All Out 2021

Welcome to Chicago, Illinois! The greatest city on earth is home to this years All Out. All 4 Championships are on the line, but perhaps the biggest storyline is the debut of CM Punk, after 7 years away from the business. Or is it Jericho, facing a forced retirement if he loses today? Let’s find out!

The Women’s Casino Battle Royale was scheduled to take place during the Buy-In, but was moved to the main card after travel issues caused the bout between Pac and Andrade El Idolo to be postponed.

That left the Buy-In with just one match, a 10 man tag team match. The Best Friends (Cassidy, Chuck, Yuta) will team up with Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) to take on The Hardy Family Office (Hardy, Cassidy, Quen, Evans and Angelico).

Not much of note happened in the opener. A few impressive manoeuvres, particularly from Jurassic Express, but otherwise not much. Marko Stunt and the Blade got involved, but not enough to effect the match. Jungle Boy got the win for his team, forcing Angelico to submit.

Things got exciting after the opener though. During the Best Friends celebratory hug, Jack Evans interrupted and a brawl broke out. Enter The Butcher. That’s right, the big fella is back! After almost 7 months away. The brawl continued, until the Dark Order and The Varsity Blondes came to chase away the HFO. Welcome back, Butch! Woo!

After a quick sneak peek of the upcoming “Rhodes to the Top” reality show, we were good to start the official show. That will debut September 29th on TNT. It actually looks pretty good.

Hang on, one more interruption. Dan Lambert and the Men of the Year wanted to trash on AEW for a little bit. I think they are adding some UFC fighters to the roster/team?

Miro started the show with his defense of the TNT Championship against the Mad King, Eddie Kingston. These two put on a show. I mean, they absolutely slugged the crap out of one another. Both men left with their fair share of bruises. Miro’s chest was so blue.

Kingston had the Champion down for the 3 count, but the referee was distracted in the corner and was late to get to the mat. Miro managed to get the kick out just prior to the 3.

The ref stopped Kingston from slamming Miro’s head on the exposed turnbuckle cover, and Miro used the distraction to get a low blow in. That was the beginning of the end for Kingston, as Miro went on to retain his title. What a start!

Up next was Satoshi Kojima taking on Jon Moxley. This match wasn’t as bad, but nowhere near as good as the opener. It felt like it was trying to be a hard hitting slug fest, but they failed to match the intensity of the previous bout.

It was still a solid wrestling match though and both men had crisp execution of their respective move sets. As was to be expected, Mox picked up the victory via pinfall.

Minoru Suzuki interrupted Mox’s post game celebrations. It looks like Moxley’s war against New Japan is set to continue. The two exchanged slugs for a while, with Suzuki eventually laying Mox down and out.

Britt Baker was up next, defending her title against our favourite alien, Kris Statlander. Kris was accompanied by the Best Friends, although I’m not sure what they were wearing? Why did they have safety goggles? Britt brought along Rebel and Hayter.

This was a really entertaining and closely contested match up. Both competitors frequently swapped momentum, with this one not being decided until the very end.

Baker almost had the win via countout, until Cassidy literally screamed at Statlander to get up and get back in the ring. I guess he is changing his apathetic gimmick. Finally!

After two near falls, Baker managed to get the lockjaw in tight. I’m not sure if Statlander tapped or if the referee stopped the match, but either way Baker retained.

Alex Marves is backstage with Andrade and Chavo. Alex wants to know if Andrade was the cause behind Pac’s travel issues. Chavo claims that Pac didn’t turn up because he is scared. Andrade has suggested the match take place at Rampage this week.

The Lucha Bros had their title shot against the Young Bucks next, in a steel cage match. The Lucha Bros had their entrance music performed live by some rappers that I didn’t know or recognise. They did a good job though! The Lucha Bros came out dressed as peacocks?

Excalibur wanted to point out how ridiculous Nick Jackson looked during the Young Bucks entrance. I don’t know what he was talking about. Never mind the fact that the Lucha Bros just entered with half of a fucking zoo glued to their heads. But it was the Jackson’s looked ridiculous.

This was a fast paced and action packed match. A lot of high flying manoeuvrability, and a few “questionable” tactics. Pfft. Questionable. You can’t question anything in a no rules match! The Young Bucks tried to remove the masks of the Lucha Bros, but only managed to stretch them a little bit.

Cutler swaying by to deliver a special package to the Young Bucks. A custom Air Jordan sneaker, fitted out with a bunch of thumbtacks stuck to the bottom. Ouch.

A heavily bloodied Penta was the unfortunate victim of a few thumbtack kicks to the face. There was a lot of blood. Fenix was next and he ended up just as bloody. Ouch. They weren’t the only ones though! In a turn of events, Rey Fenix became the possessor of the shoe and both Jackson’s got a taste of their own medicine.

I already had a lot of respect and admiration for these 4, but it increased tenfold. At least. I can’t get over how much blood was spilled. Especially from Penta. The ring looked like a Jackson Pollock painting. Excuse the cliche, but all 4 were the winners. And the fans!

