AEW Rampage : September 17th

Let’s kick things off with a title match. New York’s finest, the Butcher and the Blade getting a chance at the champions, the Lucha Brothers. Once friends, now adversaries. Hopefully it makes for a good bout!

B&B dominated most of the match, successfully isolating Penta from his partner. Unfortunately, they took their eyes off of the prize for just a moment, but that was all Penta needed to tag himself out.

Blade was annoyed at this, so he tied Penta to the corner ropes using his mask, this time leaving Fenix at the mercy of the NY duo. It would have worked too, had Penta not removed his own mask to save the day. The Lucha Bros win and retain their titles.

The HFO weren’t happy with the result, so they beat up on the Lucha Brothers for a while and attempted to remove the mask of Fenix as well. They were eventually saved by Santana and Ortiz. They can thank them with a title shot.

Omega and Danielson considered their word of wars, but no further developments have been made.

Over to the ladies, with HFO’s Bunny (with Penelope Ford) taking on Dark Order’s (?) Anna Jay (with Tay Conti). Maybe she has finally had enough of the Dark Order, because she was wearing green, not the usual team colours of purple and black.

Anna Jay managed to overcome a shoulder injury to swipe a win with a schoolgirl pin. The HFO move to 0-2 on the night. Again, after the match the fight continued. All 4 girls got involved, but team Hardy were the ones left standing.

Will Hobbs has warned CM Punk to “stay gone”.

Tony pointed out that Hardy is 0-2 tonight on Rampage. I already said that you useless potato. Hardy issued a challenge for an 8 man tag match next, before he yelled at a fan who was dressed as Orange Cassidy.

Hardy ended up dragging the fan into the ring and had Evans beat him up a little bit, before hitting him with a twist of fate and cutting the man’s ponytail off. Evans then finished the job with a pair of clippers. It was actually shaping up to be a good fade, until they were interrupted by the real Orange Cassidy.

We’ll take a short commercial break to sweep the ring.

We are back with the Champion, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. meeting in the ring with Ruby Soho, with Tony Schiavone overseeing the proceedings. Thank goodness for that. Soho and Baker traded verbal jabs back and forth, before it eventually became actual jabs. The segment ended with Soho holding the championship belt in the ring.

It’s time for Mark Henry to interview the main event competitors. Mark asked Fuego why he was willing to offer his car to get a title match. Henry was also observant enough to notice that Miro has been dominant lately. Let’s get it!

Fuego comes into this match red hot, having just picked up his victory last week on Dark. How does a spud with 0 victories end up with 2 title shots? Figures.

Del Sol tried his best, but obviously Miro wiped the floor with him. Enjoy the new car!

Turns out Miro has no interest in the car. He stuffed the keys in Fuego’s mouth and choked him out. Sammy Guevara came to the aid of his Luchador friend and chased Miro out of the ring. It looks like Sammy has his eyes on the TNT title.

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