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The Witcher : Nightmare of the Wolf (Netflix)

A Netflix original anime, set in the world of The Witcher. I’m not sure what I thought of it. I’m seeing that it currently has a 100% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s definitely not that good, and I’m sure that that will come down in the coming days/weeks. IMDB has it at 7.7/10, which is more accurate but probably a fraction too high.

I am a big fan of The Witcher universe. I’ve read all the books. Played all the games. Watched all of the movies/tv shows. Whatever the medium is, if it’s about The Witcher, I’ve consumed it. That’s not to say I’m an expert. My memory certainly isn’t what it used to be.

From memory, we’ve never really had much backstory for Vesemir, if any. I don’t think the books ever cover his past. I don’t believe the games do either, apart from mentioning that he was flirtatious in his youth. I could have made that up, but for some reason it is sticking in my mind. Regardless, there is no official backstory for Vesemir. Just the Vesemir that we know and love.

I understand that it takes a long time for a Witcher to age. We don’t know when Vesemir was born for certain, but we can deduce that he is around 150 years old at the time of his death in The Witcher 3. This anime is his origin story, so it is set a long time before that. After 100 years or more, I’m sure anyone could drastically alter their personality, but Vesemir was so different to how I imagined him. It didn’t sit right with me.

He was cocky. He was immoral. I don’t mean in terms of sex, that’s one of the perks to being a Witcher, but I mean in terms of how he was comfortable lying to clients and ripping them off. He was essentially ok with behaving like a conman, not at all the honourable Witcher that I adore.

Also, why is everyone so thirsty for him? I don’t mean in the anime, I mean in real life. I literally don’t understand at all. I’ll be the first to admit when an animated character has it going on, but seriously! I usually prefer the animation to be at least slightly realistic. Not a 2D character. He isn’t even that attractive anyway.

Look at some of these tweets and comments in the threads.

Is it just me, or are people depraved lunatics? Someone said that they literally wanted to suck his toes. I’m not one to judge a fetish, but we are talking about a cartoon character for christ sake. I mean, Claire Redfield in Infinite Darkness was hot, and I wouldn’t mind an evening with her, but you almost couldn’t tell that that was an animation. Every day, I feel more and more out of touch with the world.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. The animation was pretty cool. I actually really liked the animation style. It reminded me a lot of ‘The Boondocks”, which is still one of my favourite animated series of all time. It was just a gorgeous use of colours and featured nice, crisp line work. Mwah! The voice acting was very enjoyable as well. It blended seamlessly into the film.

Asides from (what I believe) to be a misrepresentation of Vesemir (both his “attractiveness” and his attitude), the story is pretty darn good. I loved the concept of a Witcher creating monsters to keep the “business” going. It did raise a few questions though, so I’m not sure it can be considered canon.

Firstly, Vesemir was too young at the time Kaer Mohren fell. I’m pretty sure at the time it fell, he was an established Witcher and teacher, not a cocky, young up and comer. Also, Geralt, Eskel and Lambert weren’t around at the time of the events, yet they were in the film?

And why was Geralt bald? Geralt the last air-bender? Or was it to just hide his identity from us? A white haired boy would surely stand out too much Although, his baldness could be a result of the trials. We know that he isn’t naturally white haired, it was a result of the stress the trials placed on him. I suppose it isn’t too much of stretch to think that his hair fell out during them.

Maybe I’m just geeking out too hard. It’s a cool movie. If you go into it with an open mind, I’m sure you will have a good time. Just don’t get too hung up on the details.

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