AEW Rampage : August 27th

CM Punk is in the opening video of Rampage as well! It’s a hostile takeover.

Why do we always open with the best match? Jurassic Express vs The Lucha Bros. The winner will take on the Young Bucks in a steel cage match at All Out, for the Tag Team Championship.

Speaking of the Champions, they made their way out to the entrance ramp to watch the match. Speaking of champions, Giannis Antetokounmpo was sitting ringside for the show as well! He looked like he was having a blast. The Buck watching the Bucks, in Milwaukee no less. What a time to be alive.

The only bad thing about this match was that it had to come to an end. It was one of the greatest tag matchups I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Ultimately, the Lucha Bros came out on top.

After the match, the Young Bucks tried to rough up their upcoming opponents a little bit, but Jurassic Express saved the day.

More hype for CM Punk. They showed the crying fan again. He will never, ever hear the end of that moment.

Over to God’s Favourite Champion. He is busy beating up Fuego. Good. He literally kicked him all the way down to the ring. Then he stripped him of his mask.

That made Eddie Kingston mad. He didn’t have anything to say though, he just wanted to fight. Kingston was so eager to fight that he didn’t even lace up his boots. Eventually the Weiner patrol broke the two of them up. Not before Kingston embarrassed Miro with a DDT, which is apparently Miro’s weakness.

Tay Conti is hoping to extend her 15 match win streak, she is up next against The Bunny. Bunny kicked things off before the bell. That’s why you never turn your back to an opponent, especially not a crazy one!

It looked like Conti had the upper hand, until Penelope Ford made her way to the ring. The Bunny used the distraction to get a pair of brass knuckles on, using them to knock out Conti for the 3 count. Looks like we might have a newly formed friendship.

Mark Henry wants to know if Omega is concerned about his upcoming match against Cage. The short answer is no. Kazarian also wanted to mention that Cutler is a “ bitch-ass, man-baby, stooge”.

On to the main event. Brandon Cutler and Kenny Omega taking on Frankie Kazarian and Christian Cage. Don Callis is joining the commentary team, because apparently 4 isn’t enough. Never mind, Mark Henry chased him away.

Cutler and Kazarian started as the legal men. What’s the bet that Omega will just abandon Cutler? Wrong again, Aaron. Omega tagged in. Then out again. And left the building. I guess I was right! In a 1 on 2, Cutler had no hope.

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