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Fear Street (Part 3) : 1666

In the final part of the trilogy, we go back to Union, in the year 1666. Back to where it all began. The origin story of Sara Fier, the Witch. The film had a little bit of a slow start, but smacked the ending out of the ball park. That is no easy feat, especially for a horror film.

In ‘66 we see Sara’s story through the eyes of Deena. Deena soon realises that Sara is no witch, in fact, she is no different to the rest of us. Or Deena. Sara’s life is almost a mirror of Deena’s in 1994.

Her mother is no longer on the scene. She lives with her younger brother and her father, although the latter is notably absent. She has a forbidden (or disapproved in Deena’s case) romance with another girl in town. The only difference is that Sara isn’t all “shit is doomed”, she seems relatively happy.

Fier isn’t the only familiar face and name in Union. She is good friends with someone else in the town, Solomon Goode. Goode has recently moved to the township, hoping to find fertile grounds and riches aplenty.

Unfortunately, all he has is a dead wife. Which Sara tries to replace with a pig. Ok, there was more to it than that, but the point is they are friends. The ancestor of Sheriff Goode is friends with the Witch of Shadyside. As I mentioned though, Sara doesn’t really seem to be the Witch.

The kids of Union are planning for a secret party that they will all be attending later in the evening. First, they need to get some drugs though. Drugs (or berries) that they plan to steal from the widow, who lives alone in the woods.

Sara, the Pastor’s daughter (portrayed by Sam) and another friend (portrayed by Katie), head out to meet the widow. Only the widow isn’t home. Luckily, her doors (or sheets) are unlocked and the girls head in to find the goods.

Sara finds a book, marked with what we know as the Witches Mark. She starts to read a list of names from it. A list that includes the names Beelzebub and Satan. Yikes. Before she can get any further, the widow returns and chases everyone out of her hut.

The mission was successful though, the girls obtained the berries and the party was a go. Sara and the pastor’s daughter (I can’t remember anybody’s name again) sneak off for some alone time in the woods. Things get very intimate, until they here someone watching them and they split. As they kiss goodbye, they are seen by the village mad man, Thomas.

The next morning, word is all over town about the sins committed by the two girls. To make matters worse, a curse has come across the town. All of their food has rotted and they find a dead dog in the town well. Sara’s dog.

Sara is wracked with guilt and visits her friend Solomon for comfort. Solomon explains that regardless of her sins, you cannot summon the devil by accident. He reassures her of her innocence and tells her not to worry.

Meanwhile, we get to witness the first Shadyside Killer. The pastor seemingly goes mad, locking himself in the church with a bunch of children. He removes all of their eyes and kills them. He also removes his own eyes. Gotta keep it fair. When the villagers eventually break in to save their children, they find the horrible site.

As Sara cries over the corpse of her brother, the pastor tries to murder her. She is saved by the quick thinking Solomon, who impales the pastor with a pitchfork. Time for a town meeting.

Thomas pretty quickly accuses Sara and Sam of being witches and recounts his tale of the party. A few other people join in. It is all but confirmed that the duo are witches. Solomon tries his best to reason with the angry townspeople, but he has no luck. They want blood.

The mob catch Sam, because she fell over as she tried to escape. It is a horror movie, after all. What kind of a horror movie doesn’t have a girl tripping over as she tries to escape?

Sara has more success evading capture and hatches a plan to save Sam. She goes back to see the widow and plans to steal the book, summon Satan and save the day. If they have already decided she is a witch, she may as well give them a witch. Sound logic. I like it.

When she arrives at the hut, the book is missing and the widow has been murdered. It looks like someone has already beaten her to the witchcraft plan. Sara rushes over to Solomon’s house for help.

Unfortunately, the townsmen come looking at Solomon’s house for Sara. Their friendship was no secret after all. When Sara hides in one of the rooms, things take an interesting development. She finds a hidden door, that leads to an underground chamber. An underground chamber that we recognise from Camp Nightwing. The witches lair. In Solomon Goode’s house. To make matters worse, their is evidence to suggest that a deal with the devil has been made. Solomon is the witch!

When Sara confronts him, he confesses everything. He was tired of watching everyone else succeed, when he had nothing but bad luck. So, he struck a deal with the devil. In exchange for his continued fortune, he would sacrifice someone to the devil, his first victim being the pastor. He insists that he is still the same man though and he still cares for Sara, professing his love for her.

Fier isn’t interested and tries to flee. As she tries to escape, Solomon cuts off her hand. Sara eventually manages to escape the lair and emerge in the town. Solomon is close behind her though and grabs her, informing the townsfolk that he has caught the witch.

The rest is history. Sara is hung by the tree and the townsfolk believe their curse to be over. Before she dies, Sara curses Solomon and says that she will always haunt him, until the truth comes to the light. Sara’s friends move her body to a hidden place and bury her.

Back in 1994, Deena awakens from her vision. It’s all clear to her now. It’s the Goode family. It always has been. Since 1666, the Goode family has passed the knowledge from generation to generation. One Goode after the next, always sacrificing a victim to the devil, in exchange for their success and good fortune.

Burying Sara’s hand won’t stop the curse. She isn’t what plagues Shadyside. It’s Nick Goode. Only killing him will end this madness. Deena enlist the helps of Cindy and Martin, the janitor who works at the mall and a plan is hatched.

The film really picks up from here and is just a wild ride to the finish. The fearless foursome take on all of the reincarnations of the previous murderers, overcoming all of them and eventually, killing Nick Goode.

As a new day dawns in Sunnyvale, there is an accident in the perfect city. A man is hit by a garbage truck as he reverses out of his driveway. It looks like the dream is over for Sunnyvale and the nightmare has finally ended for Shadyside.

Deena and the gang go back to bury Fier’s corpse and mark it with a tombstone, engraved with “the first Shadysider”.

And that wraps up the trilogy. At first, I was a bit worried that this film was going to ruin the trilogy. The 1666 story was a bit slow to start, but once it got rolling, it was pretty good. When we got back to 1994, the film was fantastic. The whole trilogy was fantastic. I really enjoyed it.

This film tied all of the movies together nicely and answered all the questions I had. And now that it is safe, I might move to Shadyside. It’s got a nice ring to it. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in 1994.

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