AEW Dynamite : August 4th

It’s the Homecoming episode of Dynamite. After a month on the road, we are back in Jacksonville, Florida. That didn’t take long to come back!

We started the episode with Jericho’s third labour, a singles bout against Juventud Guerrera. This match had the weird stipulation of Jericho needing to hit a top rope manoeuvre to get the win. Compared to last week, I think all the labours and stipulations will be a breeze from here on out.

Guerrera was a bit rusty and slow, but the fans didn’t seem to mind. The two of them still managed to put on a decent show. Jericho didn’t hesitate to play dirty, attempting to rip the mask off of the Luchador, He ripped it a little, but it managed to stay intact.

Jericho went for the ‘Walls of Jericho’ from the top rope, which I thought would have been enough for the win, but it was not. A Judas Effect from the top rope was enough to get it done.

MJF managed to steal the show once more, with some excellent commentary. I don’t know if I enjoyed his contacts berating of Tony or Audrey more. Or if it was comparing the Jacksonville locals to a bunch of fat seals.

After Jericho got the victory, Wardlow kicked the snot out of Guerrera and Jericho. MJF then announced the next labour : a singles match against Wardlow. The stipulation being that MJF will be the special referee. I’m not sure how Jericho will overcome those odds.

Dasha is backstage with the Lucha Brothers, who are without Pac. It was basically the same bit as last week. Chavo and Andrade rocked up and asked the Lucha Brothers to join them once more. Once more, the Lucha Brothers said no.

After the commercial break, Tony interviewed the Dark Order. Apparently Hangman had been missing in action. He’s doing the lone cowboy thing again and breaking up with the Dark Order. I’m pretty sure we’ve done this bit before as well.

Daniel Garcia and 2.0 teamed up to take on the trio of Moxley, Kingston and Darby Allin. Sting was in Darby’s corner. Duh. Allin picked up the win, pinning Daniel Garcia after a coffin drop. The new kids put on a good show and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with them moving forward.

We build some hype for the continuing feud between Brian Cage and Team Taz. Cage promises that the destruction is just beginning.

In a garage, The Elite are working on their basketball skills. The Good Brothers offer the Dark Order an Impact! Tag Team title match next week on Dynamite. The Elite also announced that they can safely retire with their belts, because there are no challengers out there.

Back to the ring for a singles bout between The Blade and the undefeated Christian Cage. Well, we didn’t make it to the ring before this one started. Both men got into it on the entrance ramp.

Leyla Hirsch poked her little head in this match, dragging the Bunny backstage. I guess we will see how that ends later, when the two of them meet head to head in an eliminator match.

Regardless of if he was with Bunny or without, the Blade had no chance of winning this one. Cage remains undefeated. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable match.

FTR and PNP both guarantee that their feud is not over, and they will meet in the ring again soon.

Tony is in the ring, hogging the spotlight again, this time for an interview with Britt Baker. Britt is excited to be in Pittsburgh next week. More like Brittsburgh! Britt didn’t get much more in, because she was interrupted by Red Velvet. I hate Red Velvet. There are so many wrestlers more deserving of a title shot. The match will be on the first episode of Rampage, next Friday.

Backstage we go again, again with Dasha, who is again with Chavo and Andrade. It looks like they’ve replaced the Lucha Brothers with Fuego Del Sol. At least they had. Fuego couldn’t follow orders, so they kicked the crap out of him.

After the commercial break, we head back to the ring for yet another Tony Schiavone interview. This time with the Lone Ranger, Adam Page. Before he could get a word in, The Elite interrupted him. Hangman clocked Kenny in the jaw and got his ass kicked for his troubles.

Of course, the Dark Order came to his rescue. However, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson wouldn’t let them save him. The Dark Order left. Frankie Kazarian came to try and even the odds, but he just got his ass kicked too.

Apparently Dan Lambert is still angry about Lance Archer punching him. I’d completely forgotten about that. Lambert says that Archer will pay for that next week.

The TNT Championship was being defended next, with Lee Johnson getting a chance against Miro. It went about as well as you’d expect for him. It did go longer than I thought it would. I was expecting a squash match, but it actually made Johnson look quite good. No matter. Miro is still the champion. Johnson is lucky to still be breathing!

The Rampage broadcast team will be Excalibur, Taz, Mark Henry and Chris Jericho. I don’t know if this means Excalibur is leaving Dynamite or if he is doing both shows.

Christian Cage is now ranked #1. Tony wants to know if Christian will be in Leyla’s corner tonight. In short, no. Cage did hint that the Best Friends might be in her corner though?

Time for a match. Leyla vs The Bunny. As I mentioned earlier, it is an elimator match. The winner will get a title match for the NWA Women’s title. Sure enough, the Best Friends were in her corner. I really hope she doesn’t join them. I like the Best Friends.

I was really hopeful that The Bunny would win, but I also know how much AEW love Leyla. I don’t see it. Anyway, Leyla will get a title shot for the NWA Women’s title. It looks like she will be giving up a few feet in that fight!

Backstage for some more bullshit with Jade and Mark. This is such a boring weekly segment. Why do we waste TV time on this?

Next week will have Jericho v Wardlow, Nyla v Kris Statlander and The Good Brothers defending against Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. On Rampage, Baker will defend her title against Red Velvet.

Finally, it’s time for the main event! Malachi Black vs Cody Rhodes. Before this happened though, we needed to hear from Tony, again. Jesus Christ. Tony said that QT has delayed his apology again. NO ONE FUCKING CARES. We don’t tune in to watch Tony Schiavone.

This was the squash match that I thought the TNT title match would be. I expected Cody to put Malachi over, but I didn’t think it would be such a dominant ass whooping.

Of course, Cody couldn’t lie unconscious in peace, because Tony needed to try and get an interview with him. My blood is on the verge of boiling.

Cody didn’t have much to say, just reliving his glory days and the rise of AEW. I’ll let him have it, he did build the company from the ground up. It was a weird interview after the match, but then I clicked. He is retiring. This is his goodbye speech. Sure enough, he went to leave his boots in the ring.

He didn’t get to finish the job though, Malachi Black came back and beat him up some more. Maybe this isn’t the end?

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