AEW Dynamite : July 28th

Fight For The Fallen

An action packed July continues with Fight for the Fallen! Sorry that my write up is a day late, wasn’t working for me yesterday! It was probably for the best anyway, I was exhausted and fell asleep at 9:15. I’m still exhausted, but no matter. Let’s talk wrasslin’.

The opening bout was the 10 man, elimination style tag match. Hangman and 4 of his Dark Order buddies butting heads with The Elite.

Right from the start, you could tell that AEW treat Fight for the Fallen like it is a PPV. Hangman and the Dark Order had a special “Cowboy” themed entrance. The crowd loved it. Hangman and the D.O. had nothing on the entrance we saw from The Elite though.

The Elite came out wearing custom “Elite Squad” jerseys. Justin introduced them all as if they were a basketball team. It was fantastic. Except that he introduced the “man in the middle” second, instead of third. Otherwise, perfection. They looked like they had fun with it, practicing their slam dunks (on a lowered rim) and their ball handling skills. 10/10.

Actually, Nick Jackson was wearing the number 777. Anderson was wearing 2012. It was very displeasing to look at.

For a 10 man match, it wasn’t terrible. Obviously, things got chaotic and the rules were often thrown out the window. One referee is not enough for so many wrestlers.

I thought that Hangman would pull out the upset, but The Elite got the win. I guess that’s the benefit of having multiple championship belts. Wink wink. It was over half an hour long! Hangman put up a good fight.

Alex Marves is backstage with Pac. Pac informs us that the Lucha Bros have been stranded at the airport because someone cancelled their car. Enter Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero sorted out the issue and sent a limousine to pick them up. I’m just counting the days until the Lucha Bros turn on Pac.

Over to Taz (ugh) to kick off the celebrations for Ricky Starks, the new FTW Champion. “From one betrayal to another” Excalibur says. I’m not sure what the first betrayal was. Did he just spoil the Lucha Bros heel turn?

Anyway, Starks has a marching band, roses and a microphone. He uses the latter to unload on Brian Cage for a while. The camera would cut to Taz from time to time, showing him laughing. It was very awkward.

Eventually Cage came out and annihilated the band. He literally put the drummer through the drums. Ouch. He even broke the trombone. It’s not the bands fault you lost the title that nobody cares about. It looks like the Starks/Cage feud is just getting started.

Hiroshi Tanahashi has issued a challenge to whoever will hold the IWGP US title after tonight. Cool.

Time for some tag team action. FTR vs Proud and Powerful, Santana and Ortiz. It was great match, but unfortunately my boys lost. Dax got busted up pretty badly. I’m not sure what happened, but hopefully he is ok.

Tony is backstage with Britt Baker, who is still the AEW Women’s Champion. Britt’s wrist is wrapped up tightly and she says that it is broken. If it is a legitimate injury, she has to be the most injury prone wrestler in the business!

Tony has announcement to make on behalf of the other Tony. AEW Rampage will be in the United Centre on August 20th, for ‘The First Dance’. That’s my hometown!

Darby is excited (?) to wrestle in Chicago? I don’t know.

Time for a title match! Launch Archer is defending his newly acquired IWGP US tile against Hikuleo. I really hope Hikuleo wins. I don’t even know who Hikuleo is, but he has my vote.

Unfortunately, it’s not up to me though. Obviously, Lance Archer retained. He has only had it for a week. Hopefully Tanahashi takes it off of him. Apparently that match will take place in Japan.

Malachi Black jumps Cody Rhodes, but Cody was ready for it. A fight spewed out into the arena. Malachi was the last one standing. I wonder if it will be a different story when the two meet in the ring next week? Malachi also kicked Fuego in the face. I only bring that up because it amuses me.

Lee Johnson has a TNT title shot against Miro next week. I wouldn’t want to be Lee Johnson.

Angelico joined forces with Private Party for a trios match, against the team of Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage. The hometown hero, Hardy accompanied the HFO team and Marko Stunt accompanied the other guys.

We just got a breaking news update that QT Marshall’s apology to Tony will take place next week, instead of this week. How did I forget about that? It’s a miracle I typed that without a spelling error, considering the fact that my eyes rolled right to the back of my head. Back to the match,

Matt Hardy punched Jungle Boy in the face, before being chased out of the arena by Marko Stunt and Christian Cage. I’m going to assume that he was running away from Cage, not Marko.

Luchasaurus “suplexed” all three guys on the opposing team at once. I put it in quotation marks because he kind of just fell over. I’m not giving credit for that. If you’re not strong enough, don’t attempt it! I still love you, big guy.

And just like that, it was over. Christian Cage and his squad picked up the victory, in a very quick trios match. Cage is now 7-0 in AEW. His celebration was soon over though, courtesy of The Blade and his brass knuckles.

We saw a quick highlight reel for Nick Gage, just to get us even more excited for tonight’s main event.

Before that though, we head to the ring for a singles bout. Julia Hart going one on one against Thunder Rosa. Apparently it is Rosa’s first official match? Oh, because she just signed a contract! Welcome to the team. She celebrated by defeating my favourite cheerleader/wrestler.

Next week, we are back in Jacksonville. On the cards are : Cody v Malachi, Miro v Johnson (TNT Title match), The Bunny v Leyla and Christian v The Blade.

Backstage, Mox is drinking and mumbling backstage. I think he is mad at Tanahashi? He really needs to be chained to Eddie Kingston. Why isn’t he wearing a shirt?

Time for our main event, the Labours of Jericho 2! A no rules match between ‘The Painmaker’ Chris Jericho and Nick Gage. MJF has joined the commentary team once again.

It took all of 3 seconds before blood was drawn. Gage sliced Jericho’s arm open with a pizza slicer. I love this shit. Gage was thrown through a pane of glass. It literally exploded everywhere. Even out in to the crowd. There was so much blood.

That wasn’t all though. They still had to wrestle though all of the broken glass. Which was only added to by all of the fluorescent light tubes that Gage broke on Jericho. Jericho managed to endure it all though and get the win!

MJF wasn’t happy. Labour number 3 will feature the stipulation that Jericho has to hit a move from the top rope to get the win. Very specific. His opponent will be against Juventud Guerrera! I can’t wait.

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