AEW Rampage : Sep 3rd

48 hours until All Out!

Rampage opened with Excalibur bumbling like a moron. At least he is consistent. Once he managed to get through the intro, we started the episode.

The opening bout was between Malakai Black and Lee Johnson. I know it’s been a while, but I still struggle to view Johnson as anything other than a jobber. I don’t mean to discredit him, he is really good. I guess it’s just the damage when you work as a jobber for so long.

Obviously, Black one. It was a great match though. Dustin came out to say hello afterwards. For some reason, Black retreated instead of sending the old man to hospital.

Henry interviewed Dustin afterwards. This Wednesday on Dynamite-ah! Rhodes will take on Black, son!

Miro and Kingston had some words for one another ahead of their clash at All Out. The most important words being “Redeemer, my man, Redeem these nuts!” courtesy of Eddie Kingston. Miro smashed his face in with the title belt after that. Kingston was still the last man standing, after a DDT laid out Miro.

Kris Statlander managed to overcome the 2 on 1 odds, claiming victory via submission over Rebel. To be fair, Hayter kind of gave up and they left Rebel at Statlander’s mercy. It was a great match by all 3 of them, but Statlander came away looking really good. It was an excellent display of her strength and talent.

After the fight, Britt and Co. tried to gang up on Statlander, in an attempt to take her out of the Casino Battle Royale. Luckily Red Velvet saved the day. You can’t see my eyes rolling, but they are all the way in the back of my head.

Things got a bit heated at the contract signing between Kojima and Moxley. Mox flipped a table and slapped Kojima in the face. Lazily, but a slap nonetheless.

As seems to be the tradition, Mark Henry had the honours of interviewing the combatants of the main event just prior to the fight. It’s a weird time for an interview, but it seems to be here to stay.

Garcia felt that Allin was overlooking him and he wanted to make him pay for that. Just to prove the point, Mark Henry’s next question had nothing to do with Garcia, but Allin’s upcoming match against CM Punk.

Speaking of, Punk was joining the commentary desk for the main event. For some reason, he had to run out into the crowd first. Literally. Multiple times. Does the “C” stand for COVID? Anyway, the main event awaits!

Darby Allin (with Sting) vs Daniel Garcia (with 2 point 0). Allin spent a lot of time staring at Punk, once again proving that Allin is completely looking past Garcia. No matter how threatening Garcia was, Allin repeatedly found time to stare at Punk.

It didn’t cost him in the end, he got the victory via pinfall. Garcia put up a heck of a fight though. After the match, Garcia and 2 point 0 took out Allin and Sting. Eventually, Punk came to rescue him. Allin and Punk went forehead to forehead again. The End.

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