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AEW Dynamite : October 23rd

Rampage was good, hopefully Dynamite can follow suit!

Starting with Dustin Rhodes is not what I had in mind, but ok. Danielson v Rhodes, an elimination match in the World Championship Tournament. I wonder who will win – an up and coming star or a has-been, never-was, Cody’s Brother, Dustin.

Obviously, it was Danielson. He won via referee stoppage. It wasn’t a bad match, but I wasn’t super into it. I just think that I’m over Dustin. If I was ever into him at all.

Omega and the Elite had some smack to talk about Hangman and the Dark Order. They will meet in the ring next week for the Halloween episode of Dynamite.

FTR aren’t satisfied with only having the AAA titles, they want another crack at the Lucha Bros for the AEW titles. The Lucha Bros (and Alex) are ready for some revenge. Looks like it will be at Full Gear.

Tony Schiavone points out that we haven’t seen Darby for a few weeks, so he asked his boyfriend Sting what the go was. MJF interrupted, before Sting got a word in. This stuff is becoming all too predictable. Just once, could we actually have the interview?

As per normal, MJF raised some very valid points. Particularly about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of Tony. Sting didn’t appreciate it and attacked MJF. The Pinnacle came to his aid, but were fended off by Sting and a blazer. Yes, really.

For a while, anyway. The numbers and chairs caught up to him in the end. The Pinnacle were the ones left standing. With Sting down and out, they turned their attention to Darby. MJF warned Allin to stay away unless he wants to end up like Sting. Then the beat on Sting some more.

After the break, it was time for more Tony. He announced that at Full Gear, Britt Baker will defend her title against Tay Conti. Britt has promised to “beat that ass the Conti loves showing off”.

On to the other Women’s title, we have a round one match of the Elimination tournament . The red hot Penelope Ford, vs the ever irritating Ruby Soho. I really want Penelope to win, but I am very doubtful.

Unfortunately, I was right. The talentless and sloppy hack, Ruby Soho was victorious.

This match literally followed the same script as Hobbs v Cassidy last night. Ford dominated the match, and it was only when an argument started with her and the referee that Soho managed to steal the victory with a roll up.

Just when I couldn’t hate this anymore, Red Velvet saved Ruby from a post match beat down. At least all the ones I hate are joining the same team. Brandi, Red, Kilyn and Ruby. Ruby advances to take on Kris Statlander in the next round.

MJF is backstage and wants to talk some more crap about Darby. However, Wardlow wanted to talk to MJF about why he was sacrificed last week. MJF has decided to assign Wardlow an assignabilly-buddy, in Shawn Spears.

Back to the ring for what I assume will be a squash match. Bobby Fish v Anthony Greene. Bobby Fish looks like a crooked cop. Greene looks like a poorly disguised undercover cop. Maybe they were once partners and now they are sworn enemies. Anyway, Fish won.

After the match, Fish continued to beat on Greene. I wasn’t going to bother typing that up but JR mentioned that in this instance the referee has the power to overturn the result of the match. In all the post match beat downs in this company, how have I never heard of that before or seen it enforced before?

For some unknown reason, CM Punk came to rescue the jobber. Suddenly I really like Bobby Fish.

Tony is backstage and is reiterating that Lio Rush and Dante Martin are tag team partners now. It was basically the same segment as last week, except this time Dante spoke a little bit as well. Next week on Rampage they will have their first tag match against the Sydal Brothers.

Another eliminator match, this one between Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer. Kingston jumped Archer on his way to the ring, wasting no time in grabbing an early advantage. It didn’t last long though.

No one had a solid advantage, until Lance Archer came crashing down from the top rope. It looked legitimate. I think Archer landed on his head after under-rotating on a moon sault. The match was stopped for a little bit, Archer rolled back in the ring and was instantly pinned. I don’t like Archer, but you never want to see someone get hurt. Hopefully he is ok.

Tony Nese was watching from ringside. I have no idea who that it is, but the commentary felt it was important to note.

When we returned from the commercial break, the Men of the Year were in the ring with Dan Lambert. Is something actually going to come from all of this talking? At last Lambert wasn’t talking this time. I actually like Sky and Page. Sammy Guevara cut them off after a while. I like Sammy, but I did zone out a little bit.

Then Lambert started speaking and I zoned out almost completely. Anyway, there will be a 10 team tag match at Full Gear. Inner Circle vs Lambert’s crew. On the condition that Guevara defend the title against Ethan Page next week. If Guevara loses, he has to leave the Inner Circle forever.

Sammy had a condition of his own though. If he wins, he wants to pick which members of Lambert’s team he has to face. Guevara had a great mic drop moment, when he said “see you next week, I’ll see the rest of you during the commercial”. Things descended into a brawl after that. The Inner Circle won.

Mox decided to cut a promo and state that he doesn’t care about wrestling, ratings, championships or anything else anymore. He only cares about his daughter. But he has guaranteed that he will win the wrestling tournament anyway.

And here is our commercial with Sammy Guevara. He really spends a long time on each card.

The Dark Order have vowed that they won’t be stopped after losing to the Elite last week. Hangman joined them to apologise for walking out on them and to discuss their halloween costume plans.

Jungle Boy is in action next, taking on Brandon Cutler. It has been a long time since Brandon Cutler stepped between the ropes. It was a quick victory from JB. A little too quickly for Jungle Boy’s liking. After he beat Cutler, he challenged any member of the Elite to come out and face him. They all declined, so he beat the crap out of Cutler some more.

Eventually Adam Cole came out and accepted the challenged. The Young Bucks blindsided JB from behind and the three of them roughed him up for a while. Nobody came to help him. Apparently Luchasaurus is wounded at home. I don’t know what excuse Christian, Marko or even Frankie had.

Miro is still angry at God, and is coming for the TNT championship with or without his help. I really hope we see Miro vs God at Full Gear.

Main Event time! Malakai Black and Cody Rhodes face off for the third time. Black is currently 2-0 against Rhodes. By my reckoning, there is only about 15 minutes left for the episode. By the time these two finishing walking down to the ring, I suspect there will only be 3-4 minutes remaining.

It started off ok, but it started to derail a bit towards the end. It wasn’t even about Cody and Malakai anymore. Rhodes and Malakai went through a table and both got bloodied up. They took a back seat after that.

For some reason, Arn got in the ring. He hovered around looking lost for a good couple of minutes. Eventually Andrade walked out and pretended to shoot Arn. Arn was then jumped by Andrade’s assistant, but the attack backfired.

Arn hit him with a spinebuster, but was then attacked by Malakai. After that, Pac jumped Andrade and the two of them fought for a little while. Then it got back to Cody and Malakai.

It was a pretty good last few minutes, both men exchanging their signature moves and breaking out of a lot of pinfalls. Eventually Cody hit a Tiger Driver 98 for the win. He’s still down 2-1 in the series, but he seemed happy enough with the win.

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