his recent loss to Cody Rhodes. He basically said the loss doesn’t matter. It does though. I’m not sure why AEW didn’t have Black win the third match as well. It feels like the feud was wasted.

MJF is in action next against Bryce Donovan. I’m sure you know how it went for Bryce. For some reason he thought it would be a good idea to accept MJF’s handshake. Obviously he got kicked in the stomach and was defeated soon thereafter.

After the fight, MJF trashed on Boston for a while – one of my favourite pastimes. Laughs were had – at least by me, I don’t think the crowd was into it. They even fell for the fake Sting interruption, which was perfectly orchestrated by MJF.

Then the lights went out and there was a really weird Darby Allin video. I think it was his weirdest yet and that is saying something. When the lights came on, Sting and Darby were in the ring and took care of business. Allin had a skateboard with thumbtacks again. He challenged MJF to a match at Full Gear. Now that will be a good fight!

Tony is backstage with Britt Baker and had a pretty cool announcement! This Friday on Rampage, Baker will face Abadon in a Trick or Treat match. The treat is that if Abadon wins, she gets a title shot. The trick is it is a NO DQ match. Cool!

Guevara is in action next, defending his TNT title against Ethan Page. If Guevara loses, he has to quit the Inner Circle. If he wins, he gets to pick their opponents at Full Gear. Any form of ringside interference was banned.

Guevara wasted no time getting this one started. At least unofficially. He kicked the snot out of Page for a few minutes before the match was officially underway. Once again, Tony Nese was watching at ringside.

Sammy put on an excellent showing of his athleticism and daredevil nature. Page didn’t look too shabby either. I think this match would have been better if the result wasn’t made obvious by the stipulation. Stipulations often ruin wrestling matches.

Sammy won and retained his title, in addition to earning the rights to choose his opponents. Before anything was announced though. Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky beat up on Sammy for a while. The Inner Circle came to his rescue. Once again, it was pointed out that Tony Nese was watching. Who the fuck is Tony Nese?

Jericho took to the microphone to taunt Ethan Page for a while, before making an announcement about the 5 on 5 match at Full Gear. The match has gone from a standard 5 v 5 to a Street Fight. Jericho said that they will announce their opponents next week on Dynamite.

Tony is backstage with Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston. The two of them will square off in the next round of the eliminator tournament. Kingston says that he has nothing to say to Danielson or nothing to hear from him either. Danielson is excited to fight that version of Kingston. I hope Kingston beats the crap out of him.

The Lucha Bros have challenged FTR to a match at Full Gear, and are willing to put the AEW titles on the line as well.

The ladies have the floor, with a first round match in the TBS Eliminator tournament. Serena Deeb v Hikaru Shida. Remember a few weeks ago when Deeb ruined Shida’s potential 50th victory? Well, now it’s time for Shida’s revenge. Let’s get it, baby!

Just before we start this one, a quick reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Excalibur said that AEW are selling this shirt – with proceeds going to charity. He neglected to mention that only 20% of the proceeds are going to charity. That’s pretty shitty! Still, its a cool shirt and if you want to grab it, at least some money goes to charity. Maybe just donate to the Cancer Council instead though.

This was a very entertaining match and it had me on the edge of my seat. A couple of times, I thought that Deeb had the victory secured. Fortunately, Shida won and picked up her 50th victory! Nyla Rose awaits in the second round.

Unfortunately, Shida did not get to celebrate for long. Deeb vented her frustrations, using a steel chair to beat down on Shida. It was actually pretty brutal. That was one of the best post match beat downs I’ve seen. Sadly, my girl was on the wrong end of it, but it was still cool.

The only thing I would have changed in the match was the ending. Shida won via pinfall, which was good but I wish it was more clean. So many matches lately are ending with a quick roll up, instead of a legitimate pin. As per normal, AEW are overusing a recent discovery of theirs.

Tony has reported that Mike Sydal is injured, so the Tag Match has been cancelled for Rampage. Instead, it will be Dante v Matt for match number 3. Lio Rush’s in ring debut has been postponed to a later.

Another Eliminator match is on the cards next, with 10 taking on Moxley. 10 is coming off against a recent victory against QT Marshall, extending his winning streak to 11! This is Jon Moxley though and he has no chance.

I really like 10. I always have. I feel he is wasted in the Dark Order. I’d like to see him break out on his own and really embrace the ex footballer angle. But, that is neither here or now.

Somewhat savagely, Mox removed 10’s mask and bit him on the forehead. What a monster. There was a lot of blood. I’m gonna assume it was a blade job, but it still looked cool.

10 didn’t really get to do much in this match, it was basically a glorified squash match, which was unfortunate. I assumed that Mox would win, but 10 deserves better than that. All his recent build up has now been wasted. This is just like when Omega destroyed Kiss in the last tournament. Stop treating midcarders like jobbers!

FTR have obviously accepted the Lucha Bros challenge for a match at Full Gear. They have also guaranteed a victory.

It looks like Cody has something on his mind, so he makes his way to the ring to get it off of his chest. Brandi was not by his side, but he was still booed by the fans. Interesting. I really hope he embraces this and turns to the dark side.

Well, he reiterated once more that he will not turn to a villain. He basically used those exact words. The fans booed it. He then basically begged the fans to cheer for him again, in the form of an apology. The promo was going pretty well up until that point.

Sometimes, Cody can be amazing on the microphone. I don’t know why he refuses to embrace the dark side. It’s what the fans want.

Andrade interrupted him and the crowd loved it. Andrade pointed out that Cody is stupid and has a stupid tattoo. The crowd erupted in cheers. Well, I guess the apology didn’t work. Andrade called Cody a “little bitch” and the lights went out.

Malakai appeared, and the two of them beat up Cody and Arn. The crowd loved it. Then Pac saved the day and the crowd loved that to. I guess they love everyone but Cody. This is bizarre, but I can’t deny that it is captivating. Stupid, but captivating. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby face beg the fans to like him.

Main Event time! An 8 man tag team match, the Dark Order (Grayson, Uno, Colt and Silver) vs the Super Elite (Cole, Omega, Jackson and Jackson). Have I mentioned I hate 8 man tag matches before? Silver was dressed as Kratos from God of War. Everyone else in the Dark Order had crap costumes – Bambi, a cowboy, a horse etc etc.

The Super Elite came out in matching Ghostbusters outfits. They stole my idea! That’s what I’m dressing up as for Halloween. They also had a remixed version of their theme song to match. The Super Elite win the dress up competition. They usually do.

It wasn’t a great wrestling match, but it was entertaining. The Elite make good villains. They are goofballs, but you can tell they are genuinely having fun. It makes for good TV, it’s just too bad they had crappy opponents tonight.

There were some cheap tactics used by The Elite after the accidentally took out the referee. That gave them the perfect opportunity to make use of their proton packs. They crossed the streams and everything.

After this, it was revealed that the Stay Puft marshmallow man was actually Hangman, not Brandon Cutler. This was a genuine surprise and CM Punk wasn’t on commentary to ruin it!

This move lead to the Dark Order picking up a somewhat surprising victory. Hangman drank some booze in the ring afterwards, doing his best Stone Cold impersonation.

One more note – JR mentioned that these 8 or 10 man tag matches should have multiple referees. That’s a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Wait a minute, I did…years ago!

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