AEW Rampage : October 8th

Should be a great episode! A Philly Street Fight and the Tag Team Titles are up for grabs.

Apparently Mark Henry has to interview the opening act now as well. Backstage, he wants to know why Danny Garcia jumped CM Punk in Chicago of all places. Henry wanted to know why Punk came back. Apparently he didn’t, wrestling came back to him. Ok, man. Whatever. Let’s fight!

It didn’t remain a singles match for long, 2point0 got involved to make it a 3 on 1. Not that it mattered. This one was over long before either man walked down to the ring.

CM Punk won a needlessly long match via submission. Surprisingly, there were no post match shenanigans.

Backstage, Tony wants to know “what all this is about?” in regards to Lio Rush and Dante Martin. Matt Sydal wasn’t interested. Rush offered to get Sydal a match against Punk next week.

PHILADELPHIA! THE ACCLAIMED HAVE ARRIVED! Let’s get those belts, boys! Lucha Bros. The Acclaimed. The Tag Team Titles are up for grabs!

The Acclaimed wasted no time getting this one started, jumping the Champions before they made it to the ring. Good. Smart. Unfortunately, the advantage didn’t last long. The Lucha Brothers won and retained their titles. Boo!

Jade crushed Skye Blue in the next one. After the match, she continued to beat on Skye Blue. Thunder Rosa came out to save the day, steel chair in hand.

Before the Main Event, remember that the next episode of AEW will be Rampage on next Friday, followed by Dynamite on the Saturday. No wrestling for another week!

And before that, time for another awkward Mark Henry interview. Oh my god, they are multiplying. Starks hates Cage, Cage hates Starks. That’s about all you need to know. It’s a street fight! No rules, baby.

Cage’s face sure got intimate with the trash can lid, and Starks made sure he got all of it! That wasn’t all either. The two traded their fair share of chair shots, pipes, trash cans, chains and whatever else they could find.

Hobbs and Hook came out to lend a hand for Cage, which ultimately made the difference. A bloody Ricky Starks retained the title that nobody cares about.

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