In a more accurate way, the Lucha Bros won! NEW CHAMPIONS! And very deserving. What a damn good match. Penta celebrated by sharing a sweet and emotional moment with his family. Now please get backstage and get some medical help!

Over to the women for the Battle Royale! As per normal, I won’t comment on the action, because there is too much happening!

The first group was the clubs : Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue, Emi Sakura, The Bunny and Abadon. Up next were the diamonds : Anna Jay, Kiera Hogan, Kilynn King, Diamonte and Nyla Rose. They were followed by the hearts : Thunder Rosa, Penelope Ford, Riho, Jamie Hayter and Big Swole. Lastly, the spades : Tay Conti, Red Velvet, Leyla Hirsch, Jade and Rebel. The joker was Ruby Soho.

Rosa and Ruby were the final two competitors. As is usually the case, the surprise entrant emerged victorious. Boo!

MJF trolled the audience and mocked Jericho’s old entrance on his way to the ring, with the words ‘Jericho’s Last Match” displayed on the jumbotron, The crowd booed like crazy. He knows how to play them, that’s for sure!

Jericho entered to a live version of his theme song, Judas. Which is interesting considering that he is the artist of the song. It was one of his bandmates, but still. It was a performance without lyrics, which was unfortunate because it left the fans to sing the lyrics. It was a hot mess. They were all over the place.

Apparently this match was a No-DQ. I don’t remember them stating that. I don’t they knew what they wanted to do. The match started and the competitors made their way outside the ring and into the crowd. There was no countout, so they stayed outside until they were ready. However, later in the match, they started to count Jericho out? Make up your mind!

Wardlow and Hager tried to interfere, but they cancelled one another out before they got to the ring. MJF used the distraction to hit Jericho with a baseball bat. Even though earlier Jericho used a weapon on MJF? Is this a no rules or not?

After that, MJF managed to pin Jericho for the 3 count, despite the fact that Jericho had his foot on the bottom rope. Aubrey didn’t see it, so she counted the 3 and declared MJF the winner.

However, a sideline official overturned the decision and restarted the match. I’m pretty sure you can’t do that, but apparently anything goes in this one. Jericho won the restart via submission. It looks like he isn’t retiring!

The Inner Circle came out to celebrate with their captain. Thank goodness that that wasn’t Jericho’s last entrance! That would have been a travesty.

Over to a Darby Allin video, he is in a helicopter and dragging a body bag underneath it. Then Allin jumped out of the helicopter. That kid is insane.

That video also served as our segue into the next match, Allin v Punk. Sting accompanied Darby to the ring, before heading backstage.

Punk and Allin put on a decent match, but I wasn’t blown away. The last little bit was exciting, but mainly because I was hopeful that Allin would steal the win. Alas, no.

Obviously, the hometown hero and AEW debutant, Punk picked up the win. I got nothing against Punk, but I’m tired of veterans coming out of retirement and winning against the young talent. Allin deserved this victory.

Sting came down afterwards and shook hands with Punk. They both then offered Allin a hand up, but he declined, getting up on his own. Then he shook hands with Punk and gave sting a little cuddle. Aw.

Saturday November 13th will be the date for AEW’s next PPV, Full Gear. More details will follow at some point.

Time for another returning veteran, Paul Wight in action against QT Marshall. Remember, Wight is coming off of the wrong end of a beat down on Dynamite (or Rampage) last week, thanks to the shock betrayal of the Gunn Club.

It didn’t slow him down any. Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow both tried to get involved, and Wight took them both down. He then quickly finished the job, defeating QT Marshall after a chokeslam.

Mox will take on Suzuki this week on Dynamite, for his homecoming in Cincinnati. Dustin will also take on Malakai Black. Pac has accepted Andrade’s challenge for a match on Friday as well.

Time for the main event! Christian Cage vs Kenny Omega. Champion vs Champion, however only Omega’s title is on the line! Cage is coming off of his recent victory over Omega. Will things continue to fall apart for The Elite?

It was a hellacious contest, but Omega managed to maintain at least 1 belt for The Elite, hanging on to barely get the victory over Christian Cage.

Callis did his best to help Omega retain the title, enlisting the aid of the Good Brothers to run interference. A couple of tables were broken, and some blood was drawn, but Christian stayed in the fight. Until an Avalanche One Winged Angel put him down for good.

After the match, The Elite joined Omega in the ring to celebrate/kick the crap out of Christian. Jurassic Express tried to help him, but they just got beat down too.

As Omega declared that there is no one left to challenge him, the lights went out. Enter Adam Cole AKA Britt Baker’s husband, the lucky son of a bitch. In a bit of a plot twist, he super kicked Jungle Boy and pledged allegiance to The Elite.

Just as the show was set to end, we had another surprise announcement! Bryan Danielson made his AEW debut and quickly went to work against The Elite. I guess you’ve found your challenger, Omega.

An all out brawl soon erupted between The Elite, Jurassic Express and the newcomers. Danielson and Cage shook hands as the crowd erupted in cheers.

See you all in Cincinnati!

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