AEW Rampage : October 22nd

Another week, another episode of Rampage BEFORE Dynamite. What a time to be alive. It looks like a decent card, so hopefully it lives up to what’s on paper.

The opening contest was the first match of the World Title Tournament, with a wounded Orange Cassidy (presumably from Hardy kicking his ass in the Casino Battle Royale) taking on Powerhouse Will Hobbs.

Will Hobbs will be hoping for a different result then the last time he squared off against Cassidy, in which he only lasted 12 seconds before being pinned.

Hobbs started with a big Spinebuster and almost put Cassidy down in about 15 seconds, but obviously that didn’t happen. Hobbs continued to beat down on Cassidy for vast majority of the match, paying particular attention to Cassidy’s rib cage.

Ultimately, it was to no avail. Surely no one actually expected Hobbs to win, right? Cassidy mounted almost no offense, but managed to steal the win with a mousetrap pin. Boo! It was an enjoyable match, but I could have done with a different result.

Tony has the microphone and wants to talk to Penta El Zero Miedo, wanting to know his thoughts on FTR stealing their AAA titles. “Stealing”. All FTR did was let them kiss the belts goodbye.

Penta literally didn’t speak at all. He got in the face of some fans and was blindsided by FTR for his troubles. They kicked the snot out of Alex for good measure. Eventually Pac came to chase them away.

Up next is a good ol’ fashioned Grudge Match, between Dark Order’s Anna Jay and your World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. It’s basically the same as a normal match, the only difference being that the two competitors have a supposed grudge against one another.

Due to poor commercial planning, we missed a good chunk of this fight. Apparently it was a hard hitting chunk as well. I guess the TV audience will never know.

I enjoyed this match, but it was a bit strange. It was incredibly well choreographed, but that hurt the match as much as it helped. Some sequences looked really good. Others looked like the two were moving in slow motion, and handling one another as though they were made of glass. Definitely not their best work.

Anna put up a good fight, but she ended up submitting to the Champ. The commentary team will claim that Baker only won because she had Rebel and Jamie in her corner, but she won this one clean. Just for good measure, she made Anna Jay submit again after the match.

Tay Conti didn’t appreciate this, so she came down to the ring and gave Baker a piece of her mind fist. The segment ended with Conti holding the Championship belt in the ring, as Baker cowered on the outside. I guess Conti is getting another title shot.

The bracket for the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament as been announced, and it will kick off tomorrow night on Dynamite. Round 1 will see Anna Jay take on Jamie Hayter, The Bunny square off with Red Velvet, Serena Deeb stepping in the ring with Hikaru Shida and Penelope Ford facing Ruby Soho.

Thunder Rosa, Nyla Rose, Jade Cargill and Kris Statlander have automatically advanced to the second round, due to the fact that they are all top 5 ranked.

Mark Henry is missing in action, so instead of skipping the awkward interviews, we pass the duty to Tony Schiavone. He didn’t even ask any questions, but that didn’t stop Andrade and Pac from talking some smack before their highly anticipated rematch. Props to Pac for cutting Tony off and stating “it’s irrelevant what you have to say”. True.

Remember, for the Main Event, everyone has been banned from ringside. It’s just Pac and Andrade. And the referee, Aubrey Edwards. Once again, the crowd were firmly behind the newcomer. Not me, I’m team Pac.

Now this was a fight! It had a little bit of everything and was flawlessly executed. It has some high flying, some mat wrestling and all the power hits you could imagine. To top it all off, they were pretty creative when it came to hurting one another. I admire creativity in this business. It’s always nice to see things I haven’t seen before.

Pac got the win with an inside cradle, and the lights instantly went out. When they came back on, Malakai was in the ring. He jumped Pac, seemingly under the orders of Andrade. In a strange turn of events, Arn Anderson was the one who came to Pac’s rescue.

He walked down the aisle and shot Malakai with a finger gun. Cody jumped Malakai from behind. Both Malakai and Andrade got out of dodge. The crowd were chanting “Cody, Cody” so I guess they like him again now?

Malakai and Cody will have their rubber match on Dynamite tomorrow night and I guess Pac and Andrade will have theirs sometime in the future. Maybe Full Gear?

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