AEW Dynamite : July 21st

Fyter Fest Night 2

Here we go! It’s night 2 of Fyter Fest! I love how Mark Henry is in the opening video, even though he has literally done nothing yet.

The opening bout was the first of Jericho’s five labours. Remember, the rules dictate that Shawn Spears can use a chair, whereas Jericho cannot.

MJF joined the commentary booth for the match, which provided some much needed coherence and entertainment, both of which are typically lacking from the booth. Do you know what you call a hot girl in Texas? A tourist. Ha!

Personally, if I was Shawn Spears, I would never let the chair out of my hands. Kind of like how you would in the old wrestling games. Just go to work on them. Spears did let it go though and Jericho made him pay for it.

Jericho got the win, but Spears definitely got some good hits in. One labour down, four to go. I suspect it will take a decent toll on him, especially that wounded arm.

Labour number 2 will be a No Disqualification match, Jericho vs Nick Gage! That should be a nasty, nasty match. And there will be 3 more labours after this! MJF also mentioned that if anyone from the Inner Circle interferes in any of the future labours, the deal is off.

Miro said that he will defend his TNT title at the homecoming episode of Dynamite, which is in 2 weeks, I think. I wonder who he will defend it against.

We quickly move to the ring for a one on one match, Frankie Kazarian vs Doc Gallows. Man, Gallows really is huge, isn’t he? Unfortunately for Kazarian, he was too big to overcome.

Gallows wasn’t just satisfied with the victory though. After the match, he and Anderson got to work on killing the Elite Killer. Omega and Callis came out to enjoy the show. You don’t mess with the Elite.

Apparently, Hangman doesn’t know that though. He brought enough time for Frankie to escape, but got the crap kicked out of him as a result. Of course, the Dark Order came to his rescue.

On a side note, Don Callis was wearing some amazing black shoes with pink glitter highlights. Astonishing.

Next week, Ricky Starks has planned a celebration of his recent FTR title victory. Brian Cage has made plans to attend.

Wheeler Yuta was the next wrestler in action, taking on Darby Allin! Cassidy was in Yuta’s corner and Sting was in Darby’s. Apparently the brutal coffin match wasn’t enough to get Allin the week off. His ribs were pretty heavily taped up.

Yuta utilised (yutalised?) this injury to his advantage, targeting Allin’s ribs time and time again. Unfortunately for Wheeler, it wasn’t enough to get the win. This was another excellent match, but was over to soon. Just like Yuta’s last match. I’m sensing a theme here.

Sting and Cassidy had a pretty entertaining “scuffle” on the outside. Things got nasty in a hurry, but neither man was seriously injured. At least not until The Blade rocked up and punched Cassidy in the jaw with his brass knuckles. I guess the Blade is just getting in early, ahead of their matchup later tonight.

Mox and Archer remotely talked some smack, each man guaranteeing the victory later tonight. Only one can win! My money is on Mox. It is Archer’s hometown though, so who knows?

Before that title fight, we have another one on that cards. The challenger, Nyla Rose is hoping to win the AEW Women’s Championship from the Doctor, Britt Baker. D.M.D.

Did you know that Rebel used to be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys? I didn’t. Apparently, she also does’t know how a crutch works. She hah her right leg taped up, but was using the crutch under her left arm. The crutch is supposed to replace the wounded limb!

There was an awkward part in the match that saw Baker pretty clearly pin Nyla for a 3 count and then some, but the ref only called a 2. I think Nyla was supposed to kick out, but must have gotten stuck. Oops!

It was a pretty solid match, but it felt a little off at times. Almost as if Nyla wasn’t flexible enough to wrestle Britt, and Britt wasn’t strong enough to wrestle Nyla. It felt awkward at times, particularly during cover attempts.

For a second there, I thought Nyla might actually pull this one out. Vicki used a tactic from the old Guerrero playbook that almost paid off. Alas, no. Britt Baker is still our champion! Nyla lost via submission.

Tony officially announced a tag team match for Fight for the Fallen next week. FTR vs Santana and Ortiz. For some reason, it was announced with an awkward debate like promo. It just felt so forced.

Speaking of forced, the next segment was another Tony interview, this time with Andrade. Andrade surprised everyone with Chavo Guerrero! I was pleasantly surprised and let out an audible cheer. Chavo was rudely interrupted by the Death Triangle.

Andrade and Pac traded jibes for a while, in an epic battle of accents. I don’t know whose I loved more. Probably Pac.

It looks Andrade’s plan was to lure Penta and Rey away from Pac, and over to his team. I’m on Team Chavo, baby! Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work. Penta, Pac and Rey declared that they are a family and will not seperate. Things were about to get physical, but the Weiner patrol intervened.

Prior to the show tonight, the Hardy Family Office traded blows with Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. We shift backstage and Christian proposes a match to end this feud for good.

Alex Marves is with QT Marshall and has requested that QT apologise to Tony for the protein shake incident last week. Apparently, QT will do so next week on Dynamite.

Orange Cassidy was a little bit late for his match against the Blade, but otherwise seemed to be in good shape for a fight. The match was ok, Cassidy picked up the win. Doesn’t he always?

After the match, Cassidy used the brass knuckles to clock the Blade in the jaw.

Backstage, Marves asks Jericho his thoughts on next week’s match against Nick Gage. Jericho has promised that he will bring the most demented version of himself, the Painmaker.

Next week, Tony Khan will have a surprise “live event” announcement for us. On an unrelated note, 2 weeks from now, Malachi Black and Cody Rhodes will square off.

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time for the main event! A Texas Deathmatch between Moxley and Archer. The rules are simple, there are none. Victory is via submission or knockout only. The winner wins the IWGP US title, which is currently held by Moxley.

I love these kinds of matches. I lost count of how many times each guy got stabbed in the face with a fork. Archer punched a trashcan lid in to the face of Moxley. I reckon Archer took the worst of that though.

Moxley got slammed through some chairs and ultimately, got impaled on some barbed wire, as he was put through a couple of tables. Moxley was trapped in the barbed wire, unable to answer the 10 count. New Champion!

Congratulations to Lance Archer on winning a blood filled match up. He doesn’t get much rest, his first title defense will be next week!

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