AEW Rampage : September 10th

I wasn’t looking forward to this episode, but then I remembered that it had the rescheduled match from All Out, Pac v Andrade!

To make things even better, it was the opening match! They always open with the best, they literally cannot help themselves. It just means if the episode gets crap, we can leave.

Chavo was in Andrade’s corner, but Pac was all on his lonesome. Apparently he told the Lucha Bros to beat it. Not permanently, just for the sake of this match.

It was a fantastic match, between two evenly matched competitors. Both Pac and Andrade are excellent wrestlers, neither man afraid to take to the top rope. It was a great match and went right down to the wire.

Pac finally drew the advantage, locking Andrade into a submission hold. With a distracted referee, Chavo clocked Pac in the head with an iPad, putting him down for a 3 count. Victory Andrade!

Andrade wasn’t pleased though. When he found out what Chavo did, he knocked him out and threw his iPad at him. Things only got worse for Chavo from there. He got kicked in the face by each of the Lucha Bros, before being thrown in to the ring at the mercy of Pac. Pac locked him in The Brutaliser and the Lucha Bros wouldn’t let anyone come to his assistance. Poor Chavo.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Sting and Darby, wanting to know their thoughts on the Tully Blanchard interview last week. Darby said that he hates Shawn Spears and thinks he is a piece of shit. A little harsh, but fair.

Sting says he is sick of Tully riding on the coattails of other people’s successes. Sting said if Tully wanted to fight, he was game. Tully came out to address the challenge, but it was merely a diversion.

Shawn Spears used the distraction to take out Allin, then he and Tully both fled, leaving Sting alone to care for Darby.

Over to Adam Cole. He thinks The Elite are incredible. Well duh, why else would you join them? He thinks Christian Cage and Bryan Danielson are talented, but way out of the league of The Elite.

Bryan Danielson thinks The Elite are insecure, but he wants to take out Kenny Omega. He will settle for anybody though. Elite or otherwise.

A trios match was next on the cards, Riho, Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander teaming up to take on Britt Baker, Rebel and Jamie Hayter. The Best Friends were in the corner for team Statlander.

Ruby got the win for her team, pinning Rebel. I don’t think I’m going to like Ruby Soho. And not just because I don’t like Rancid.

And just like that, it’s time for the Main Event. The one, the only, Platinum Max vs Brian Pillman Jr. Of course, before we go to the fight, we go to the Mark Henry interview.

Platinum let Pillman know that he was going to get his ass beat and that he is an overrated wrestler. Pillman countered with that he is a better wrestler and that it is his hometown. Pfft. Platinum Max! Platinum Max! Platinum Max!

It’s good to hear that man rap again. And to openly poke fun at his own suspension. This time by the way of Anthony Bowens, cutting him off and warning him that he is on thin ice.

Seriously though, picking on “fat chicks” not 2 weeks removed from his suspension due to his lack of sensitivity! I love him and I hope he never changes. I also hope Tony doesn’t;t suspend him again.

Pillman didn’t take long to start the bout, kicking things off before the bell rang. Max had his back turned as well. What a coward! Bitch move, Pillman.

Anthony Bowens did all he could to get Platinum the victory, but unfortunately the mullet overcame the odds and got the win.

Bowens made up for it after the match though. Caster and Bowens kicked the snot out of Pillman Jr. after the bout. With Griff Garrison out with a concussion, there was no one left to save the day.

Enter Jon Moxley. Someone had to ruin the fun I guess. The episode closed with the two hometown kids showing off to the fans. Boo!

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