AEW Dynamite : October 16th

It’s Saturday night Dynamite! I would rather be playing Farcry 6, but here we are. This episode is going to have a lot of work to do to win me over.

CM Punk is joining the commentary for the episode. Not a great start. The next few minutes involved Punk walking around the audience, getting all the love whilst the TV audience had to listen to Tony and Excalibur praise last night’s Buy-In show. Ugh.

Malakai Black is in action first, taking on little Dante Martin. Black is the worst heel in the business. I don’t mean that as a knock against him, just in regards to how much the fans seem to adore him.

It was a pretty solid opening match. Lio Rush was in Dante’s corner, for all the good that did. Black picked up the victory, keeping his undefeated streak alive, but Martin still put on a great showing.

After the match Malakai gave Dante the nod of respect, which seemed weird and out of character.

Backstage, Tony is with Jurassic Express. Apparently, Christian Cage is at home with a neck injury. Before we could get further information, The Elite jumped the unsuspecting duo.

Jericho and the Inner Circle made their way out to the ring. Excalibur says they need to discuss their recent reunion. I wasn’t aware that they had split up in the first place. They never got the chance. Dan Lambert and the crew interrupted. Smack talk ensued.

Andrade El Idolo accompanied his friends, Las Super Ranas to the ring. Apparently being his friend is enough to get you a title shot for the AAA tag titles, against the champs, the Lucha Bros.

CM Punk spoiled the surprise and prematurely announced that the Las Super Ranas were actually FTR in disguise. Why did he have to ruin it for everyone? They were in full body suits and no one even had a chance to look at them before he spoiled it. What a twat.

Thanks to some help from Tully Blanchard, FTR managed to steal the win and the titles from the Lucha Brothers.

Tony wanted to congratulate Dante Martin on his losing effort tonight. Lio Rush pointed out that the loss could be a learning experience for the young superstar. Lio Rush also announced that moving forward, they would work as a tag team. I guess Darius is out.

Tony hasn’t finished harassing people backstage yet, this time confronting FTR about their win. It was then revealed that Andrade paid MJF to borrow FTR for the evening.

Wheeler Yuta came out to the ring, and for some reason had to come out to Orange Cassidy’s song and entrance video. Bah. Yuta was in action against Jon Moxley. Speaking of Mox, apparently he has written a book. He strikes me as the kind who can’t read.

The match lasted all of 20 seconds before Mox pinned Yuta and disappeared into the crowd.

And we go back to Tony. He is with Serena Deeb and wants to know why her attitude has changed. Before we got an answer, Shida jumped her. That’s the way these interviews always go.

The Young Bucks and Adam Cole joined forces once more to take on Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Evil Uno did his best Mankind impersonation, stuffing a used sock in the mouth of Nick Jackson. It didn’t matter. The SuperKliq won.

After the match, Jungle Boy tried to single-handedly beat down the entire Elite. For some reason, they ran away, leaving Jungle Boy free to beat up Brandon Cutler for a while.

It looks like all of Cody’s friends are turning their back on him. They yelled at him for being late, but had no problem with Arn being late, even though they came together. I really hope Cody turns heel. I doubt it though. I don’t know what is happening with this anymore. Why did Kilyn slap Cody?

MJF made his way to the ring to taunt the Miami crowd for a little while. He is truly a master of his craft. Once he finished picking on the audience, he turned his attention to Darby Allin.

Allin was unable to answer the call, but Sting stepped up to the plate. Wardlow was sacrificed so MJF could escape. That’s what lackeys are for.

Anna Jay is backstage with Tony, the former being interrupted before she could get a single word in. Britt Baker told her to shove off, but was punched in the throat for her efforts.

The next bout was a ladies match, with Kiera Hogan taking on Penelope Ford. Punk wanted to know if Kiera was any relation, presumably to Hulk Hogan. First of all, that’s not his real name. Secondly, why would that racist P.O.S. have a black daughter? What a stupid question. Punk should stay out of the booth.

In more important news, Ford and Hogan had a really good match. Ford won via submission. Ruby Soho jumped Ford after her victory. For some unknown reason, the Bunny didn’t help her. At least she didn’t until the fighting was over.

Miro cut a very interesting promo, wondering why his God had abandoned him. Miro swore to God that if God did not make him a Champion again, he will make an enemy of him. Miro v God. That’s a match I’d love to see.

Hangman won a title shot at the next PPV, and for some reason that meant he was punished with a Tony Schiavone interview. It was just some sad cowboy stuff, but it was very well delivered. Cowboy Shit!

Next week, Dynamite will be on Saturday night again. Rampage will still be the Friday.

Time for the Main Event and it is a weird match up. Bobby Fish vs Bryan Danielson. It’s weird because Fish is getting a main event match already? AEW seem super high on him. I’ve got nothing against him, I just think it’s strange.

The match was ok, just slotted in the wrong spot on the card. Nothing out of the ordinary with that! Danielson picked up the win via submission. Fish seems to work really well, both in the ring and with the crowd. They were split about 50/50. His career here might be worth watching!

Just before we call it a night, the bracket for the World Champion Eliminator Tournament was announced. There has to be a better name for that. The matchups are : 10 v Mox, Orange Cassidy v Hobbs, Dustin Rhodes v Bryan Danielson and Lance Archer v Eddie Kingston. That’s a pretty disappointing bracket. Go Kingston!

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