AEW Rampage : October 15th

Seriously? Rampage has a “Buy-In” pre-show now? It’s free! What is there to buy? Not to mention the buy-in is just as long as the actual show. Is Tony Khan familiar with the concept of less is more? Me thinks my fast forward button will get a workout tonight. This better not become a weekly thing.

The pre-show kicked off with Tay Conti taking on Santana Garrett (?). Guess who won. I love Tay, but I skipped this one.

A 5 minute promo followed this match, building hype for the upcoming match between Jericho and Masvidal. I wish I was exaggerating, but it was actually longer than 5 minutes. LESS IS MORE. Oh boy, this is gonna be a long two hours.

Lee Moriarty (who?) was in action next, against Bobby Fish. Where did I put that remote? I’m sure we all know who won.

Minoru Suzuki is making the most of his time in AEW, this time taking the fight to the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson. “What a match, what a match!” screams Excalibur, long before the bout even begins.

This one was pretty decent. The two exchanged a very large variety of technical holds, before it eventually broke down into a slugfest. Pretty solid (pre-show) Main Event. Danielson won.

The Buy-In finished with about 7 minutes of video, kissing CM Punk’s ass. At least that’s what I assume. I skipped it all, in 10 second intervals. I saw Punk’s face a lot.

Time to start the offical show, which will apparently be commercial free. I guess that means we will get more promos, I doubt it will equal more wrestling.

Sydal made his way to the ring at the end of the Buy-In, Punk made his at the beginning of Rampage. Obviously, the crowd went mental for Punk.

It was a very good match, but the Buy-In left a bad taste in my mouth, so I had a hard time enjoying it the way I should have. Matt Sydal was particularly impressive. I would probably say it is the best match he has wrestled since arriving in AEW.

Unfortunately, his performance was only used as means to show how powerful Punk is. Punk took an absolute barrage of offense from Sydal, but nothing could keep him down. One GTS was all it took for Punk to defeat Sydal. Boo!

Guess what happened after the match? A mother fucking commercial break. Liars!

Upon returning from the advertisements, we were with the Dark Order. Apparently they are all lovey dovey with one another again. They issued a challenge to Adam Cole and the Young Bucks.

And here is Ruby Soho. I’m just destined to hate this episode I think. Her opponent is the Bunny. Ruby Soho stole this one. Penelope Ford jumped her after the match, then kicked the crud out of her with the Bunny. Nice. Brass knuckles and all.

Main Event time. A 6 man tag team match. Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager and Chris Jericho taking on Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page and Junior Dos Santos. I jumped the gun a little bit though, first we go over to Mark Henry! And then a commercial break.

Scorpio Sky pinned Chris Jericho for the win, after some shenanigans from the Top Team. It was actually a really decent match up. I’m sure if it wasn’t for the stupid Buy-In ruining my mood, I would have enjoyed it more. Obviously, the beat down continued after the match was over.

Santana and Ortiz saved their Inner Circle compadres. Eventually. The End.

I feel that that was a really good episode of Rampage, but it was overshadowed by a really crappy (and unnecessary Buy-In). See you all tomorrow for Dynamite!

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