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Dead By Daylight (PS5)

At the suggestion of an old friend, I decided to give this game a go. It was already in my game library and I don’t recall ever buying it, so it must have been a PS Plus game of the month at some point. It’s definitely not the kind of game I usually buy.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy it. I do, very much so. I just hate a lot of online games, mainly because I hate a lot of the online gaming community. Specifically, the “trolls”. I don’t understand them at all and I despise them. Unfortunately, Dead by Daylight has no shortage of them either.

They aren’t prevalent or strong enough to ruin the experience entirely, but they are definitely enough to provide a consistent and minor annoyance. Kind of like a mosquito buzzing in your ear, just as you are about to fall asleep. Sure, you could block it out and ignore it, at least for a while. Eventually though, you will want to squish the life out of them.

Anyway, enough of the trolls for a while. Let’s talk about the game. It is an online only (save from the tutorials) survival horror game. One player takes on the role of the killer, and four players take on the role of the survivor. I think their roles are pretty self explanatory.

The killer’s job is to catch and sacrifice the survivors to “the entity”. The killer walks slightly faster than the survivors can run, but is unable to vault over most obstacles. One hit from the killer will injure a survivor and a second will incapacitate them. Once a survivor is down, the killer can place them on a sacrificial hook. Survivors can be removed from the hook by other survivors (or by themselves on rare occasions), but once a single survivor has been hooked for a certain amount of time or for 3 seperate times, they will be sacrificed and out of the game.

The survivors need to try and avoid the killer long enough to escape the map. They need to power up 5 generators to open the door and make their escape. Survivors have the advantage of being in a team of 4, but have very little in the way of defence once a killer has them in his or her sights.

You have the option of choosing if you wish to be a killer or a survivor, as well as choosing what character you want to play as. The game features a nice mix of original characters as well as licensed characters from popular horror franchises, such as Scream, Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just to name a few.

The maps are always randomly chosen by the game, and again feature a mix of original locations as well as licensed locations. Some maps are better than others, but they all share mostly the same features.

I’ve played an even mix of survivor and killer. I definitely prefer playing as a killer, but that is just because I like to work alone. Playing as a survivor is also fun, and is definitely more intense. It’s hard to say which is harder. It depends a lot on the other players in the game, as well as the map and character you have selected.

I’ve managed to sacrifice all 4 survivors numerous times, just as all 4 survivors have managed to escape my grasp numerous times. It’s the same as when I play as a survivor. Sometimes I escape, sometimes I don’t. It feels like the match making is incredibly well balanced. I’ve never felt like the rounds are too easy or too hard. It’s a nice mix.

The only problem I have is with the trolls. Every second game I encounter idiots like this. I could release an hour long compilation of the morons, and I’ve only been playing for a few days.

Most of the time they are harmless enough, but it is so irritating. Particularly when they do “the bob” right at the exit, prolonging the game for no reason other then to be a dick. Or when the killer will teabag your character instead of placing you on a hook to end the game. I really, really hate them and they make the game leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I also hate when the survivors “kite” certain areas of the map. If a killer was actually trying to kill you, would you just run in circles around your kitchen table? It’s stupid and I find it ruins my immersion.

Unlucky for them though, they become incredibly predictable. I find that whenever I encounter players who kite, I end up killing them pretty easily. They are so predictable. It only took me a day or two to learn all the areas that they run around and from there, catching them was incredibly easy. It’s much harder when they just run away and use different traps or areas of the maps.

Interestingly enough, the game does not support voice chat. I thought it was a weird exclusion at first, but as time went on I started to love it. It gives the game more realism. After all, why should the 4 survivors be able to verbally communicate when they are on opposite ends of the map? Especially if they are trying to remain silent and unseen. It would be nice to be able to talk to my friends (read friend) when I play with them, but that would make it unfair on the killer I think. Unless he could hear them within a certain range? Now it’s getting too complicated.

All in all, I really love this game. I just hate all of the trolls. The kiters. The body blockers. The tea baggers. I would encourage you to report them all, but I am doubtful anything will come of it. Unfortunately, trolls are just a frustrating part of video games. And life in general. They do provide satisfaction when you catch them being an idiot and manage to sacrifice them to a higher power. That applies to both life and in video games.

I think it is about $40 (Australian) to buy Dead by Daylight. I’m leaning towards saying that it is worth it, but that largely depends on the gamer who will be buying it. The game is not to difficult to get the hang of and the match making is incredibly well balanced. Playing as a survivor can be an incredibly tense and enjoyable survival experience. Playing as a killer provides the perfect thrill of the hunt and is immensely satisfying when you sacrifice everyone. I’ll definitely be playing a while longer.

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