AEW Rampage : August 13th

So apparently Rampage is only going to be 60 minutes long each week. I was under the impression that it was going to be a 2 hour show, like Dynamite. Still, it might be a welcome change of pace. It’s hard enough to sit through 2 hours of Elevation, 2 hours of Dark and 2 hours of Dynamite in a week. Even though I skip Elevation and Dark nowadays. #freeplatinum.

Even though it was only half as long, it managed to be twice as good as the other shows. I don’t know if it was just because it was an action packed first week or if the excitement will continue. I guess we will find out next week!

The commentary team was overcrowded, as is the usual case for AEW. Excalibur had the play by play, and he was joined by Chris Jericho, Mark Henry and Taz. That’s way too many voices. It was horrid to listen to for most of the episode. Jericho is blameless in all of this. I’ll give Henry a pass. So, once again, Taz and Excalibur effed everything up. They cannot work together. Anyway, enough about the commentary team.

Speaking of typical of AEW, the opening match was the best one. Kenny Omega, defending the Impact world championship against the challenger, Christian Cage. Unfortunately for Omega, his defense was unsuccessful! We have a new Impact World Champion!

It wasn’t predictable that Christian won, but it wasn’t exactly a surprise either. I was sort of prepared for it. I was pretty sure that Christian wouldn’t lose both title matches against Omega, and with the two of them fighting for the AEW Championship in a few weeks, it felt like the time was right for Omega to part ways with the Impact title.

Absolutely fantastic wrestling by both Cage and Omega though. It was a phenomenal match up, and had me with a couple of false finishes. It was only ruined by Taz insisting on saying that the Impact title wasn’t as prestigious as the AEW title, over and over. Not only is that statement unnecessary and disrespectful, it was also completely untrue.

It looked like Omega had things in the bag. Callis had the referee distracted, allowing Omega to land a low blow. The Young Bucks then “snuck” to the ring, bringing a chair with them. Unfortunately, Cage turned the tables, using the chair to put Omega down for the 3.

After the match, Jurassic Express came out to the ring to celebrate with Cage. They then headed backstage for an interview with Rampage’s Version of Tony, Mark Henry. For some reason, Orange Cassidy was there as well? That was never explained.

Over to Fuego Del Sol. He is telling us that his next match will be the opportunity of his life. Everything he has ever worked for and everything he has ever dreamed of. Fuego seems to think it is about to come true. I’m betting he won’t last 3 minutes.

Fuego kicked the match off earlier, hitting Miro with a tornado DDT before the bell rang. When the match officially started, he hit him with another tornado DDT, almost picking up the win via count-out. Miro made it back in the ring just in time for another tornado DDT. And that was about the end of the offense from Fuego. He woke the beast. RIP Fuego. No title or contract for you.

After the commercial break, Fuego stood in the ring as the crowd chanted his name. Then Sammy Guevara came out to the ring, with the overly politically correct Tony Khan. Sammy announced that sometimes when you lose, you still win. And even though Fuego had a record of 1-50, he was given a contract with AEW. Fuego cried.

Darby and Sting were hanging out high up in the rafters, watching the show. Allin was wearing Cruella De Ville gloves. Maybe not literally, but they did look like it.

And just like that, it’s time for the main event! The hometown heroine, Britt Baker defending against the undeserving Red Velvet. Before the match though, we had an interview with both of them at the same time. Interesting decision. Apparently Britt has broken her wrist, but will wrestle tonight anyway.

It wasn’t a great match, but it is hard when one of the combatants has a broken wrist and the other is Red Velvet. That was unnecessary, Aaron. Have some professionalism. Obviously, Baker retained, much to the delight of the home crowd.

Post match, Baker continued the beat down on Velvet. Good. Statlander came to Red’s aid. Then Jamie Hayter came to the aid of Baker. Any friend of Baker’s is a friend of mine.

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