AEW Dynamite : August 11th

RIP to “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton.

Also, I’m pretty angry at Tony Khan and the Max Caster situation. Max Caster is my favourite thing about Dark. He is literally the only reason I watch. I looked up his rap. It wasn’t that bad. It made me laugh and I’m not ashamed of that. This is adult entertainment, it doesn’t always have to be politically correct. It is his job as the villain to get a reaction from the crowd. I’m not happy that he is seemingly suspended or worse. Not cool. I like his raps. I like how he is “edgy”. It’s entertainment. He is the perfect villain and I love him for it. I’m contemplating going on strike until Max is back.

Welcome to Brittsburgh!

The episode opens with MJF reminding us that he has already beaten Jericho twice, and Jericho has yet to defeat him. MJF then reminded Wardlow that he failed to defeat Cody in the cage match and he better not fail tonight. Wardlow crushed an apple in his hands.

In ring action kicked off with a trios match – The Elite (Omega and the Bucks) taking on the trio of the Sydal Brothers and Dante Martin.

Breaking news – at All Out, Kenny Omega will defend the AEW Championship against Christian Cage.

Back to the trios match. Although, we probably could have left it there. The Elite won. It wasn’t a bad match, but as if The Elite were going to lose.

After the match, Tony tried to interview The Elite. Fortunately, Callis cut him off. Then Christian cut Callis off. Then Callis cut him off. Then Jurassic Express joined the party. Then we went to a commercial break.

When we returned, the trash talking commenced. This week on Rampage, Christian and Omega will meet in the ring in a title match, for the Impact title! Two title matches in three weeks! Jurassic Express will also have a Tag Team title match against the Young Bucks, next week on Dynamite.

Malachi Black reminded us that he kicked the crap out of Cody last week.

Another commercial break and we come back to hear from Miro. Did you know that he has a beautiful wife? Miro reminded us that he kicked the crap out Lee Johnson and promises to do the same to Fuego Del Sol on Rampage this week.

Over to the ring for a singles bout, Darby Allin v Daniel Garcia. Darby was obviously with Sting, and Garcia with 2.0. Sting and 2.0 stayed out of it and the “Uber popular” Darby Allin picked up the win. JR said Uber popular, not me. And I spoke to soon about Sting and 2.0 staying out of it. After the match, everything turned into a brawl. Sting and Darby won.

Backstage, Death Triangle are tired of Andrade messing with them all the time. Pac says he will take care of it and wants the Lucha Bros to focus on the Tag Team titles.

Another trios match. The “new” Best Friends, Chucky T, Orange and Wheeler Yuta taking on Matt Hardy and Private Party. I got nothing against Yuta, but I really miss Trent. I hope he gets better soon. I miss Butcher too. Hardy picked up the win after pinning Wheeler Yuta.

Andrade and Chavo are mad at Pac. All Out. Andrade vs Pac. The battle of the accents. Mmmm.

Santana and Ortiz are continuing to come at FTR. They just keep building hype for this match. All Out?

Nyla Rose and Kris Statlander took to the ring next. Kris Statlander picked up the surprise victory, somewhat quickly as well. It felt like the match was over pretty suddenly. It didn’t take the commentary booth long to declare that Statlander is good enough to be the world champion.

The Young Bucks said that next week their victory will be as easy as a layup. They then tried to score a layup on a nearby basketball hoop, but Luchasaurus appeared from nowhere and blocked their shot. JB then dunked the ball on them. This is what it’s like when worlds collide.

Just another reminder that Rampage starts this week. The main event will be Britt Baker vs Red Velvet. One of them deserves to be in the main event. I can’t believe Velvet is getting a title match. What a joke.

Speaking of jokes, Tony is in the ring and would like to interview the hometown hero, Britt Baker. The crowd loved her. As they should. It was nice to hear Velvet getting booed by someone other than myself. I just wish that Tony wasn’t their to ruin it for me. Speaking of ruining it for me, here comes Red. Ugh.

The animosity between Ricky Starks and Brian Cage continues to build. They will meet in the ring next week on Dynamite, apparently in a 1 on 1, with nobody at ringside. I’ll believe that when I see it. Actually, I’m sure that no one will be at ringside, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be interference.

The TNT Tag Team titles were being defended next. In AEW! What a time to be alive. Dark Order’s Evil Uno and Stu Grayson were hoping to steal the titles away from the Good Brothers. It didn’t work out for them. Still, the match was enjoyable enough.

Kamille promised to beat Leyla Hirsch in the NWA Women’s title match.

QT and Tony are in the ring together. Finally. This crappy drama has been building for 3 weeks. This story is worse than the Kissing Booth 3. Things did take an interesting turn though. QT had Nick drag Tony’s son into the ring and they kicked the snot out of him. Tony wasn’t happy. Neither was Paul Wight. He came out and laid waste to Aaron Solow.

One more reminder that Rampage starts this week. Yes, yes, we know already. Shawn and Sammy will square off next week on Dynamite. 2.0 will take on Sting and Darby Allin in a Tornado Tag. Cool!

So apparently on Elevation this week Joey Janela turned on Sonny Kiss. I didn’t watch Elevation or Dark this week. That’s a shame that the Jersey Boys are splitting up though.

Labour Number 4! Jericho vs Wardlow. Apparently MJF won’t be the special guest referee, even though the commentary team said last week that he would be. So the stipulation is that MJF is in Wardlow’s corner. That is kind of lame. Also, apparently the 5th labour will be his match against MJF, so he only has to get through 4 labours, not 5. Also lame.

This match was unfortunately a bit on the dull side. It was just Wardlow power bombing Jericho, over and over and over again. MJF tried to play dirty, but Aubrey ejected him from ringside. I thought the stipulation stated that he had to remain at ringside?

In the distraction, Jericho found Floyd and used him to knockout Wardlow, picking up the victory. Next week will be the 5th labour, Jericho v MJF.

Shawn Spears came to continue to beat down on Jericho after the match. With the labours over, the Inner Circle were free to get involved. So, Sammy came to take out Shawn. MJF came back to get Jericho. Hager came to get MJF. Then the Pinnacle split.

MJF congratulated Jericho for getting the match against him. He announced the stipulation – Jericho is not allowed to use the Judas Effect or to come out to his song “Judas”. I’m sure the fans will sing it for him. If Jericho uses the Judas Effect, he will be disqualified.

I don’t know if I’m just pissy about the Max Caster situation, but I didn’t enjoy tonight’s episode as much as I normally do. Maybe I’m just tired and grumpy. I’ll be back for Rampage!

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