AEW Dynamite : September 29th

Rochester, NY. The hometown of the late, great Jon Huber (Brodie Lee). RIP.

CM Punk is joining the commentary booth for this episode. Great. Also, he’s wearing a Rancid jersey. Gross.

Seriously, you are gonna open with Adam Cole vs Jungle Boy? Stop putting the best matches first! Although, Miro v Sammy will be pretty awesome as well. I guess the best matches are the bookends tonight.

Unfortunately, but predictably, Jungle Boy lost. Adam Cole resorted to a low blow, but you have to do what it takes sometimes. It was a great bout though.

The Elite came out afterwards to celebrate with their pal. Actually, they just talked smack for a while until Bryan Danielson came to shut them up. He brought some friends with him – Christian, Kazarian and Jurassic Express. The Elite split.

Some trouble is brewing backstage. Andrade is on the hunt for Pac and wants to know where he is? Somehow this ended in Andrade challenging the Lucha Brothers for their AAA Tag Team titles?

Speaking of tag teams, the next match featured the recent pairing of Dante Martin and Matt Sydal taking on the duo of Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson. I wonder if Cody will get booed again. I wonder if Arn will fall over again.

Lee Johnson picked up the win for his team, in a surprisingly awesome match. The drama continued after the match, with an argument between Arn and Cody. Arn ended up calling Cody a loser and then fired him. If that’s the right term, technically he works for Cody. He aggressively quit.

A trios match followed, with Mox, Kingston and Darby teaming up to take on Bear Country and Anthony Green (?) who the hell is that? Doesn’t matter, it was an easy win for Mox and Co. Not quick enough to avoid JR saying “crazy Eddie” about 100 times.

Ruby Soho is upset that she lost to Britt. Apparently she is still coming for the AEW Women’s Championship.

Matt Hardy and the HFO have taken over the ring. Hardy talked some smack about the city of Rochester for a while. About 7 seconds, then Orange Cassidy interrupted. Thus begins the 16 man tag team match. Yup, you read that right. 8 v 8. What a clusterfuck. Basically it was HFO vs Orange Cassidy and the Dark Order.

I can’t be fucked talking about that match (Dark Order won, obviously) so I will bring some attention to this website : Check it out, that are doing some good work in the name of a good man.

After the match, Brodie Jr. came out to the ring to celebrate with the Dark Order. Amanda Huber joined them and everyone was happy.

Lio Rush has joined the ranks of AEW and promised to make bank for AEW and himself.

FTR are feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and refocused. They just felt that they needed to share that with us.

Dan Lambert has hijacked the ring and the mic again. Ugh. Can I just fast forward to the next match? At least Ethan and Scorpio took over the microphone after a while. Just the usual drill, sick of being overlooked and that stuff.

Next week on Dynamite, Shida will look to pick up her 50th win against Serena Deeb.

Penelope Ford and The Bunny have teamed up once more, taking on Anna Jay and Tay Conti. Both teams had matching uniform colours. I really appreciate it when tag teams wear matching colours. It makes a world of difference to the appearance of the match.

It was a pretty decent match, not that I expected otherwise. Conti missed a TayKO on the outside, but it was enough to put the Bunny down for the count. Shortly after that, Anna Jay won via referee stoppage. Negative 1 came out to celebrate with the Dark Order duo.

A No DQ match has been booked for Rampage. Jade v Thunder Rosa v Nyla Rose. Hopefully it’s as awesome as it could be!

MJF came to talk about the future of AEW, making note of the “four pillars” of the future – Sammy, Darby, Jungle Boy and himself. It’s hard to argue. I always say that those guys are the best in the business. MJF went to add that he is the best of the 4 and deserves a world title shot.

When MJF made mention of Bruce Prichard, Darby Allin came out to the ring. I got a bit distracted because it looked like there was a massive piece of paper in Darby’s hair. Tape maybe? Was it deliberate? It was so distracting.

Anyway, things continued with the two arguing. MJF laid on some serious heat, like he always does. For some reason, the fans couldn’t stop chanting “CM Punk”. Imbeciles. MJF made his exit after Darby was unphased by his taunts.

Main Event time! The TNT Title is up for grabs. Miro will defend against Sammy Guevara, the Spanish God. Bah Gawd he did it! Guevara won the championship!

It was a pretty awesome match. Miro got to show off some of his power. Guevara got to utilise his high flying skill set. I had hoped for a faster paced bout, but I can’t complain too much.

Fuego came out to distract Miro, got punched in the face and made his exit. It was enough for Guevara to turn the tide in his favour, but still seemed like an unnecessary intervention. No matter.

Guevara hoisted Miro up on his shoulders, which is an impressive feat in it’s own right, and put him back down after a GTH. One 630 splash later and it was all over for Miro. And now, it’s all over for me! Goodnight!

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