AEW Dynamite : August 18th


The episode opens with my favourite part time tag team, Moxley and Kingston, making their way to the ring. Apparently they had something to say, but we didn’t get to hear from them. 2.0 jumped them from behind. With a lead pipe. Or some kind of pipe. We don’t know what the material of the pipe was, but we have our best people looking in to it.

2.0 wanted to let Darby and Sting now that without Mox and Kingston, they are doomed. Daniel Garcia joined them in the ring. Sting soon followed and apparently we just moved the match forward to right now. Darby came in from behind with his skateboard. Ding ding.

Things didn’t stay in the ring for long, the match quickly moved into the crowd and eventually the upper concourse. Eddie Kingston rose from the dead to join the fight. For about 10 second anyway. Just enough time to drag Garcia away.

Darby got suplexed onto his skateboard. Right on the wheels. Ouch. Sting got put through a table and instantly rose to his feet. He then ended the match with a double scorpion deathlock. 2 men at once. It’s not even the weekend yet!

Sammy proposed to his girlfriend, Pam in front of everyone. She said yes. Shawn Spears and Tully were quick to offer their congratulations. After the commercial break, Sammy and Spears took things to the ring. Well, the entrance ramp. Apparently every match is going to start prematurely.

This was a damn good bout. It had one of the best trick endings I have ever seen. I did not see it coming at all. Shortly after that, Sammy kneed Spears in the head. It split him open pretty good. There was a lot of blood and it wasn’t a blade job. Spears didn’t get up after that one. Guevara wins.

Tony and Don are backstage with the new Impact World Champion, Christian Cage. Why are there two Impact belts? Callis had words of congratulations for Cage. Cage had some nastier words for Callis.

Dan Lambert had the microphone next and accused Tony Khan of buying in to cancel culture. Just for a split second I thought they had the balls to address the Max Caster issue on air. Apparently not though. It was some Lance Archer bullshit.

Anyway, Archer made his way to the ring to kick some butt. He didn’t make it to the ring though, he was jumped by Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page on his way.

Backstage to Jericho. He is very excited for his match with MJF later. I was wondering what the purpose of this promo was, but I think it was just to remind the fans that they need to sing “Judas” for Jericho.

Time for a title match! Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus getting a much deserved Tag Team Championship shot against the Young Bucks.

This was a very good match! Lots of high flying excitement and a few near falls to go with it. Omega took out Stunt with a chair. Ha! Sadly, the numbers game caught up with Jurassic Express and they did not win the titles.

After the match, things got crazy. The Elite kicked the crap out of Christian. It was a good 8 on 1 ass whoopin’. Nobody came to save Christian.

Just a side note, Rick Knox was out of position and slow to every single cover attempt in this match. Maybe not literally, but he was slow to a lot of them.

Tony is backstage with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. And Rebel, but apparently she isn’t worth an introduction anymore. Jamie Hayter spoke and I fell in love. I love accents. She challenged Red Velvet to match next week. Baker went for the kill early though and reminded Velvet that “gold will never be her colour”. Straight for the jugular.

Matt Hardy is an equal opportunity ass-kicker and he wants the Best Friends to stay out of his business. I don’t think they are going to listen though.

Back to Schiavone, and he brings out his new bff, Paul Wight. Wight has a huge announcement for us, but just before he could share it, QT interrupted. They argued for a while. Wight announced that he will wrestle QT Marshall at All Out in Chicago. Woo hoo!

Jade has a match on Rampage this week. At least she didn’t drop the catch phrase.

Tony is on the move again, interviewing The Elite backstage. At least he had something interesting to say this time! The Young Bucks will have to defend their tag team titles at All Out in a steel cage match! Their opponent is yet to be determined but it will be one of the following teams – Jurassic Express, Private Party, The Lucha Bros and Varsity Blondes.

From one loudmouth to the next, we head to the ring to hear from Taz. He kindly reminded us who he was, then introduced his son, then Ricky Starks. At least someone competent has the microphone now.

We cut backstage to Hobbs and Brian Cage having a fight. The real story was Hobbs’ outfit though. Custom overalls. What a power move.

And once more, we head backstage for an interview with Tony. Sigh. He is with the Lucha Bros. And Pac. Andrade joined the party. Mmmmm accents.

Finally, we head back to the ring for a match. No Tony necessary. Penelope Ford will take on Thunder Rosa, continuing their fight from Dark last night. I didn’t watch Dark. I didn’t even look at the results.

Thunder Rosa won via submission. It was a decent match, even though I wasn’t happy with the result.

Obviously, it’s time to head back to Tony. This time, he has the Anderson’s. Next week on Dynamite, Brock has a match against Malakai. Arn doesn’t think he is cut out for it. He is right. Did we change the spelling of Malakai? I swear it used to be Malachi.

God’s favourite champion is annoyed that Fuego got the contract, even though he lost and didn’t deserve it. Miro issued a challenge to Eddie Kingston. Awesome! Finally, a real and deserving opponent.

Mumbling Mox is backstage and he is upset. Or drunk? I can never tell. Is he happy? Angry? How did we end up talking about Hangman? Wait, it’s Christian he’s mad at? Garcia? The whole company? I’m so confused.

Main event time. MJF vs Jericho. Remember, Jericho is not allowed to use the Judas Effect and he is not allowed to enter to his theme song. The fans tried to sing it for him, but they butchered it. Jericho seemed to love it though.

Jericho and MJF have such incredible chemistry and this match was another perfect example of it. They just work so well together. It is obvious that they enjoy working together. Every promo, interview and match involving the two of them is a perfect example of wrestling done right.

MJF picked up another victory against his rival, this time via submission. Not being able to use the Judas Effect ended up costing Jericho big time. Although, he stopped himself from using it, but he would have got away with it. Aubrey wasn’t even watching. I’m not sure what she was doing. I really hope that this isn’t the end of their rivalry.

Friggin heck, it felt like this episode ran for hours. Is it just me or are we getting an excessive amount of interviews lately? It feels relentless. I really hate Tony. We literally had 8 seperate interviews/promos between the Young Bucks fight and Penelope’s match. That is insanity.

14 interviews/promos in total. That’s a lot for a 2 hour show. Especially when you consider that so many of the wrestlers on the roster hardly ever get to wrestle. Less talking and more wrestling would be nice.

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