AEW Rampage : October 1st

Someone is getting shaved tonight (Jack Evans). Let’s do it!

Bryan Danielson is the opening act again, stepping foot into the ring against one half of the Young Bucks, Nick Jackson. Danielson is still looking for his first win in the company, with his debut against Omega ending in a time limit draw.

Props to the audience member with the “Big Nick Energy” sign. It would only be better if it read “Big Nick Boy”.

The match was very entertaining, a good highlight of technical wrestling, with just a dash of high flying thrown in. For the most part, Matt Jackson stayed out of it. He did get a few good hits in on the outside though, helping to turn the tide in the favour of his brother.

I love a good athletic match up. This one is going to be hard to top, which as we know, is the standard these days. Danielson won the bout, which wasn’t really surprising, but winning via submission was a bit of a shocker!

The Elite came out afterwards to check on Nick Jackson. Christina and Jurassic Express came out as well, I guess to make sure that The Elite don’t try anything funny. It didn’t work, everyone was fighting everyone. Except Omega, he bailed. And then he came back to try and save Adam Cole. He failed. The old bail and fail. Christian and Co won this little matchup.

Hobbs needed to introduce Ricky Starks for some reason. Starks just wanted to mention that he is better than Brian Cage. He did so in a cinematic video clip of him driving a Maserati. I don’t know why we didn’t just go straight to the video, instead of going through Hook and Hobbs first.

Speaking of Starks, he made his was to the commentary booth for the remainder of the episode.

CM Punk stated that he beat Hobbs because he is the more experienced wrestler. Punk would rather choke to death on greatness than starve to death on mediocrity. I’d rather neither.

Over to the ladies for a three way, No Rules match. Nyla v Jade v Rosa. This match actually has a lot of potential to be great. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

Unfortunately, they threw a massive commercial break in the middle of this one. Ugh. When we came back, there was a trash can in the ring. I don’t think we missed much, but it’s still frustrating.

It was over pretty quickly after that. Nyla got powerbombed through a table, but it wasn’t convincing. Rosa could barely lift her and it was pretty sloppy. That’s how people get hurt. After that, Jade beat down Rosa with a chair, which is apparently enough for the win. I expected more.

Malakai Black wants Cody to be eaten alive by the pain of his recent loss. A little harsh, but ok. Black says he is moving on to “other souls” in the company.

Tony gave his congratulations to Sammy on his recent title one. Sammy said that the greatest TNT Champion was Brodie Lee (RIP), but will to what it takes to be the second best. He accepted the challenge of someone called Bobby Fish. That fight will take to place next week on the anniversary episode of Dynamite.

Hardy wanted to make sure everyone knew that the main event was all Jack Evans’ idea. Jack’s face said otherwise. Cassidy said that he won’t lose this match (after Henry told him of the stipulation).

Main event time. Hair vs Hair. Cassidy vs Evans. The loser gets there head shaved. God I hope Evans wins, but I know he won’t. Cassidy always wins. Apparently Evans has had a bunch of these matches in the past and won majority of them.

This match was a bit crap, which I did expect. Evans is an incredible talent, as is Cassidy but the way they script most of Cassidy’s matches are garbage. Way too gimmicky. The match wasn’t even 10 minutes long, but still felt that it took too long. A lot of gimmicks, a lot of standing around.

Matt Hardy obviously got a few cheap shots in, but to no avail. The HFO tried to get involved, but the Best Friends and the Dark Oorder came to help Cassidy.

Cassidy won and the luscious locks of Jack Evans are no more. Omega vs Jungle Boy. That’s a haircut match I’d like to see. Both men have a gorgeous head of hair to lose. Cassidy barely even has hair.

Angelico tried his damndest to save Evans, but just got his ass beat for his troubles. Hardy withdrew his troops after that. Then we had to watch the Best Friends shave Jack’s head. Poor Jack.

I miss the days when the Best Friends were just Trent and Chuck, with Cassidy just hanging out with them. That’s a wrap. See you next week for the anniversary episode in Pennsylvania.

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